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48 Inch Blowgun

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The 48 Inch Blowgun is .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

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Detailed Description

Dart & Paintball 48 Inch Professional Blow Guns for Sale

Blowguns are used in a number of different cultures worldwide, and the number of blowgun users in modern society continues to increase to this day. A blowgun can serve as a weapon and be filled with various types of ammunition. Blowguns can be used for hunting and for recreational purposes as well, such as to play paintball. Apart from those, a lot of people are also looking for professional blow guns for sale for safety and security purposes.

What You Need to Know about Blowguns

Blowguns have been around for hundreds of years. They are used to fire light projectiles utilizing the force of the user’s breath. Bamboo blowguns were among the first kinds to be used. They were first used by the native civilizations of old in hunting and warfare. At first crude yet always readily available, blowguns are now intricate and made of high-quality materials.

There are a lot of varieties of modern-day blowguns. These weapons can be made using different materials such as wood or metal, or even a mixture. The lengths of blowguns may also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This 48 Inch Blowgun is one among several variations in length, for example. Blowguns come in short and long versions.

Nowadays, a lot of science goes behind developing a blowgun. The physics of the projectile would be one of the primary concerns of blowgun manufacturers. A user should be able to fire a blowgun at high speed without having to sacrifice range and portability, for instance.

Darts are the primary form of ammunition for blowguns. A lot of time also gets put into developing these projectiles. They have to be sharp and lightweight yet aerodynamically stable in order to withstand strong winds. And the darts should be able to contain other substances, such as tranquilizers for wild game hunting.

Blowguns are used as well for recreation. Numerous enthusiasts use them for sport or for target shooting. A number of organizations are actively pursuing to make blowgun use an Olympic sport. Also, these blow pipes can be filled with paintballs instead of darts, which adds further to the recreational appeal of these weapons.

How Good This 48-Inch Blowgun Is

This particular 48 Inch Blowgun is a .40 caliber device, meaning that it can fit particularly large projectiles inside due to its large internal diameter. It has been precision-manufactured using seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing, which you can believe will last for an entire lifetime. This product is 100% manufactured in the United States.

A very prominent advantage of using this .40 caliber blowgun is that it is very light in weight even though made using sturdy and durable materials. Because it is light, blow gun aiming is easy given its length of 48 inches. Still due to the weapon’s minimal weight, it will not weigh you down and cause fatigue as you carry it around, not to mention that it is highly portable.

Another thing that separates this 48-Inch Blowgun from the rest is that it is exceptionally silent, which is especially useful if you got it for hunting purposes. Wild game will not be startled, and that will allow the hunter to get a clean shot.

If you choose to make use of this blowgun, you can expect the projectile that you fired to reach up to 250 feet. This is more than far enough for you to use the weapon without being noticed by a live target. This added value of stealth is important, as it gives you more time to set up the perfect shot without alerting your target.

A dart, a paintball, and many such types of ammunition that is fired using this weapon can reach or even exceed speeds of 350 feet per second (fps). At a 350-fps speed, a dart can penetrate a quarter-inch-thick panel of plywood. The stronger the puff of air from the user, the faster and farther the projectile can go.

How to Make the Most of Your Blowgun

Each purchase of our 48-Inch Blowgun comes with the necessary equipment to get you started with using it. These comprise a 12-pack of target darts, a mouthpiece, a muzzle guard, a foam grip, and two dart quivers. You can purchase other accessories and ammunition with refills easily, too.

It is easy to learn how to use this .40 caliber blowgun properly. All you need to practice with are the proper ammunition, the blowgun itself, and a lung or two full of air. It is important to know where to buy blowguns, but it is even more important to know how to use them.

Various large quantities of darts and paintballs for blowguns can be purchased on this site. There are available packs of paintballs containing 100, 250, and 1,000 pieces. The more paintballs you buy in bulk, the more money you will be able to save. The same goes for darts, which are available here in 100 and 250 pieces per pack.

Accessories for the 48-Inch Blowgun

Different accessories can be used along with this 48 Inch Blowgun. Among these is the Splatmatic. What the Splatmatic does is turn any .40 caliber blowgun (this particular one included, of course) into a semi-automatic paintball gun. It does so by allowing you to have up to 20 paintballs at the ready instead of having to reload them one by one.

All you have to do is attach the Splatmatic to the blowgun tube where the mouthpiece should be. Every time you press the button on this accessory, it loads one paintball from the possible 20 into the barrel. This allows you to save a whole lot of time between reloading and setting up your shot.

Another accessory that you may enjoy is the Splatmatic Magazine Quiver, which is designed for use in conjunction with the Splatmatic attachment. This quiver allows you to carry an additional 80 paintballs for paintball blowgun use.

Both of these accessories are for playing a game of paintball using a blowgun instead of the usual paintball gun. They can enhance the recreational blowgun experience greatly. Paintballs are not included with these accessories but sold separately.

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