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Black Leatherette Holster for Li'L Guy Stun Gun

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Deluxe black leatherette holster for Li'L Guy stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

Black Li'l Guy Stun Gun Holster for Belt Use

A stun gun holster for belt carry is a highly underrated piece of equipment. The cheapness with which it is sold can only be justified by the raw simplicity of its design and materials. The benefits that it can give you, however, are priceless.

What You Need the Li'l Guy Holster for

The Black Leatherette Holster for the Li'l Guy Stun Gun is not just the perfect way to carry your self-defense device. While it certainly will not take up any of the space in your pockets or your bag by being able to clip onto your belt, it can also do other, more important things for your weapon. It offers a layer of protection between your weapon and the outside world. Having your Li'l Guy in a stun gun holster belt ensures the integrity of the working parts of the weapon.

It is also designed to be used with one hand, which means that you can use a single hand for undoing the magnetic clasp, taking the weapon out, and putting it back in. This is because, while the magnetic clasp holds the weapon securely in place, it is also easy to open for when you need to take your Li'l Guy out quickly. This is also because the Stun Master® Li'l Guy Black Stun Gun Holster is made with stiff, tough materials that retain their shape even when the weapon is taken out.

With this stun gun holster how to wear it properly is a question that can be answered only by your personal needs and preferences. The simplest and most obvious way to do it is by attaching the belt clip to your belt. If you are wondering whether it is best to keep your stun gun holster left or right of your body, this depends on your preferences, too.

Your dominant hand might find it easier to access the holster and the weapon if it is located on the side of your hip closest to that hand. This makes the holster an OWB or outside-the-waistband belt holster. A common and effective method of wearing this holster is at the 4:00 position of your belt if you are right-handed, and at the 8:00 position if you are a leftie.

If it is clipped to the side of your hip opposite your dominant hand, it presents a different but still ergonomically viable retrieval location for that hand. Practice the motion of drawing your weapon so you can see which side you are more comfortable with.

The second way to do it is with the metal ring attached to the top of the belt clip. This can allow you to secure your weapon to the outside of a bag or other container that you bring with you every day. The third way would be to simply put it inside the bag. While this last option hinders your access to the weapon, it does ensure that the stun gun is protected from coming into contact with anything that can damage it or cause it to fire accidentally and waste its power.

Of course, the best way to carry it would be through the first method of clipping it to your belt. This not only saves you space but also gives you near instant access to your weapon. If you put in a couple of minutes of practice every day, you will be able to pull your Li'l Guy out of the holster in one liquid motion. The more you can practice this, the more you will develop natural instincts for doing it properly and quickly, making you a lot more effective during a close-quarters fight.

Mix and Match Stun Guns and Holsters

The Stun Master® Li'l Guy Stun Gun Holster also comes in green, pink, red, purple, flower print, and blue. The small stun guns that they were made for, the Li'l Guy flashlight stun guns, come in black, flower pattern, green, blue, animal print, snakeskin, black, pink, red, and purple. You do not have to match the color of the stun gun to the holster necessarily. Mix and match as you please, as all these items are available.

If you pick non-threatening colors for either or both the stun gun and the holster, you can use a self-defense tactic that is available to most stylish stun gun flashlights: looking unarmed. How can this be a self-defense tactic?

When your weapon and/or your holster comes in non-threatening colors or patterns (such as purple, pink, blue, red, floral, snakeskin, or animal print), your weapon can look like a normal, everyday electronic device, like a cell phone or a music player. When you do not look like you are armed with a high voltage stun gun, the criminals who attack you will not be worried too much about you putting up a fight.

They will not be ready for retaliation, especially the kind that comes with millions of volts of shocking power. When their guard is lowered like this, it will be much easier to strike them as you please, even in the vulnerable areas of the body, such as the armpits, stomach, neck, shoulders, and groin. The surprise of being shocked when they are not expecting a fight might even disarm a few criminals, increasing your odds significantly of surviving the encounter unharmed.

Now then, this only works if the non-threatening colors and patterns look 'natural' on you. If they look weird on you, or if you are obviously uncomfortable with carrying the stun gun and holster in vibrant colors, do not do it. This might just clue in criminals to the fact that the thing on your hip is more than what it seems. In the world of security, weird is suspicious, and suspicion raises caution in criminals, allowing them to better anticipate your actions.

If you feel that the Li'l Guy Black Stun Gun Holster paired with a black Li'l Guy Stun Gun is the combination that you are comfortable carrying, then do it. It's all about what can give you more comfort, confidence, and other tactical advantages that can make you more useful during actual criminal encounters.

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