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130db Alarm with Door Alarm

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The 130db Alarm with Door Alarm was designed to draw attention to any crisis, our 130db Alarm with Door Alarm is as loud as eight 100- decibel alarms.

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Detailed Description

130dB Personal Alarms for Home Use as Door Alarms

It is not unlikely for many people to find themselves passing unexpectedly through a dark alleyway or a shady neighborhood on their way home, with no way to protect themselves there. And with burglary, theft, and home invasion becoming more prevalent than ever, you should improve your personal safety outside as well as in the home. This does not mean that you should invest in both a sophisticated self-defense weapon and home security system. Instead, personal alarms for home security offer value for money, and you get to have a portable alarm wherever you choose to spend the night.

Anyone with malicious intent will likely prey on you when you are alone and seemingly vulnerable. You can surprise them with this 130dB Alarm with Door Alarm. It is typical for wrongdoers not to continue with their criminal activities at the sound of an alarm. This one is capable of delivering an ear-piercing sound that is sure to let anyone in the vicinity know you need assistance. The alarm is as loud as eight 100dB alarms.

This non-lethal device allows you to fend off danger by the sound of a loud alarm. You do not have to confront the threat in the first place, leaving you with a higher chance of getting out of trouble.

A Security Alarm You Can Carry With You

The 130dB Personal Alarm with Door Alarm is light and easy to use. It is a personal portable alarm that you can carry wherever you go. Among personal alarms for females, it is inexpensive yet very dependable. Its loud alarm is easily distinguished as a distress call. A woman can have confidence when she has to walk during the night, without her having to worry about running out of options should she find herself in danger.

The alarm activates easily with only a flick of the wrist. It sounds when the pin, which is attached to the strap, is pulled. This ease of use is excellent for personal alarms in nursing homes to be used by the elderly as well as the night-shift nurses who are prone to getting attacked due to their work hours.

This alarming device is ideal for travelers, too, as its design allows it to be practical. Since it can be carried outside with no hassle, it is ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Traveling with a self-defense device has never been safer, as this one can fit inside a purse or a pocket without the bulk. Its strap serves as a convenient attachment to your wrist, besides being the trigger for the alarm.

Unlike most personal alarms, this device doubles as a door alarm. It comes with an accessory that converts it instantly into a door alarm or a window alarm, yet one portable enough to move from place to place. This makes it an ideal alarm not only in houses but also in dorm and hotel rooms.

This 130dB Alarm with Door Alarm is powered simply by a single 9-volt battery. To use it effectively, you should have it at the ready even before you reach any suspicious area. This minimizes the risk of you panicking and fumbling around for it in your purse or pocket.

The Practicality behind Personal Alarms

When a personal alarm triggers a loud sound, this allows you to have a quick response to even a pressing threat. Statistically, that response will prevent the threat from progressing, and thus, increase the probability that you get away unscathed. As non-confrontational safety devices, personal alarms are ideal for women, the sick, the elderly, and physically challenged individuals, all of whom are often targeted by attackers. Older children can also be taught to use these panic alarms.

This Personal Alarm with Door Alarm is capable of producing a loud 130 decibels (dB) of sound, which is more than enough to alert nearby law officers and civilians. Its alarm is a distinct call for help sure to deter an imminent threat from ever coming to full realization. Attackers often steer clear of any kind of attention because they thrive in the dark.

The alarm’s 130dB sound is as loud as a jackhammer pounding away nearby, whereas a subway train registers at a maximum of only 95dB. This loudness can immobilize an attacker immediately, leaving you with enough time to escape.

Likewise, the door alarm feature will cause attackers to panic if they have chosen to invade your home. This will see them abandon their attack and leave the premises immediately, lest they risk capture. This cuts short the time that you are exposed to the threat.

A Cost-Effective Safety Accessory

An effective personal safety alarm will not only startle anyone who wishes to harm you but also enable you to call for help. This way, you evade direct confrontation with the threat, and you keep your distance instead. Personal alarms come at low retail prices, to boot, and purchasing this dual-function personal attack alarm wholesale is no doubt a smart move. It allows you to install multiple alarms in your home, covering a large area all at once.

This 130dB Alarm with Door Alarm can be used as a personal alarm as well as a portable home alarm. With its small, barely undetectable size, it can take any wrongdoer by surprise and turn a home into a much safer place. You can never be too careful, even in your own sanctuary, especially when danger just might be around the corner these days.

With the door accessory, the device can function as either a door alarm or a window alarm. Place multiple units by multiple doors and windows to serve as the first line of defense against burglars, who intend to steal your valuables, and home invaders, who intend to inflict harm.

A thief’s natural response to an alarm is to drop everything and flee. You can rest assured that you will not have to expose yourself directly to a threat. Home alarms offer the same important security features as a home security system, but with the benefit of being considerably less expensive and easier to use.

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