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Be The BodyGuard DVD - Gregg Wooldridge

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Gregg Wooldridge is one of the nicest guys but he's known as one of the baddest cats walking the planet.

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Detailed Description

Be the Bodyguard DVD - Gregg Wooldridge Street Fighting Techniques Videos

It is very important that you know how to defend yourself from criminals and attackers. In fact, you should be knowledgeable in how to defend not only yourself but also those around you. This is especially true if you have to protect your loved ones or if you can’t be safe unless it is safe where you are. With street fighting techniques videos, you can learn self-defense at all angles in real-life situations. No one wants any harm to be dealt to themselves and those close to them, which is why this knowledge is extremely valuable.

The Best Reasons to Get Instructional Fighting DVDs

Many people do not have the time or the resource to attend self-defense classes. These classes do not often fit into the busy schedules of people these days. Instructional fighting DVDs such as the ‘Be the Bodyguard’ DVD from Gregg Wooldridge are going to be helpful because they will allow you to learn self-defense techniques at your own convenience.

Are you interested in learning street-fighting moves and self-defense techniques? You can learn them wherever and whenever you want, without having to be tied down to scheduled classes, if you make use of these fighting DVDs. You can learn the necessary techniques at your own time and in the convenience of your own home. You will be saving money by using instructional videos, too, as each entails only a one-time payment.

More often than not, people desire to learn only a few self-defense moves to be able to protect themselves and those around them. They do not wish to become too invested in mastering a fighting discipline. By putting aside a little bit of time to learn from self-defense instructional DVDs, you will be able to learn just the foundational techniques. You do not need to study a single technique for years and years just to learn how to perform it effectively.

Compared to classes, there is a lower level of commitment required by instructional street fighting DVDs. You can always switch to another DVD, for example, if you find that the one you are using at the moment is not suited for your needs.

Gregg Wooldridge Will Teach You to Become a Protector

Learning to fight and defend might seem quite difficult to a lot of people. It may be because they have busy schedules or they are relatively unfit. Luckily, the techniques being taught in the ‘Be the Bodyguard’ DVD from Gregg Wooldridge are easy to pick up even if you are busy or not the most physically inclined. Gregg prides himself with his personal defense training video made easy.

Gregg is trained in various forms of self-defense. He certainly knows how to defend himself in real-life situations, where a person has no control whether they will get into a fight or not. Even if an attacker tries to take him by surprise, Gregg always has a counter-move. Through this instructional DVD, he wishes to impart some of his valuable knowledge to those who are interested and can be aided by it.

‘Be the Bodyguard’ draws direct influences from street fighting and the improvised use of weapons. This makes it perfect for the purposes of self-defense. The maneuvers that it teaches are applicable to real-life situations such as criminal attacks, wherein the fighting is non-consensual unlike what is called a street fight.

Criminals will do anything in their power to get what they want. They may use weapons and dirty, underhanded tactics. You need to know how to counteract their attacks and succeed in gaining the upper hand. For that, practical self defense videos like this one are highly useful learning materials.

In the ‘Be the Bodyguard’ DVD, Gregg Wooldridge teaches proper companion control as well as ground fighting. He also teaches what the best kinds of improvised weapons are and how to use them effectively to stop attackers. Knowing how to use improvised weapons is important even if self-defense devices such as pepper sprays or stun batons are already on hand. You can drop them easily, or attackers can snatch these weapons away and use them against you.

Aside from learning how to use improvised weapons, you can also learn how to disarm attackers if they are using weapons such as guns or knives. You will know how to deal with multiple attackers as well. This really is an all-around self defense training video.
Within just a few viewings of ‘Be the Bodyguard’, and with the right amount of practice, you can be much more comfortable with your skills in defending yourself and those around you. With this instructional self-defense DVD, you need no longer be scared when confronted in the street by a mugger or an aggressor.

For learning basic self defense moves video instruction is the most advisable. The techniques being taught in these videos are incredibly simplified for ease of learning. Even those who have little to no prior experience with self-defense and combat can get over the learning curve easily and pick up the moves. You can learn with or without a partner.

Street Fighting, Improvised Weapons, and Gun Disarmament

Most of the time, people have no control of whether or not they get into a confrontation. This is especially true in the case of fights on the street, wherein a person involved in the fight will not give consent to it but still be forced to join or be involved. This DVD addresses that problem.

Street fighting is prevalent in bars, club, and related establishments in which the patrons are often under the influence of alcohol and other substances. The most common reasons for violent confrontations in these places are inebriation and fighting over women. In these occasions, a person usually has to step up and confront somebody who is harassing their female acquaintance or loved one.

Because street fighting has no rules, weapons can be used. With the ‘Be the Bodyguard’ from Gregg Woolridge, not only will you learn how to improvise weapons and what the best kinds are, you also get to learn how to disarm an attacker if they have weapons such as guns.

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