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2 n 1 Personal/Door Alarm

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This is a 2 n 1 Personal/Door Alarm. It acts as a burglar alarm and a personal alarm.

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Detailed Description

120dB Personal Security Door Alarm with Doorknob & Panic Alerts

No one, not even an officer of the law, has to use lethal force against an attacker right off the bat. Not only are many uses of lethal force against the law, many people also find those uses immoral. Non-lethal protection is only the first among multiple advantages that this personal security door alarm provides. Security alarms can keep you from becoming confrontational in your approach to self-defense. In doing so, these non-lethal products let you retreat quickly to safety instead.

Personal Alarms for Personal Security

Compared to pepper sprays, batons, and TASER and stun guns, personal alarms such as this 120dB 2 in 1 Personal/Door Alarm do not stop attackers by causing them pain. Rather, alarms deter such perpetrators from carrying out their crimes by scaring them with the prospect of getting caught. Surely, no criminal wants to get caught and wants to attract any unwanted attention. Once they hear an alarm sounding, they will just run away instead of carrying on with their crime.

The sound that is produced by personal alarms is widely recognizable. Whether an alarm is the electronic or aerosol type, it can produce loud sounds that signal easily even to people far away that a crime might be occurring. This is especially helpful to law enforcement officers, who can now catch the perpetrators much more easily.

The main purpose of personal safety alarms is to allow you to escape threats. In comparison, you would have to get into striking distance with a baton or into spraying distance with pepper spray in order to potentially stop an attacker. Avoiding confrontation with this 2 in 1 Personal/Door Alarm can save your life someday.

Alarms are effective non-lethal devices when used on their own. By themselves, they can be utilized even if you are at a safe distance from an attacker. You will not need to go anywhere near dangerous individuals to prevent them from performing their misdeeds.

Furthermore, thanks to their ease of operation, alarms can be used in conjunction with other self-defense devices. Personal alarms and other signaling devices can be used with the aforementioned pepper sprays, batons, and TASER and stun guns, for instance. Those other devices will stop criminals, while alarms will signal the proper authorities to apprehend the criminals.

A personal alarm often has only a simple push-button operation. Once you press the button, it will activate and let out an ear-piercing noise. This simplicity is advantageous for the sick and the elderly, who may not have the strength to assemble and/or use anything that is highly complex and difficult to understand.

How to Use This Personal and Burglar Alarm

This 120dB 2 in 1 Personal/Door Alarm is one of the combination personal door alarms on the market, which function as both portable and home security devices. There are two ways to operate this particular safety alarm. Both are very simple ways to set off the alarm, and either way can be done in an instant. A 9-volt battery is required to operate the device.

The first method is to pull the metal chain attached to the device in order to activate the alarming manually. This allows you to use the device as a personal alarm when you are simply carrying it around.

The second way to use the device is to hang it on the doorknob of any non-metallic door, which allows you to use it as a burglar alarm in your home, the workplace, a dorm room, or even a hotel. In this way, the alarming is triggered automatically. The door alarm will sound the moment anyone touches the guarded doorknob.

You do not have to be remotely tech-savvy to know how to use this 2-in-1 alarm. If you are responsible for small children, then this self-defense device can make your job a whole lot easier. Children themselves can learn easily how to use the device, and when they are in peril, you are sure to hear the alarm sound right away.

Double Defense with a Personal/Home Alarm

The sick and the elderly are common targets of criminals because they have difficulty in fighting back. Now, the senior citizens and those with illnesses can ward off wrongdoers with just a push of a button on a personal alarm. This 2-in-1 Personal/Door Alarm is among the ideal personal alarms for seniors as well as persons with disabilities due to its easy dual use.

This device is just as advantageous for women, most of whom do not have the physical prowess to compare with their mostly male attackers. Again, with just a push of a button, that disadvantage for women disappears immediately. This panic alarm serves as a self-defense device in the truest sense because it allows women to avoid any physical confrontation completely.

The alarm lets out a sound that measures 120 decibels (dB). That is more than enough for it to be heard from quite some distance. Even if no one is in the immediate vicinity, someone is bound to hear the alarm and go to you as quickly as possible. The use of personal alarms for walking safely, especially at night, is effective for that very reason.

The 120dB sound that this 2 in 1 Personal/Door Alarm releases is comparable to some of the loudest sounds to which you can possibly be exposed. Some examples of sounds that are at the same intensity level are a rock concert and a clap of thunder.

To compare, an everyday conversation reaches 50dB, while an operational blow dryer is at 80dB. To some people, these sounds are already amply loud, but these still do not measure up to the sound intensity level of this personal alarm.

Door Alarms for Home Security

Safety alarms can be attached easily to doors, some in houses and others in vehicles. These alarms are the first line of defense that you will have against a criminal who is trying to break into your home or into your car. Door alarms can definitely help you protect your loved ones. They can also help you protect the valuable possessions that you keep in your home or car.

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