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18 Inch Blowgun

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The 18 Inch Blowgun is .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

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Detailed Description

18 Inch Blow Guns for Small Game, Darts, Paintball

Using blow guns for small game can be a highly efficient means of hunting. In fact, whether you are shooting targets for recreation or hunting fast-moving game for meat and pelt, you can rely on the performance of this 18 Inch Blowgun.

Blowguns Can Shoot Darts and Paintballs

These low-tech, high-fun .40 caliber aluminum tube weapons are designed to shoot darts (which come with the purchase) and paintballs (available separately). If you are going to buy blow guns online, you should also consider getting extra darts, especially if you are going target shooting. Once you get the hang of shooting darts at the farthest possible distance, you will want to have a lot of darts at your side before having to get up and walk to your target to retrieve ammo.

Be careful, though. Improving your blowgun accuracy is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and it can be addictive. You could spend hours just to practice shooting darts with your blowgun. The accuracy and proper blowing techniques you learn while shooting darts can also be applied to when you are shooting paintballs.

Besides blowguns for sale for cheap prices, you can also purchase the Splatmatic accessory. It simply attaches to your blowgun like any normal mouthpiece. This attachment can turn any .40 caliber blowgun into a paintball gun with semi-automatic shooting capability. You can probably already imagine how fun it would be to shoot paintballs at your friends. With a few blowguns, Splatmatic attachments, safety goggles, and paintballs, any backyard can become a paintball arena.

Whether you want to shoot targets alone and hone your skills or gather your friends and shoot one another with semi-automatic paintball blowguns, this 18-inch .40 caliber blowgun is what you are looking for.

An Arsenal of Blowgun Weaponry

This particular 18-Inch Blowgun can shoot within a maximum range of 250 feet, with muzzle velocities that reach more than 350 fps or feet per second. Even an amateur who applies proper breathing and aiming can penetrate ¼ inch of plywood with shooting darts. So, if you are target shooting with darts, do not point it at your friends and family. This 100% American-made weapon should be treated with respect, like the deadly weapon that it can become. You can even pass it on to your children, as the seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum it is made of is guaranteed to last for life.

If 18 inches are too short for you, you can also get the .40 caliber blowgun in 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, and finally, 72 inches. The larger the blowgun, the better the accuracy is going to be. Of course, smaller blowguns are also much easier to carry and conceal until the moment to shoot comes.

There are also other accessories for your blowguns that are available separately on this site. You already know about the Splatmatic and how it can attach to your weapon to turn it into a paintball blowgun. The paintball tube that can be attached to the Splatmatic carries enough for 20 paintballs. But if you get the Splatmatic Magazine Quiver, you can carry up to 80 paintballs at once. The paintballs are also available separately.

If you are organizing a Sunday paintball noontime showdown, or if you just want to try to paint an entire wall using blowguns, you are going to want to get the 1000 Pack of Paintballs. There are also the 250 Pack and 100 Pack of Paintballs for the weekend warrior on a budget. For Shooting Darts, you can buy either a 250 Pack or a 100 Pack. Besides target shooting, why would you need so many darts?

Blowguns Are Survival Weapons

They have a lot of recreational uses, but as you probably already know, blowguns were designed originally as weapons. In the ancient world, and probably even today, a lone marksman with a .40 caliber blowgun, poisoned darts, and enough cover can take out an entire battalion alone.

Blowguns have two important characteristics that are not shared by other long-ranged weapons in ancient history: a convenient shape and size and the ability to be completely silent. Other than your advantage of being able to shoot from a safe distance, your target will not see your weapon or hear your ammo coming.

These same characteristics are what make them the perfect survival weapons. With the darts that you can purchase at this site, you can use your blowgun to hunt and kill small game for real. In a survival scenario, a working blowgun can allow you to feed yourself and your family. Work on your blowing accuracy, and you just might be able to shoot doves or pheasants from the air in order to have something to eat. This ability is not unheard of. Modern marksmen hunt birds from the air and squirrels from the trees regularly.

With enough training, you can also use this 18 Inch Blowgun as a defensive weapon against wild animals. There is no guarantee that it is going to stop a bear or a wolf, but when you are forced to defend yourself, you can certainly harm them enough for them to back down and leave you alone. If you are in a safe location, you can also shoot darts to distract a wild animal from a person it is about to attack. With this blowgun’s ability to shoot penetrating metal darts from up to 250 feet away, there are plenty of ways to make yourself useful during any of these survival scenarios.

Each blowgun that you purchase here comes with 12 steel darts, a muzzle guard, a mouthpiece, a foam grip, and 2 quivers for the darts. This package alone can be a great way to start learning how to shoot blowguns.

Here is one free tip for those who are just learning how to shoot: When you are breathing in to gather air, turn your head away from the mouthpiece. A common rookie mistake is sucking up the ammo accidentally into the mouth. Avoid this by simply turning your head away from the blowgun every time you breathe in.

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