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Bicycle Micro Lights

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These Bicycle Micro Lights are a safe and convenient way to illuminate your bike.

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Detailed Description

Bicycle Micro Lights Steady & Flashing Cyclist Safety Lights

Bicycles do not have the mass of a car. This makes them harder to see, especially at night. Most car drivers just do not notice a bicycle on the road until the moment of impact. One method of avoiding a fatal accident while cycling is to add cyclist safety lights on the front and rear of your bicycle.

In some states, all bicycles and motorcycles are required to have cycling safety lights. However, even if you reside in an area where they are not mandated by law, it is still a smart option to get them. It is always better to be seen and misjudged instead of not being seen altogether.

The best safety lights for bicycle use may well be these Bicycle Micro Lights. They are not too large, heavy, or complicated. You want simple safety lights that do not look ugly on your bicycle but are still capable of making sure you can see the road at night and that drivers can notice you immediately from a distance.

Why These Bicycle Micro-Lights

These safety lights do not look like ugly and large headlights. Bicycle safety lights have evolved over time, and these ones feature a rubber strap and curved inner surface, ensuring you can place them neatly on your bike post, handlebars, and seat post with ease.

Being able to place them comfortably on your bike is important because you want to be able to place them at the exact desired spot. This will optimize the chances of them being effective. There would be no use in having safety lights that can be strapped only to spots where a car would not see them.

Buying these Bicycle Safety Micro Lights gives you two specific lights: front and rear safety glow lights for your bike. The front light is mostly to help you see the road at night, but it will also help cars in front of you notice you, so they do not brake or turn suddenly while you are behind them or while passing.

Bicycle rear safety lights will ensure you do not get rammed by a vehicle. Most drivers will not be able to see you in the dark and may suddenly speed up, make a turn, or pass another vehicle without realizing you are in their path. This can even happen during the day because bicycles are very small compared to other vehicles.

Never just rely on having safety lights on one area of your bike. Many accidents could have been prevented if the cyclist had safety lights on both the front and rear ends instead of just one side. Lights in front will notify cars so they do not brake suddenly, and lights behind you will prevent cars from speeding up or passing even when you are there.

Both of these micro-lights have two main settings: steady and flashing. The steady light is best for the front light, as it will help you see the road. Flashing lights are often better for night use since they will make drivers more aware of your presence. You can switch easily between the two settings any time needed.

Many safety lights offer only steady lights or strobe lights. You never want to be stuck with just one option since they both have their advantages and disadvantages over each other. With these lights, you get both options. Thus, you have the maximum safety parameters while on the road.

Moreover, these are LED lights. Most cycle safety lights are LED lights, and for good reason. They require very little energy, so you will not have to replace their battery for a very long time. And they are several times brighter than incandescent lights or bicycle reflectors.

The LED lights will last for over 100,000 hours. They are not sensitive to vibrations, ensuring they will still work even if you take your bike for a few jumps on a stunt course at the park or in case you get nudged by a vehicle. They use CR2032 lithium batteries, which are replaceable and included with the purchase.

LED lights are much safer to use as cycling safety lights. They do not heat up, ensuring they do not pop and explode suddenly. Old safety lights used halogen lights, which are very dangerous since they could blow when overused and overheated.

Illuminating your bike could not be any simpler or convenient than with these Bicycle Micro Lights. They are not hard to use, the batteries will last long and are easily replaceable, and you have the option for both steady and flashing lights.

Steady vs Flashing Lights

Both steady and flashing safety lights are important to have. Some argue that one is better than the other, but the truth is both are necessary for cycling safety. You will want to have both, especially in areas that experience heavy traffic, such as in major cities. Our Bicycle Micro Lights give both options.

Steady lights are perfect for front lights to help you see the road better. They are also less annoying to car drivers. Most importantly, they will be able to judge your distance based on the steady light emanating from your bicycle safety lights. This is important because it helps them avoid you.

However, during the night, there can be so many lights that a steady light might not be noticed immediately even if you are right in front or right behind a vehicle. To prevent, this you should have a blinking light. Flashing lights can also be brighter than steady lights over time, guaranteeing you are noticed.

A blinking light is more alarming to the eyes, helping drivers notice them more than steady lights. If you are moving close to them, they are more likely to notice you due to the blinking light. If you do not use blinking lights normally, you should at least switch them on when turning or when you are too close to another vehicle.

Some cyclists buy two pairs of safety lights. This will allow them to keep one pair of front and rear lights constantly steady, while the others can be used for blinking when necessary.

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