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1/2 oz Inert Stream

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The 1/2 Ounce Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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Detailed Description

1/2 oz. Stream Water-Based Inert Training Pepper Spray

Before the time comes when you have to use your pepper spray in a real self-defense situation, you first need to train with it. Practicing with an inert training pepper spray will allow you to aim and fire pepper spray guns and canisters properly. If you learn with this practice pepper spray stream, then you have more chances of spraying your desired target in ways that will count the most.

Introducing Practice Pepper Sprays

Pepper sprays are reliable and popular self-defense weapons that produce many debilitating effects on their targets. However, chemically inactive pepper sprays like this 1/2 oz. Inert Stream Practice Pepper Spray do not have those same effects. They are mostly water-based, and do not contain OC (oleoresin capsicum), the incapacitating ingredient in pepper spray. These inert sprays are used for practice purposes only.

Although pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons, they might cause serious harm if used improperly or discharged accidentally. You should get ample practice time with your pepper spray before you attempt to use it against actual attackers. This is why pepper spray training is important and why the market for water-based practice sprays is growing.

A lot of places offer basic pepper spray training classes. People are able to gain invaluable self-defense techniques from these classes. Many modern pepper sprays also have various safety precautions against misuse. This means that with a little bit of practice, users will be able to use their OC sprays properly to stop attackers 100% of the time.

Aside from proper training with inert practice sprays, there are other precautions you can take to prevent accidents while using actual pepper spray. You should keep your pepper spray in a place where you can grab it easily, for example, such as in a holster, pocket, or purse.

You should keep your OC spray on your person at all times so that you can pull it out at a moment’s notice. Practice inert sprays will let you work on how you will get hold of your real OC spray from its place of storage during struggles.

Inert Practice Sprays vs. OC Pepper Sprays

This stream practice spray is an affordable alternative compared to wasting actual pepper spray in a class and while learning. Even though manufacturers like Mace®, Pepper Shot®, and WildFire® continue to develop effective but cheap pepper sprays, those are still much more expensive than this water-based practice spray used as police and army basic training pepper spray.

If you are seeking to practice how to aim and fire pepper spray, especially as a first-time user, then you should definitely purchase the Stream Inert Practice Defense Spray. You will be able to practice with this inert spray anywhere you want, as long as you do not cause much of a commotion doing it. With enough practice, you will then be able to use your OC pepper spray quite effectively.

Practicing with this device prevents any form of injury when it is misfired. There have been cases of users spraying themselves with real pepper spray while they were practicing. This emphasizes the need for them to have a safe way to train.

The half-ounce size of this product resembles mini pepper sprays, which are available commonly for civilian use. Small pepper sprays are portable, and with a key chain attachment, they can be grabbed at a moment’s notice. This allows users to catch attackers off guard.

All About the 1/2 oz. Inert Stream Practice Pepper Spray

This Stream Inert Practice Defense Spray works in pretty much the same way as most conventional pepper sprays on the market. Only, it uses a compressed nitrogen charge to dish out short bursts of water, in this case, not OC. Because it uses water, this makes training to use pepper spray safe.

The compressed nitrogen charge is capable of spraying the water through great distances. The range that this practice defense spray reaches is comparable to that of industry-standard pepper sprays. This will give you a pretty good idea of what it is like to fire a canister of actual pepper spray.

There are a lot of benefits to having authenticity when training with pepper sprays. It allows you to gauge how far away you can be from an attacker while still being able to aim and fire the spray at them accurately. This then gives you a good idea of how much time you would have to retreat to safety once the attacker has been sprayed.

The 1/2 oz. Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray is also available in a 2 oz. Stream or a 2 oz. Fogger variant. You can pair any one of the three with add-ons such as practice targets. This allows you to see where your spray will hit an actual target in self-defense situations. The targets are available in varying sizes as well as designs, and they are all helpful.

Learning with Stream Pepper Sprays

The 1/2 oz. Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray releases its water content using a stream pattern of spraying. Stream pepper sprays are the most common type of pepper sprays. They are sought after because of their long range, which is usually about 15 to 20 feet. This is more than enough separation between the attacker and the user for the latter to get away safely before the former can do them any serious harm.

A pepper spray stream has a mostly straight and direct type of burst. This will allow you to fire either your practice spray or your OC pepper spray accurately toward the target.

Moreover, stream pepper sprays can be used effectively in windy situations. Pepper sprays that fire a stream generally have more force than other spray patterns. They are less likely to be blown away from a target who is far away from the user. There is also a lesser chance of the stream being blown back towards the user.

Warning: Even though a practice spray is inert, you should still not spray it on yourself or anyone else. The nitrogen used to pressurize its cartridge can cause skin irritation or burning if sprayed in the eyes.

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