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36 Inch Blowgun

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The 36 Inch Blowgun is .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

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Detailed Description

Are the Best Blowguns for Hunting and Paintball Different?

If you are into target shooting, exactly how you shoot will depend on your chosen discipline or sport. You could be using firearms, or perhaps bows and arrows. Maybe you prefer throwing darts or are more into blowguns. If paintball is your thing, then conventional compressed-gas paintball guns would be the default choice. However, did you know that blowguns are great for both target shooting and paintball? They are just not used as commonly as those conventional choices. They are good hunting and defense weapons, too. If you compare the best blowguns for hunting with those for paintball, are they pretty similar or quite different from each other?

The Multiple Benefits of Blowguns

The 36 Inch Blowgun that we carry is excellent for target shooting, and the darts that this weapon uses are also available with us. If paintball is your preference, it is no problem. We also have paintballs plus the accessories that you will need to convert our blowguns into paintball guns.

For target shooting, you will want a blowgun that does not only have power but also the range that should go along with that punch. Unlike bows and arrows or traditional paintball guns, this 36-inch, .40-caliber blowgun is light, portable, and silent. You can become a good shooter with it pretty easily. All this requires is the right ammo along with some good lung power.

Blowguns are underrated guns compared to their traditional counterparts in target shooting and paintball. Make no mistake: although our blowguns may be very simple weapons, they are not toys at all. They have a maximum range of over 250 feet. Their muzzle velocity is 350 feet per second or more. Their darts can penetrate ¼ inch of plywood easily.

Compared to those old-school bamboo blowguns for sale, these are made from far more powerful material. If you are looking for where to buy cold steel blowguns, consider that these .40-caliber blowguns are made of seamless T-6061 aircraft-aluminum tubing that is sure to last you a lifetime.

Our blowguns are 100% made in the USA. Each purchase comes with 12 target darts, a mouthpiece, a muzzle guard, a foam grip, and two dart quivers. You can get lengths of 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches. Given all that, if you are looking for reasonably cheap blowguns, then you still came to the right place.

You can get our pack of 100 or 250 darts for your blowgun, or packs of paintballs with 100, 250, or 1000 rounds. Do not play paintball without the Splatmatic accessory, a tube that converts a blowgun into a semi-automatic paintball gun. It holds 20 paintballs, but if you get it here with the Splatmatic Magazine Quiver, this attaches to your blowgun and holds four Splatmatic magazines for a total of 80 paintballs.

How to Use Your Blowgun

Do not just go blowing at targets. You have to know the proper stance, or you could end up missing your target entirely. Hold the mouthpiece with your dominant hand while your other hand steadies the blowgun. This is the basic, most common stance. Aim with your dominant hand while your other hand guides the weapon.

If this does not work for you, then try a different stance. Some shooters hold the blowgun with the other hand and steady it with the dominant hand. Others hold the mouthpiece with both hands, or even with just one hand. Take your comfort into consideration, and also which stance gives you the most accuracy.

Remember, you might not get it right immediately. Just like with boxing or skateboarding, it takes time to see exactly what kind of stance works for you.

Breathing is important. Fill your lungs to maximum capacity so that every shot is a powerful one. Always inhale away from the mouthpiece, and then, only when your lungs are full should you put your mouth on the mouthpiece and blow. Practice inhaling and blowing to make the shooting consistent and more accurate. When you get the hang of this, you can be a real threat in a paintball game.

If, even after practicing, you still have trouble with accuracy, then maybe your blowgun is bent. While this will not happen with our tough, T-6061 aircraft-aluminum blowguns, it can with plastic ones that have been exposed to heat or have suffered an impact. Correct this immediately because it can be dangerous, especially if you are firing darts.

Once you get the hang of shooting, practice your groupings. This means grouping your shots together as tightly as possible, just like with firearms practice. The closer together your shots are, the more consistent and accurate you are.

The Splatmatic Magazine Quiver allows for fast loading and speed in practice. It also lets you bombard your opponents relentlessly during paintball games.

Laser sights aid accuracy a lot but can reveal your location and leave you vulnerable to attack.

Hunting with Your 36 Inch Blowgun

Blowguns are great hunting weapons, too. That was their original purpose. Blowgun darts can kill a small bird, mammal, or fish easily. The indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia, South America, and Central America have long used blowguns for hunting and defense against dangerous animals.

A blowgun’s long range prevents the target from seeing the dart coming. Ninjas also used blowguns because they were silent weapons and would not give the ninjas’ hiding place away. These silent assassins even used blowguns as snorkels so they could stay submerged for hours when stalking their prey.

Because arrows can get lost and are hard to replace, blowguns replaced bows and arrows eventually, and completely in some densely forested parts of Southeast Asia. Many people think that American Indians used only bows and arrows, but blowguns were very popular with certain tribes, such as the Cherokee, for hunting small game.

Blowgun Safety

Always remember that blowguns are dangerous weapons – not as much as guns, crossbows, or a bow and arrow, but a blowgun dart can blind permanently. Never aim one at humans if you are using darts, and never fire paintballs at the faces of players without head or eye protection.

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