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24 Inch Blowgun

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The 24 Inch Blowgun is .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

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Detailed Description

24 Inch Blow Gun Air Tool for Darts, Survival, Paintball

Blowguns have been used by humans since before written history. Today, you can use a blow gun air tool for hunting and target shooting using precision darts. You can also use these blowguns for recreation. Just add a simple attachment, and you can fire harmless paintballs instead of darts.

This 24 Inch Blowgun in particular is one of the best choices on the market. It is a .40 caliber firing device that ensures it has the power and range to be used for hunting, self-defense against wild animals, and even professional paintball matches.

However, what makes this blowgun better than the rest? Its main features allow it to be used as a powerful hunting and target-shooting blowgun that has perfect accuracy and range, and it is still a very good choice for paintball enthusiasts. You can have an all-in-one weapon with a single blowgun.

What This 24-Inch Blowgun Can Do

This .40 caliber blowgun has the capability of firing darts with precision, range, and power. There are many primitive blowguns for sale that would not even be able to harm a rabbit. This is far better than those blow guns with darts due to its stopping power.

As a matter of fact, this blowgun can fire a dart over 350 feet per second. This amount of stopping power lets each dart penetrate through a quarter inch of plywood with ease. Now, just imagine what you can do with that amount of strength against a wild animal or a target board.

This amount of force is crucial for those who use their blowguns for more than target shooting. If you will rely on your blowgun for self-defense against wild animals or for hunting food while out camping, then you will want enough stopping power to make a dart take game and aggressive animals down.

Of course, blowguns are meant to be long-range weapons, and other blowguns fail in this aspect greatly. While others can barely reach over a hundred feet, this blowgun can fire a dart well over 250 feet. This gives you the advantage of being able to hunt and defend yourself without being dangerously close to your target.

And while this blowgun is relatively affordable, it is still very durable. As a matter of fact, it is made of seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing instead of just cheap plastic. This ensures that it will not break even when used repeatedly. With this material, you will be glad to discover that it is guaranteed to last for life.

Blowguns for Paintball

While this .40 caliber blowgun fires darts primarily, you can use it to fire paintballs instead. Rather than having to buy separate paintball blowguns, which can cost you a lot of money, you can simply buy the Splatmatic attachment, which will turn this dart blowgun into a paintball blowgun.

The attachment is very affordable and easy to attach. Just take off the mouthpiece of the .40 caliber blowgun and place in the Splatmatic. There are no complex wires or screws to fiddle with. Removing the Splatmatic is just as quick and easy, ensuring it remains as a beneficial accessory and not a burden.

It comes with a single magazine that holds up to 20 paintballs. If you need more, you can buy the Splatmatic Magazine Quiver, which lets you hold up to 80 paintballs distributed through 4 other magazines.

This 24 Inch Blowgun comes with 12 target darts, one muzzle guard, a foam grip, and two dart quivers. The foam grip is important because it ensures you will be able to have a firm hold of the blowgun while aiming and firing. This can be the determining factor between hitting the target and missing due to an unstable hand.

You will always want to have extra ammo with you, but putting darts in your pocket is a dangerous habit. With these quivers, you will be able to bring them safely while also being able to reach in quickly and reload when necessary.

The Advantages of a Blowgun for Survival and Personal Defense

Blowguns have been used since before the dawn of written history, and for good reason. They are easy to make, and they are easy to use. However, their main advantage is in their stopping power and range, two aspects that are needed when hunting or when defending against wild animals.

You never know when you might face a wild and angry bear or a pack of wolves defending their den. You might encounter lost dogs that are hungry for a meal or a snake nesting close to your camping grounds. In those situations, you will want a weapon that can be used from a distance, and a blowgun is a perfect choice.

This 24-inch, .40-caliber blowgun can fire from a distance of over 250 feet, and that is a lot of extra space to ensure that you can still run off and find safety in case one dart misses or is not enough to take down your target. At 250 feet away, you will still be able to aim without the target charging too close at you.

It also lets you fire from a spot that the animal will not see you from. If you are hunting, then you can plot a trap or ambush carefully so you can lure the animal in closer and then fire when they are not looking. This makes hunting a breeze compared to firing at an animal running off to safety.

Being a long-range weapon is not the only advantage of the blowgun. Darts might seem like weak ammunition, but with practice, they can become deadly tools. A single dart to the head, feet, eye, or heart can stop even the largest game, such as deer and foxes.

However, to ensure that you get all the required stopping power, then you need a well-designed blowgun, and clearly, this 24-inch, T-6061 aircraft-aluminum blowgun fits the bill. It fires rounds at 350 feet per second, which is like dropping a rock on an animal’s head from a good height. This is why the darts can penetrate something as hard as wood.

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