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3 In 1 130db Personal Alarm With Light

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The new 3 IN 1 130db Personal Alarm With Light is the only alarm that can act as a flashlight, personal alarm, laptop computer alarm, and window or door alarm. It has 2 attachments.

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Detailed Description

3-in-1 Best Personal Alert System with Door/Window & Laptop Alarm

As much as possible, you will want to avoid any confrontation even when your home is being invaded by thieves. It is always much safer to scare them off before anyone has to get hurt. Having the best personal alert system around can achieve this goal because it is an effective non-lethal, non-confrontational self-defense mechanism.

Personal alarms can be aerosol or electronic devices that attract attention and deter assailants from even trying to hurt you, steal from you, or break into your home. They might try to pry your windows open, but the moment the alarm sounds, they will run off before anyone can spot them.

Personal alarms in the home can be your best defense against burglars trying to steal from your home or against home invaders who might kill or rape anyone they come across. This 3 in 1 130dB Personal Alarm with Light will be your first alarm, and it is almost guaranteed to work every single time.

Three Weapons in One Personal Security Alarm

This personal security alarm is simple to use for anyone and everyone. Elderly people and even older children can use it effectively without any hassle. Whether you use it to secure your home or your purse, or even your laptop, it is quick and convenient to operate due to its innovative design and features.

The 3-in-1 130dB Personal Alarm with Light can be used in three different ways, as its name implies. You can use it as a flashlight, as a personal alarm, or as a security alarm for doors, windows, purses, or laptops. Using it involves only two main attachments: a standard smart hook and the alarm attachment.

Most personal alarms for sale are pretty complicated to use, and you will need some guidance from a police officer or security manager to use them properly. That will not be the case here because the three-in-one device is easy to use, with just a single button for a flashlight and an alarm attachment that triggers the system.

To use it as a personal alarm, you just need to wear the standard hook around your wrist. To activate the alarming, pull the alarm attachment, and the device will let out a powerful 130dB alarm and a flashing strobe light. This will get people’s attention immediately, something that muggers and assailants do not want.

It is an ideal personal alarms for ladies because they can just keep the alarm attachment in a purse or laptop case. If someone tries to run off with their valuables, the alarm attachment will be pulled, triggering the alarm instantly. The thief will most likely drop their attempt to get away.

To use it as a security alarm, you can simply either attach the device to your doorknob or keep it close to your window. Insert the alarm attachment so that it will sound off in case anyone tries to pry the door or window open. Most burglars will run off the moment an alarm makes noise because they know the authorities might arrive to investigate.

Many muggers will wait until you are alone in an alley so they can do anything they want without anyone coming to your help immediately. Or they will try to steal your purse while you are out in a crowded street, using the dense crowd as their camouflage. However, with this security alarm sounding off, and with its strobe light, you will catch attention immediately. Thieves and assailants will run away, as they do not want everyone looking at them suddenly because then they will get caught.

The loud sound is quite intense. At 130dB or decibels, it is even louder than the sound of a jet engine. It will not be too jarring to you because you will be aware it is going to sound off, but the unwary thief will be shocked and disoriented instantly. It can even be painful to someone caught completely by surprise.

Thirdly, this device functions as a flashlight that requires a simple 9v battery (not included) to operate. A flashlight in a personal alarm is not just there to help you see in the dark, however, as it is a good self-defense tool as well.

Flashing a light suddenly on an assailant’s face will surprise them instantly. Because of how bright this light is, it may even cause temporary blindness, confusion, and disorientation. This gives you enough time to run off to safety or to fight back, if necessary.

As a matter of fact, while this flashlight alarm is designed for non-lethal and non-confrontational purposes, you can still use it in conjunction with other non-lethal weapons like a TASER or pepper spray. Use the sound alarm and flashlight to disorient your attacker, and then stun them quickly while you can.

To activate the flashlight, just press the button on the device. It is that quick and simple. With the easy-to-use alarm and even-easier-to-use flashlight, this personal alarming device is perfect for older kids, the elderly, women who have no self-defense training, and even those who do.

What Is a Decibel?

The sound in the 3-in-1 Personal Alarm with Light goes all the way up to 130 decibels or dB, but what is a decibel in the first place? A decibel is a unit to measure the intensity of sound. Absolute silence will register at 0dB, while a whisper will register at 15dB. Normal conversations can rate up to 60dB.

Anything louder than 85dB can be dangerous after one’s prolonged exposure to it. The sound of a jet engine scales up to 120dB, and this security alarm goes up to 130dB. For a few brief seconds, it can disorient and shock any attacker. If you keep it close to them for too long, they might even experience hearing damage.

The alarming device will not do damage to you since you already know the sound is coming. But to an attacker, housebreaker, or burglar, they will be completely surprised. And a sudden, painful sound like this can bring them to their knees or cause them to go running, ensuring that you can avoid any dangerous confrontation.

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