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Black Leatherette Holster for RUNT Stun Gun

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Deluxe black leatherette holster for RUNT stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

Black RUNT Stun Gun Holster While Jogging or Outdoors

If you feel no need to wear your stun gun in a holster, then looking at the quick draws in westerns could change your mind. The skill was crucial to the gunslingers of the Wild West for no less than their survival. Fast draw is a sport now, and lethal guns are unnecessary, but everyone still needs true grit like that of a good gunfighter to survive present-day dangers, from mugging to burglary and rape. So, carry your stun gun in a stun gun holster while jogging, commuting, running errands, or even just stopping by the local saloon for a drink. Do this for your own survival.

Any weapon is useless if you can’t get to it in time. If you own or intend to buy a RUNT Stun Gun, you will not find a better way to have it on your person 24/7 than in the Black Leatherette Holster for the RUNT Stun Gun.

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

The most preferred law enforcement and security holsters are duty belt holsters, for effectiveness and comfort. Officers are not allowed to carry disguised weapons, but there are conditions wherein they can conceal their undisguised weapons. Belt holsters inside the waistband, or IWB holsters, are doubtless for concealed carry. A detective could wear an IWB stun gun holster inside pants or a skirt during an undercover field operation.

Those outside the waistband, or OWB holsters, are normally for open carry but may also be hidden under a coat or a blouse. OWB belt holsters are the most popular for citizen use, likewise, due to effectiveness and comfort. Laws differ as to whether or not either of open or concealed carry is allowed within a jurisdiction.

The RUNT Stun Gun Black Leatherette Holster is a concealable holster because of its small size. Not only is it easy to hide, either. If you have to or choose to carry it openly, it can still blend into your clothing and be practically invisible because of its small size plus its fun color options.

Consider that the RUNT 20,000,000-Volt Stun Gun with Flashlight and Wrist Strap Disable Pin is 4 ¼ inches in length, virtually equal the normal hand size of 4 inches, and it is 1 5/8 inches wide and 1 inch in depth. It can virtually disappear into your palm. Now, the holster customized to it is about the same size and can most certainly disappear into your getup.

Better yet, both the stun gun and the holster can be had in black, purple, red, green, blue, or pink, which you can match or mix so your weapon does not appear to be one. Even if you got a cool black leather holster, you could pair it with the cool pink stun gun or the bright blue one, and it would look more like a portable music player or a cell phone. Look at every jogger or pedestrian you pass by on the street, and you will see they are walking around with one of those.

Ideal for concealment, small stun guns and holsters need not be on the belt all the time. Small of back holsters will keep them at your midsection. Or you could opt for a stun gun holster for your bra or chest, thigh, or ankle area.

A RUNT Stun Gun Holster for Survival

A holster is only one of many things about a stun gun that can help you survive a criminal attack, but you might not survive the attack without one. It restricts and retains your stun gun. That is, it prevents your weapon from shifting to the wrong position or getting triggered and fired by accident. At the same time, it keeps the weapon from falling out or being snatched away.

How does a stun gun holster do that? There are several ways that it can, and the RUNT Stun Gun Holster in Black Leatherette has quite a few of those ways. The secret lies in its use of a belt clip, a ring, a magnetic clasp, and leatherette material.

Its heavy-duty belt clip and ring secure the weapon in its place, by attaching or hanging it to a belt, respectively. Why a belt? It is the most effective and comfortable place for a stun gun for many good reasons. It puts the device at your 4:00, just behind and above your hip bone. Here, you can reach for the device with one good arm and then grab a hold of it in one liquid motion with just one hand, no matter the position of your body.

The quick one-hand operation of your weapon is critical. Every second counts, and you will need to keep the other hand free for countering your assailant’s offense and maneuvering out of harm’s way. While you run and fight your way to safety, you can holster and re-holster the RUNT at your waist, where its case is fixed into place by the clip and the ring. You can use either one or the two together.

On top of that, the magnetic clasp locks the stun gun in so you can wrestle against the opponent without the device dropping or being taken from you. Also, you can go clubbing, dancing, or bowling without compromising your hip-holstered stun gun.

The deluxe leatherette make ensures the weapon’s integrity and your convenience. In contrast, a soft case would not be stiff enough to protect the device, whereas a hard case would not be pliant enough for wearing comfortably.

What the Stun Gun Holster Contains

Your Black RUNT Stun Gun Holster may have the looks of a cell phone holder, but it really houses an electric shock waiting to happen. The RUNT Stun Gun inside it can dispense 20 million volts via 4.5 milliamps to paralyze an attacker momentarily and give them pain, convulsions, and confusion.

For sure, it is wasted takedown power inside a bag, where you would still have to fish your weapon out while already being assaulted and harassed. But with this small stun gun holster bag issues like that will be non-existent. The holster optimizes the performance of the stun gun.

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