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  • Ultimate College and Campus Safety Tips

    Starting college for new students is an exciting time for the child, but can also be nerve-racking for the parents. This would be the first time a child would not be under the full supervision of a parent or guardian and sometimes that can lead to dangerous areas, but this is the time for your child to step out and grow. Which is why there are safety tips for every new student to learn and implement at their new campus.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Call or visit the Campus Safety office and request information about their programs. Find out if your campus has the following services and how you can take advantage of them.
    • Download a personal safety app, such as SafeTrek, which was developed for college students. When you walk alone, launch the app and hold your thumb down on the safe button.
    • Review the settings on each of your social media profiles. Disable location services, make your accounts private, and think twice before sharing anything.

    "Just as you wouldn’t leave your house without locking the front door, don’t leave your dorm or apartment without locking up — even if you’re planning on only being gone a few minutes."


  • Florida Sheriff Declares “THIS IS WAR!” Tells Americans To Arm Up

    A Florida Sheriff stands before the public to help families better arm themselves from the mass homicides that have been plaguing the news. Police are there to help, but they don't always get to respond fast enough, and sometimes no one is able to get out a response to 911. So make sure to protect yourself from the homicidals while you lay in wait for the governmental help.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Ivey’s video is irritating anti-gun lobbyists and politicians who seem content with letting people die with a minimal chance of survival.
    • Ivey encouraged people to take self-defense classes and urged those with concealed weapons permits to carry their guns with them at all times.
    • Gun control is a sensitive issue for most, as the logical in society understand that gun ownership doesn’t make one a mass murdering homicidal maniac or terrorist.

    "Become the first line of defense to prevent the loss of life, and protect yourselves and others."


  • My Defense Tool Product Evaluation

    Self-defense does not mean it has to be lethal or even dangerous to the other party. It just has to be conducive to the personal safety of yourself or your loved ones. If you can ensure that without nearly killing someone then you have a bonus. Let the police handle the attacker, just get yourself to safety.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Fits easily in most purses, handbags, and pockets Lightweight Easy to hold on to and discreet Inexpensive Can take on plane when traveling Easy to use Can wear on hand and still use your hand to do tasks Has DNA and fiber collection capabilities on the tip
    • When worn by a large handed person, the tip barely sticks out and may be less effective It has only one contact area to use in defense (the tip)
    • This type of weapon can be considered a type of Kubotan weapon, and your training should include how to use it on pressure points also, which can be very effective and take little effort.

    "Because most women are delicate and not very aggressive, and freeze or freak out if they get attacked, they need to have some defense training to be more confident in how to use this type or any type of weapon."


  • The Top 10 Self Defense Weapons For Women

    No matter the age, self-defense for women is extremely important. Thankfully, we live in a world where we can have a vast choice of different types of self-defense weapons and tools to choose from as long as we know how to handle them and take care of them and ourselves with proper care.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Most tactical knives can also clip onto your belt, or clothing, or the inside of a purse so that you can place it on your person for maximum effect and grab it quickly when something goes down.
    • Modern technology takes the heavy weight of brass out of the equation, however, leaving you with a durable plastic keychain with holes to fit your fingers through and sharp spikes on the outside.
    • You can get keychain alarms that max out at 130 decibels, which is, believe it or not, as loud as a jet taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

    "Guns don’t work very well up close in hand-to-hand combat, and you’re just as likely to injure yourself or someone else in that situation."


  • More Of The Same

    Failed plans are the worst and the feeling that comes with them can make you feel minuscule at best. So why don't you try ot to look at the worst part, maybe see why it was a bad plan and learn from the failed plan? After all, mistakes are made to teach us lessons let failed plans be one too, even if it is someone else's failed plans.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Without the correct mindset and the necessary skills/attributes, failure would be virtually guaranteed.
    • All techniques can fail, all techniques have inherent problems and issues with them.
    • “What if” questions are extremely valuable, because they often illustrate the natural “gaps” that techniques have

    "Inoreader is not just another RSS reader - it's a vibrant community of content curators."


  • Self Defense: How to Use Pepper Spray Effectively

    Pepper spray, the number one essential in any woman's pocket or purse, but do you really know how to use it? In the end, something that could possibly save you could just be turned and used against you, just by improper usage. So maybe it's time to take a closer look at that pepper spray bottle, not too close, and make sure you know how to properly use it.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Practice by taking it out of the compartment you’re keeping it in or rolling it around in your hand and getting the right grip.
    • Most sprays are effective between four and six feet, but some can reach as far as 20 feet. Being aware of how many shots you have can be important if you’re faced with multiple attackers.
    • Make sure your pepper spray canister is easily accessible from wherever you keep it, but also that it’s in a secure spot where it won’t fall out by accident.

    "According to a Gallup poll, only 12% of Americans who are non-victims carry pepper spray. That number jumps to 20% when considering those who have experienced crime."


  • Subway Worker Remains Totally Chill, Tells Robber To 'Get A Job'

    An attempted robbery took place in a Subway sandwich store. The robber told the cashier to open the register and give him all the money. The cashier then told the robber to, “get a job.” The robber was so stunned at the cashier’s defiance, that he only stole the money from the tip jar. The cashier was pretty shocked that she reacted the way she did and it seems the robber was just as shocked. A co-worker at Subway recorded the incident and posted the video on the social media website Facebook.

    Subway Worker Remains Totally Chill, Tells Robber To 'Get A Job'

  • Top Self-Defense Tactics Everyone Should Know

    Everyone needs to have a good amount of knowledge on self-defense. Why? Well, that's an easy answer, if not to protect yourself, to better protect your loved ones, in this day and age, self-defense is not something to sneeze at and could very well protect you from the very worst circumstance, so read up and prepare to learn something to enhance your safety.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Target the neck and throat. Hit your attacker as hard as you can with the inner part of your palm.
    • You will want to hit your attacker right above his stomach and underneath his ribs. For this hit, you will want to use your fist or your elbow.
    • Instead of punching or elbowing, you are going to want to kick your attacker’s knee or shin to knock him down.

    "If someone goes after you, you need to know how to fight back against them and where to hit them."


  • 10 Safety Procedures For Women Traveling Solo

    Despite what most people would like to have you think, women are equal now. Women should be able to go wherever they want without fear of being attacked. Unfortunately, the worrying reality is that women are at risk. A report by UN Women shows that 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence.

    Key Takeaways:

    • . A self-defense tool could be pepper spray, a keychain or a baton.
    • To make your backpack more difficult for people to steal from, wear it on your front if you can, and keep the most valuable items stored in inner, hidden pockets that are hard to reach.
    • If you’re unsure about certain cultural aspects, such as how you should dress or behave, look around and take some tips from the local women.

    "A self-defense tool isn’t something you should have to use, but you’ll feel much safer knowing that you have one in case the need arises."


  • VIDEO: Child safety instructors: 'We're not here to scare you. We're here to empower you' - WDEL 1150AM

    Child safety instructors make videos to show parents the dangers that could befall their children and what could be done about them. These can be unsettling because parents don't like to think about dangers like this. The videos aren't meant to scare, though. Knowing about the dangers can be empowering because you can then deal with them.

    VIDEO: Child safety instructors: 'We're not here to scare you. We're here to empower you' - WDEL 1150AM

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