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Bear Spray Holster

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The Bear Spray Holster ill fit either Guard Alaska® Bear Spray and Bear Pepper Mace® Spray

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Detailed Description

Nylon-Velcro Bear Spray Holster for Running, Camping, Hiking

If you are fond of jogging or camping, then you know you do not want to carry much with you since heavy equipment can slow you down. What happens then if you encounter something as dangerous as a wild bear? It is for these situations that you will want to have some bear spray and a matching bear spray holster for running or hiking in the woods.

The Nylon-Velcro Bear Spray Holster is ideal for carrying a bear pepper spray with you because it is designed specifically to carry large pepper sprays without being a nuisance to you. This means it is designed so you will not even know it is by your side, and it allows you to reach and use your spray instantly when needed.

A bear pepper spray holster is generally a chemical spray holster, similar to those used by the police officers to carry their pepper sprays. However, this one is designed with a few specific perks that make it ideal for the early jogger, camper, or hiker.

Why Carry a Bear Spray Holster

This 9 oz. Bear Pepper Spray Holster is made primarily from nylon. That makes it very lightweight but also very durable, ensuring you do not need to use a heavy and thick holster to carry your bear spray with you during your morning runs. After all, you want something you can carry with you at all times.

The durability of nylon also ensures it will not tear. Some holsters break due to the weight of the pepper spray they carry, but that will not be the case here. This holster is designed to hold up the weight of the bear spray properly, guaranteeing you will not need to spend money on another holster for years.

Another important feature is how it grips pepper sprays. The way this holster is designed is to make it very easy to grab and take the spray out without the need for wiggling it through the holster. However, it is still tight enough to maintain retention, ensuring your spray does not fall off even when the Velcro strap is open.

It would not be much use, however, if you could not reach for and use your bear spray repellent in an instant. That is why it uses a Velcro strap instead of buttons or complex locks. The Velcro strap secures your bear repellent in place, retaining it well so it does not fall off while you are running. But it is also quick and easy to open when necessary.

The pepper spray holster clip allows you to hook it easily to your waist, which is the best suited area for a holster since it allows you to reach for your weapon in an instant. Or you can attach a lanyard if you really want what is ideal for many hikers and campers.

A lanyard is a perfect accessory for a bear spray holster like this because it lets you grab and use the pepper spray without having to detach it completely from your belt. Using a lanyard on the belt loop also ensures you do not lose your bear spray and holster even if they come off your belt or strap.

With the belt loop, you can fashion the holster to go from your waist to become a pepper spray leg holster. For some people, holstering on their thighs makes the pepper spray quicker and easier to reach for. With this belt clip, you can check easily which position suits you best.

However, the biggest advantage of this Nylon-Velcro Bear Spray Holster is that it can carry more than one kind of self-defense spray. Whether you prefer Mace®, Guard Alaska®, or WildFire®, this holster will fit. This is perfect because it allows you to bring the spray you are most familiar and comfortable with instead of forcing you to have just one kind of spray.

More specifically, is it is designed to fit all of the following: Mace® Bear Spray 260 Gram Model (which is a tad bit more than 9 oz.), 9 oz. Guard Alaska® Bear Spray, WildFire® 18% Pepper Spray 9 oz. FireMaster Model, and WildFire® 18% Pepper Spray 9 oz. Pistol Grip Model.

The two bear spray models are both efficient tools in taking down a large, angry bear encountered in the wild, and all of them are designed for quick and convenient use even when running or hiking in the wild. If you were to get pepper spray to take outdoors, there would be no better brands than the above three since they are designed by actual police officers and wilderness experts.

Stopping Bear Attacks with Bear Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are often designed for humans, which is why you should never interchange sprays for humans and those for wild animals. Bear sprays can be far stronger due to their 18% concentration of oleoresin capsicum or OC.

OC is derived from natural peppers like jalapeño, and their heat is measured by Scoville heat units (SHU). A jalapeño measures up to about 6,000 to 8,000 SHU, but 18% pure OC in bear spray can measure up to 3 million SHU, which can lead to very painful effects for both humans and wild animals.

On humans, that amount of OC causes burning pain on the skin as well as the excessive swelling of the eyes and throat. The pain causes excessive eye tearing, a runny nose, choking, coughing, and difficulty breathing. On a wild animal like a bear, the effects are enough to deter them from attacking.

This forces a bear to return to its clan. Bear sprays are not meant to take them down the way pepper sprays incapacitate a human being. These are designed to discourage a bear from attacking and to calm them down so they would return to their home and everyday activities.

Keep in mind that bear sprays are non-lethal weapons. They are not designed to cause permanent damage or death. This will keep you safe without having to harm you or the bear permanently, allowing both to continue on without having to deal with long-term injuries from one another.

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