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AC Charger Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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You need this AC adapter hidden spy camera for covert surveillance in your office if you are an entrepreneur. It is because visitors or even your employees can steal anything from ball pens to cash, or worse yet, sensitive company information. Or your staff can waste time engaging in small talk instead of working while you are away. You can also install it at home to monitor your kids’ activities or to make sure that, say, the cleaning lady is really doing her job.

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Detailed Description

Charger AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera with DVR & IR

You could install standard surveillance cameras in your office or home, and they would certainly do a good job of helping you and your security staff guard your property. These security cameras would help you monitor your property against break-ins and theft. They would let you check up on your employees at work or your family at home, too, and you can do this even in your absence. Plug this AC Charger Hidden Spy Camera with Built-In DVR into a living room wall socket, for instance, and see whether or not the kids are doing their homework.

The Need for Hidden Cameras

Standard surveillance cameras can help you catch thieves breaking into your place of business or residence, but if you get some hidden cameras instead, it is more likely that you will catch them in the act of doing so. Since hidden cameras are installed in ordinary objects such as clocks or stereos, you can video people without their knowledge. A thief who enters your property unlawfully will not even suspect that their actions are being recorded. And internal theft is especially easier to catch this way.

Nowadays, it is perfectly normal to see all sorts of chargers and adaptors plugged into office and household electrical outlets. That is why no one will even notice this AC Charger DVR Hidden Camera. In the office, slackers will be that much easier to catch with hidden cameras for office use like this one.

This neat little covert camera connects easily to your computer for downloading videos or for video playback. It is compatible with either the Windows or Mac OS. The high resolution of its recorded video is a very clear 1280 x 720 pixels, and footage is stored on a free 16GB microSD card, which is good for storing 5 hours of video.

It will not waste precious storage space, though, because of its motion-activated recording feature. It need not record continuously, and instead, it may record only detected movement. This also means that searching for recorded action will not mean wasting too much time fast-forwarding through hours of worthless video.

An included remote control makes this hidden camera even easier to use. And with its built-in IR or infrared lights, it can see up to 12 feet away in the dark.

Our AC Charger Hidden Camera with a DVR package includes an HD adaptor camera, a USB cable, and a user manual. The camera’s dimensions are 3 x 2 5/8 x 1 7/8 inches.

The Plug and Play Advantage

Typically, when you get a surveillance camera, you then have to get a video recorder to hook it up to, but not with hidden cameras with a built-in DVR, or digital video recorder. These cameras are plug and play devices requiring no peripheral installation because they already have their own recording device and are ready to start recording right out of the box. Just hit the ‘record’ button.

When you want to watch the recorded video, these cameras usually come with an RCA cable, an SD card, or a USB plug that you can use. You connect the RCA cable to your camera and a monitor or TV, or plug the SD card into the SD card reader your computer has. Or you can plug the USB cable, if your camera has one, into your computer’s USB slot.

There is a neat feature on some hidden cameras for home security that this motion activated AC adapter hidden camera self-recording spy DVR has: a motion sensor. The DVR on some cameras record continuously no matter what is happening. If a crime gets recorded, for example, then you will have to waste a lot of time hunting for the recorded action on the footage.

With motion-activated recording, only movement gets recorded, so you can find the recorded activity right away. Even if you are searching for footage of an incident that occurred the day before, there will be no problem finding it at all.

Security with Night Vision

Portable hidden cameras like this one can be used almost anywhere, but they are not very useful if they can see only during the day. If a thief enters your house at night, then the camera will not detect them.

This AC Charger Hidden Camera with a DVR has built-in IR lights for night vision. These infrared lights do not emit ordinary visible light, just light that is visible only in the infrared spectrum that the camera is designed to see. No nighttime intruder will know that they are being illuminated plus recorded on video. Neither could your teenager know he had just been caught on video sneaking out late at night.

Hidden camera applications are practically unlimited. There is almost no end to what you can record and for what purpose. You just have to make sure that your use of hidden or standard surveillance cameras does not violate the law where you live.

You can secretly record someone you are interviewing to have video proof that they did, in fact, say what they said, in case they deny it later on. This is especially important if it is a business matter.

People whose parents are living in nursing homes can get a few units of this AC adapter hidden camera cheap. Place the spy cameras in certain parts of these homes to see whether your parents are being given proper care or just being neglected.

Security starts at home. Besides using hidden cameras to check on how a nanny treats your kids, you can also monitor how your kids are doing the tasks you have assigned to them.

Features: 1280 x 720 video resolution, motion detection, night vision 12 feet distance, 16GB memory, works with Windows and Mac OS.

Includes: HD Adaptor Camera, USB cable, user manual.

Dimensions: 3”× 2⅝” × 1⅞”

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