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2 oz Inert Stream

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This 2 Ounce Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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Detailed Description

2 oz. Stream Inert Water-Based Practice OC Spray

In order to use any weapon properly, you need to practice. This applies even to non-lethal weapons like pepper spray. And it is what practice OC spray is for. You can use this product to train in its proper deployment, aiming, and use. Why would you need to practice with such a simple, easy-to-use weapon? Well, to paraphrase Bruce Lee, the more training and practice you do, the less you will have to worry about getting hurt during actual violent encounters.

Practice Makes Perfect Sense

The 2 oz. Inert Stream Practice Pepper Spray is a way to simulate the experience of handling and using pepper spray, all without the risk of accidentally pepper-spraying friends, family, or anyone else who happens to be in the area. If you practice with this product instead of an actual can of pepper spray, the worst that could happen should you spray someone accidentally is mild skin irritation.

That is because the main ingredients of this 2-ounce inert canister are just water and nitrogen (to copy the pressure in real pepper sprays). The burning and irritation that nitrogen causes are nowhere near what real pepper spray can do. It is not even in the same league. Washing off an accidental burst of inert spray with fresh running water should make the irritation go away. Just remember to never aim it purposefully at any living person or animal's face and eyes.

Now that this safety concern is out of the way, you need to know how to train properly using inert or practice pepper spray. If your goal during every criminal encounter is to survive pepper spray training at home is a must. You can also just check out any OC pepper spray training video online to see how the spray works, but that is nothing compared to real training. Actually wielding and using a weapon is a lot different from just watching someone do it.

After purchasing the 2 oz. Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray, your next step is to find a suitable location for regular training. It can be indoors or outdoors. It just has to be a place big enough for shooting in the product's maximum range as well as letting you move around while spraying. A big empty room, a garage, or a cordoned-off corridor will do. Set up a target at one end of your training area. It should be at eye or face level because that is the area you need to target.

Some people use cheap paper plates and shoot at the absorbent side of the paper or cardboard. This will allow you to see where you have sprayed the water because you will see the paper dampen with each successful hit. Start practice-shooting from up close, at around 5 feet. After a couple of shots or until you are comfortable with your accuracy, step a few feet farther from your target and resume practicing.

Keep repeating this until you reach the maximum range of the weapon. This will allow you to see and feel how pepper spray shoots from different distances. Even in police academy training pepper spray is used in this way.

It is important to practice in an area with very little to no wind, as wind interferes with the trajectory of your spray. However, it is also important to practice using the spray in different wind conditions.

You should have an idea of how the wind affects a burst of pepper spray (or in this case, water pressurized with nitrogen) just in case you need to defend yourself in windy areas. This might even allow you to find ways to control the burst of spray in medium to heavy winds. Should the wind blow the spray back to your face or skin, at least it will not be actual pepper spray.

This Stream Inert Practice Defense Spray simulates a common type of pepper spray pattern: stream. Stream pepper sprays are pepper spray canisters that shoot liquid OC in a straight, somewhat narrow, and predictable path. They are best for dealing with multiple criminals, one by one, from a medium distance. You can use them to take out criminals even before they can get close to you. Just always remember to target the eyes directly. You will be able to do just that with a stream spray.

The Benefits of Training

This is not just about your aim and accuracy with pepper spray. It is also about building confidence and familiarity with your chosen non-lethal self-defense weapon. Why? When you get caught suddenly in a situation that forces you to use a weapon to defend yourself and/or your property from criminals, there is a tendency that you will freeze. Criminal encounters can be intimidating.

Everyone gets scared during combat, and sometimes, instinct can take over. Training can sharpen those instincts and allow you to still be effective even when scared. If you do these training exercises consistently, you will be 100% ready for possessing, handling, and firing actual pepper spray at criminal attackers, no matter how scary they are.

Besides, if you really think about it, you will have the advantage over these criminals. You will not be armed with water-based practice spray on the streets. Instead, you will be armed with a canister of real OC pepper spray. Do you know what a single dose of pepper spray to the face can do to any healthy adult?

Initial facial contact with one is going to make you feel like your face is on fire. This burning sensation is the first effect of pepper spray. The other effects include temporary blindness and profuse choking and coughing from mucus overproduction.

Important Reminders

These inert, small pepper sprays do not just come in 2 oz. stream canisters. You can also get a ½ oz. inert canister of stream spray. Also available is a 2 oz. inert fogger canister, which simulates the burst of fogger pepper sprays (wider atomized pattern).

Warning: While it is safer and tremendously less painful than actual OC, you should never shoot the contents of this product at someone's naked eyes or skin.

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