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Bicycle Headlight

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The Bicycle Headlight includes an easy to use handlebar mounting bracket that allows for convenient quick release when not in use.

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Detailed Description

LED Dual Function Bicycle Headlight Flashlight with Mounting Bracket

While helmets prevent concussive damage to the head if and when the biker suffers an accident, headlights can prevent accidents from happening in the first place. These high-intensity lights can give you a lot of visibility while biking along dangerous roads and highways. When you have a bicycle headlight flashlight mounted on your bike, you can ride at night without worrying about getting hit by motorists who can’t see you on the road.

Get a Bicycle Headlight Now

If there are times when you need to ride your bike at night or during low-light conditions, even without passing through dangerous highways, then it is absolutely imperative that you get this Bicycle Headlight.

Barring actual sunlight, nothing in this world can replace having an actual light for the purpose of being seen on the road as well as seeing what is in front of you. If you are looking at different models of the basic bike headlight, compare them not to reflectors. Even the best reflectors in the world can’t replace the purpose of a simple bike safety headlight.

This particular headlight has 9 super-bright white LEDs that allow you to traverse dark roads with fast-moving vehicles safely. It is bright enough to light your way during dangerously dark conditions, so you avoid bumps, holes, civilians, fellow bikers, and whatever else can get in your way when you are biking on a dimly lit open road. It is not just a ‘get seen’ light designed for your safety. It is also for the safety of others whom you might not see.

By using a headlight regularly, you are minimizing greatly any risk of injury or property damage that might result from any accidents due to poor visibility. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

A bike headlight mounting bracket comes with the purchase. This allows you to attach the light not just to the handlebar but also to any cylindrical part of your bike. You will not even need any tools to do it. You can use your fingers to tighten or loosen the plastic handle attached to the screw, which holds the bracket’s clamp in place.

Just open the clamp, put it over any cylindrical part of your bike, and tighten the screw. Once this is secure, you will notice that the quick-release lock that holds the headlight allows it to swivel in place. If you secure the clamp vertically to the neck of your handlebars, you can swivel the lock up and down. But if you secure it to the top of your handlebars horizontally, then it swivels left and right. You will not have to worry about limited movement because it has a 360-degree rotation angle.

Pick a position that you feel will be the most practical for your purposes. It will be easy to experiment with different positions, anyway, since you can just use your fingers to loosen the clamp and find a different place to secure it.

Even easier is attaching and detaching this bicycle handlebar headlight, thanks to the quick-release lock. The headlight comes attached to the mounting bracket, and detaching it is just a matter of pulling on the quick-release lock. This means that you will be able to switch instantly between having a mounted headlight on your bike and a super-bright handheld flashlight.

This is going to be useful when you are navigating your way or looking for something specific in total darkness. Instead of pointing your entire bike to a direction that you want illuminated, you can detach the small but powerful flashlight from your bike.

Because it is designed to be used on any type of bike, every day, this Bicycle Headlight is anti-shock and weather-resistant. It might not survive getting totally submerged in water, but it can survive rainstorms. That means, no matter how hard it is raining, you can rely on it to keep you safe and visible on the road, without dying suddenly due to water exposure.

Its anti-shock design also allows it to be useful in all types of terrain. Whether you are used to just biking on the smoothest asphalt roads or you want to take on wet and unpredictable bike trails, this bicycle safety headlight will serve you well.

It is slip-resistant as well. So, even if you use it as a small flashlight, you can avoid dropping it, minimizing possible wear and tear due to impact. Combined with its anti-shock qualities and its small size, this also makes it the perfect mandatory flashlight for your little kid’s backpack when you are out hiking in the woods.

Finding batteries are going to be easy, too. In fact, the 3 AAA batteries that it needs in order to function properly already come with the purchase. You just need to get yourself another set of those in case you end up having to use your light more than you think.

Having replacement batteries is always a very good idea, especially if biking is an essential part of your daily commute. In this case, it will be easy to find replacements, as you can get AAA batteries in almost any hardware or convenience store.

Bicycle Safety Lights as Tactical Flashlights

As you can imagine, bicycle safety lights can be used just like any other light. This is especially true for versatile, compact, and damage-resistant ones like this particular Bicycle Headlight.

Besides on-the-road safety for bikers, and providing your kids with a light source in case they get lost in the woods, there are plenty of practical applications for this safety light. Such a compact and powerful flashlight is going to be essential in the event of an earthquake that wipes out your city’s power grid. Any natural disaster that cuts power or forces you to evacuate can be handled better when you’ ae armed with this headlight.

You can even use it to blind attacking criminals, provided you surprise them in a location with very little to no light. It is just going to be a second or two of blindness and disorientation, but it can be enough for you to make a quick getaway.

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