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Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight

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The Covert Stun Master Stun Gun Flashlight is a great addition to your arsenal for self defense.

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Detailed Description

Stun Master® Covert Flashlight Stun Guns for Sale

Who would have thought that a simple flashlight could be so useful as to help you escape and ward off would-be assailants? How much more a flashlight built into a stun gun then? It would be a highly effective deterrent to any attempt to rob, assault, or even kill you. If you would prefer not to carry a handgun and to avoid conflicts with restrictions for gun carry in your state, the available flashlight stun guns for sale can give you as much personal safety if not more. Some do not even look like stun guns but rather appear to be ordinary household flashlights to deceive criminals.

You can refer to and browse through several flashlight stun gun review sources so that you are equipped with the right information on how to maximize the potential of these powerful self-defense weapons. The 9 Million Volt Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight in particular has hidden electroshock probes making it look like a simple and ordinary flashlight. Whether or not you are living someplace there are strict weapon laws, it is a must-have and can be taken along wherever you go for personal defense against harmful assailants.

The Perks of Using Covert Stun Guns

This Stun Master® Stun Gun with built-in flashlight is an essential addition to your defense arsenal. It looks like one of hundreds of models of standard flashlights on the market, yet its functionality can never be underestimated. It is packed with 9 million volts of power that can surely leave an attacker stunned for a while and thus give you time to flee to safety.

With all that power, the innovative weapon does not look like a stun gun at all but just a common flashlight that one uses in ordinary and emergency settings alike. If you have little to no combat experience, then it is best to immobilize your assailant with this high voltage stun gun in disguise rather than risking your life and falling prey to some menace to society.

The size of the device, at 7 x 1 ½ inch, is pretty common for flashlights so it conceals the stun gun function even further. Besides, its size means you would not worry about it being too bulky and also easy to notice by being so. It is just the perfect weapon to fit in your hand and give you a proper and secure grip from daytime to nighttime. If you worry about your security or the safety of your loved ones, this is a portable weapon that will let you stay safe at all times.

This durable stun gun flashlight made in USA plants only provides you with a firm grip and effective handling because it has a special rubberized coating and a wrist strap, too. When you take it with you during the late hours of the night, you are assured that the device would not slip out of your hands, nor would it be taken all too easily from you by an attacker.

Because it is a rechargeable stun gun with flashlight, there will be no need for you to buy and load new batteries over and over again. It also allows you the convenience to charge the rechargeable batteries at home or in your car using a cigarette lighter adapter.

Why Buy a Disguised Stun Gun Flashlight

With the built-in light alone in flashlight stun guns, you can determine threats easily in low-light surroundings, and not only that. In tough situations, shine the bright light directly to the eyes of the attacker while avoiding physical contact and maintaining your distance from them. The brightness will leave them temporarily blinded and disoriented, giving you time to either bolt or attack back until you can get away.

You must flee once there is an opportunity, and if there is none, you just must be brave enough to attack at close quarters to create such an opportunity. Use your stun gun immediately to strike and dispense an immobilizing electric shock after you have shone light to the assailant’s eyes that leads them to be disoriented.

If there is no apparent attacker, there are tricks to maneuver safely and deceive any would-be aggressor. If you think there is a predator in your midst, leaving your flashlight on the whole time could actually make you an easy target. Instead, turn the flashlight on, scan the area and look for threats, turn the flashlight off, and move.

If your light is on all the time, the criminal will attack you on the spot where they keep seeing or last saw the glow. Turning it off and moving can give you a lot of chances to change your direction and mislead a potential attacker, more so if they have no clue that your flashlight is also a stun gun.

Crime prevention should be the highest priority, for sure, but there will be situations wherein you can’t avoid getting exposed to threats. That is why it is best to be equipped with this Stun Master® disguised stun gun flashlight that has a solid built, is easy to turn on, can illuminate blindingly, and will throw miscreants off guard with its looks.

The Power behind Stun Master® Stun Guns

Its features and functionality are obviously sufficient in making the Stun Master® covert flashlight stun gun a very effective non-lethal weapon for self-defense. At the core, however, it is a stun gun. That is, it produces a high voltage without causing you concerns about killing another human being, as the voltage is combined with low amperage. Only temporarily, its 9 million volts would disallow an assailant’s body from functioning properly, giving you just the right amount of time to escape.

If you are apprehensive about how powerful this stun gun is, you can test-fire it. If you activate a stun gun in the air, expect to hear a loud crackling sound. But if you use it on your assailant, you will not hear a single noise at all, although you will surely see that it is working upon seeing how the culprit responds when electric shocks disable their body from functioning well.

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