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2 oz Inert Fogger

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This 2 Ounce Fogger Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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Detailed Description

Training with Pepper Spray Inert Water-Based Fogger

When it comes to self-defense weapons, very few can be as effective as pepper spray. However, there is still a level of proficiency required, and training with pepper spray usage is the first step anyone should take when considering to buy and use actual pepper sprays.

Of course, if you are going to take the time to practice how pepper sprays work and getting better at using them, you will not want to use real pepper sprays, which contain high-grade OC (oleoresin capsicum) formulae in them. It would be too risky – you might spray yourself or others – and it is too expensive.

The best option is to practice with an inert cop training pepper spray such as the 2 oz. Inert Fogger Practice Pepper Spray. This is a spray that feels, looks, and works like regular pepper spray, but it contains only water inside instead of the usual OC content. It is the preferred training tool by the police.

The 2 oz. Fogger Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray

Inert, practice pepper sprays are filled with water instead of actual OC, which is why they do not cause any of the adverse effects of pepper spray. This is what makes them safe for training purposes. No one will get seriously harmed if they are sprayed accidentally.

Real pepper sprays contain high-grade OC, derived from the hottest natural peppers. The OC formula causes difficulty breathing, swelling and the excessive tearing of the eyes, and a very painful burning sensation on the skin. These effects occur immediately and can stop even the strongest attacker.

The 2 oz. Fogger Water-Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray is designed specifically to help you get used to fogger pepper sprays. Foggers fire their OC content in a mist, which covers a wider area but is susceptible to wind blowback. This makes fogger pepper sprays best suited for indoor use.

After all, you will want to practice how fogger sprays behave and what angles they work well in. You will want to test how much wind affects the direction of the spray and how much wind causes blowback. All of these factors can determine whether or not you hit your target.

If you also want to practice stream pepper sprays, then you can avail yourself of the 2 oz. Inert Stream and 1/2 oz. Inert Stream sprays, which are variations of this fogger practice spray. Those other models will help you practice proficiency and familiarity with stream pepper sprays, which are ideal for outdoor use.

Also keep in mind that this represents a small or mini pepper spray. It will help you practice how to carry one, how to conceal it, and how to use it properly during quick emergencies like getting mugged in an alley. Most personal pepper sprays are small, and this is designed to emulate their design.

Reasons to Practice with an Inert Practice Defense Spray Fogger

The number one reason is to practice safety. This means safety for you and safety for the people around you. Being proficient with pepper spray does not just mean you know how to use one against the bad guys. It also means you can use one without harming anyone else, including yourself.

Still beware, however. Just because this is water does not mean you can spray yourself freely or other people you are practicing it with. The water is pressurized with nitrogen, which can irritate the eyes when someone is sprayed directly with it.

Training with real pepper spray is dangerous because even the slightest exposure to OC could hurt you. With this inert spray, you will not be able to harm yourself permanently in case you get sprayed by wind blowback and such, as it contains only pressurized water.

Reason number two is to practice proficiency. Pepper spray is no good to you if you do not know how it works, how it feels, and how not to use it during a real situation.

Pepper sprays, especially fogger pepper sprays, can be affected by a whole lot of factors, such as the strength of the wind, the distance of the target, and the angle at which you are firing. Stream pepper sprays, on the other hand, have to deal with overspray splash.

If you were on the ground firing upward while there was a strong wind blowing, what would be the chances of the fogger spray to reach your target looming over you or of the spray just blowing back down and hitting you smack in the face instead? With this inert spray, you will be able to learn the answers to that so you can avoid making mistakes during real emergencies.

You will want to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the fogger pepper spray and how it behaves according to the factors mentioned above. You will also want to know how different it is from other types of spray patterns such as stream pepper sprays and foam pepper sprays.

Also take into consideration pepper spray for dog training and bear training. Not all pepper sprays are to help defend you against thieves and rapists. Some are designed to neutralize a wild animal. Do not ever spray an animal, even with an inert practice spray, unless guided by the police and an animal trainer with you.

Knowing how your pepper spray works and how to use it efficiently from different angles and circumstances will help prevent you from panicking. Most people carry pepper sprays but get mugged or raped, anyway, because they panicked. Avoid this by training your skills with pepper spray.

Another reason is that pepper spray training cost is significantly lower when you use inert sprays such as this 2 oz. Fogger Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray. These inert sprays cost less than $10 apiece, while real pepper sprays with OC content can cost thrice as much.

Warning: Remember that the inert fogger practice pepper spray uses water pressurized by nitrogen, which can irritate the eyes. Never spray yourself or another person directly with this inert spray. It is meant solely to be used for training purposes to optimize user efficiency.

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