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Garrett's CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster

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The Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster highly sensitive pin pointer has both audible and vibrating alarms and requires no tuning.

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Detailed Description

Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster Hand Held Metal Detector Pinpointer

Doctors have a saying regarding prevention being better than a cure. This holds true not just for diseases but also for trouble and violence. The best way for you to deal with these hassles at your event, commercial establishment, or assigned location is by preventing them from happening in the first place. That is exactly what this hand held metal detector pinpointer device is for. By allowing you to detect hidden weapons and contraband, it lets you prevent their presence (and their use) inside your secured premises.

Metal Detectors and Security Scanners Can Prevent Trouble

Garrett's CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster is a small security scanner and metal detector pinpointer. What is a metal detector pinpointer? Simply put, scanners and detector/pinpointers are devices that can detect metal, even when it is covered by fabric, leather, soil, cement, wood, or other common materials.

These devices are used mainly for security purposes in places or situations that need to be free from weapons and contraband. By their being able to detect guns, knives, drugs, and other illicit objects, you have the prerogative to avoid, through early detection, having to deal later with these objects and the people who brought them.

This allows you to add another layer of security to the security system you might already have in place, a layer that is strong because it focuses on early detection, prevention, and de-escalation.

This type of technology can be really helpful in any place or situation where the sheer volume of people requires tight security to be in place, such as malls, concerts, private schools and universities, corporate buildings, or anywhere people are possibly at risk. The use of the Garrett CSI handheld metal detector allows you and your security personnel to lower the risk greatly for people who have put their trust in your security.

The CSI Pro-Pointer

When it comes to metal detectors pinpointer devices give the user much more precision during detection. While this particular device can detect metal from any angle at which it is being used, it also has a more accurate way of finding weapons, bullet casings, crime scene evidence, or other hidden metals.

While the 360-degree side-scanning capability that this device boasts allows you to detect metals quickly over large areas, you can use its tip to tell exactly where the detected metal is hiding. This makes it easier and faster for both the security personnel who are handling the device and the people who are being scanned for weapons and contraband.

Besides security, this device is also useful when you are performing housework and carpentry. For instance, if you are looking for a metal pipe inside a wall, using this device would be a very easy way to find it. If you are in the garage and some vital screws have gone rolling under hard-to-reach areas, this metal detector pinpointer can tell you where your lost screws have landed exactly. You can also use it to check any type of wood for nails or screws.

There is even an included sifting/scraping blade for detecting metals in soil. And if you need to wash it, go ahead because it is water-resistant. Of course, that also means it can be used in shallow water. Who knows what you might find? As you probably already know, these types of metal detectors can also be great for treasure hunting activities. With the side-scanning option for wide-area coverage coupled with the pinpointing detection action, you might just dig up something that is worth the effort of detecting and digging.

This highly sensitive device features both sound and vibration alarms in order to tell you it has found metal. The closer you and the device get to the metal it is detecting, the louder and more intense its resulting alarms will be, allowing you to gauge quickly just how close or far you are to what you are looking for.

In case you were wondering, this device is plug and play, which, in the case of metal detectors and security scanners, means simply that it needs no tuning in order to be used effectively. As long as its batteries have enough charge, it will work just fine.

It even comes with a holster, so whoever uses it can draw it easily as well as free their hands of it quickly. This is important because, when it comes to the security of large volumes of people, it is better for everyone if people can get through security pat-downs and scans in as quick a time as possible. This not only makes the job of security personnel easier, it also aggravates people less. If you think only guns and weapons can benefit from holsters, think again. If you plan to buy this device or any of the detectors from Garrett, use the holster; it will be easier for everyone.

Static detection allows the product to do its job even without being moved. All you need to do is point it or place it in the right position while activated, and it will start detecting.

A built-in LED flashlight can assist you when you are looking in conditions with minimal to no light at all.

Garrett’s Security Metal Detectors

Why should you trust the Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster? Well, Garrett has been around since 1964. That means more than 50 years of providing reliable devices for metal detection. That is why the brand sounds familiar; it is a household name that has been around for half a century. And it is why their tried and tested products can be trusted. Each modern Garrett product represents 50 years of research and development by a company that is dedicated to service in the security industry.

Besides the CSI Pro-Pointer, they also offer the following products: Garrett’s Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster, Garrett’s Superwand, and Garrett’s Superscanner V. We also have a Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit available, which contains a charger and batteries that are compatible for any of the mentioned products. The CSI Pro-Pointer as well as all of these other Garrett Security Metal Detectors are proudly made in the USA.


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