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Electronic Dog Repeller

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The Electronic Dog Repeller uses the latest ultrasonic technology, the Super Dog Chaser uses two ways to repel a dog.

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Detailed Description

Electronic Dog Repellent High Frequency Dog Deterrent with Strobes

Pepper spray for dogs is a great way to defend yourself (and any companion) from dog attacks. Through administering instant pain and discomfort, these non-lethal chemical spray weapons can deter immediately even the most aggressive dog from pursuing an attack. However, if you want the safety and security that dog sprays can give you but without the use of chemicals to administer pain on dogs, then you can use this dog repellent high frequency device instead. In the event of a dog attack, the Super Dog Chaser Electronic Dog Repeller can be just as effective as any dog repellent spray.

An Electronic Repellent for Distance Defense against Dangerous Dogs

Electronic dog deterrents are the perfect way to control dogs without using possibly exceedingly painful sprays. Now, this particular electronic dog repellent does it work effectively yet humanely? Yes, it certainly does.

When you activate the Electronic Dog Repeller, ultrasonic sound is released from the device. You will not be able to hear it, nor will any other humans, but all dogs in the vicinity are definitely going to be bothered by the sound. The product even works at long distances, allowing you to keep some space between you and your canine attacker with the push of a button.

You can use this dog repellent sound for yard security or perimeter defense against unknown dogs or to defend yourself from rabid dogs while you are outdoors. Its lightweight design also allows it to be carried by joggers, mailmen, delivery personnel, and anyone else who may encounter problems with aggressive canines.

Just remember that ultrasonic dog repellents are guaranteed to work only on dogs and no other animals. While other animals might possibly be bothered by the ultrasonic sound, it is really designed to work just against dogs. If your attacker is a human or some other animal, do not even try to use this device against them; you will just be making it easier for your attacker to harm you.

Besides its effectiveness at deterring canines, perhaps the best part about the Super Dog Chaser electronic dog repellent is the fact that it causes no permanent damage to the dogs that it affects. You can still arm yourself with backup weapons like dog pepper spray or a wooden stick for if and when worse comes to worst. But if you are armed with an ultrasonic weapon, you probably will not even need a backup plan.

If your life and/or work forces you to pass through areas where there are violent dogs, this is the weapon that can give you the safety and security that you are looking for.

How the Super Dog Chaser Electronic Dog Repeller Works

The high-frequency sound produced by this device is between 20,000Hz and 25,000Hz, and it will be as inaudible to humans as it will be uncomfortable and painful for dogs. It can work up to 40 feet, so if you spot a rabid dog from afar, you can defend yourself from it even before it can get close. This also allows you to tackle several violent dogs at once. At the push of a button, you can make more than a couple of dogs halt and back away.

The device is pretty small for the power that it is packing. It is just 4 ¾ inches in length, 1 ¾ inches in width, and ¾ of an inch thick, making it easy to carry around in any pocket, 24/7. This is good because, if you live and work in a busy town or city, there is no telling when you will have to defend yourself from a potentially violent dog. If you are going to purchase this product, it is going to be easy to keep with you at all times. Keep this in mind, especially when you know that you are going into areas with rabid or violent dogs.

Besides delivering self-defense, you can switch this device to a training setting, which allows it to function as a very minor negative reinforcement device for training canines. In this mode, the device dishes out discomfort instead of combined discomfort and pain. It is a quick and easy way to punish your dog’s negative behavior without resorting to hitting your pet.

At the front end of the Super Dog Chaser Electronic Dog Repeller is a super-bright strobe LED light that can flash and blind and confuse dogs temporarily. Combined with the ultrasonic sound, the super-bright light can be highly effective at confusing attacking canines.

A single 9-volt battery is required to power both the ultrasonic device and its included flashlight. This 9V battery is a common item that can be picked up in almost any hardware store, grocery, or supermarket. You can even order one from this site along with the electronic deterrent itself. If you are buying batteries, it would be a good idea to buy more than just one so you will have reserve batteries for whenever you need it. This is even more crucial if you are planning to use the flashlight a lot.

There Are Humane Ways to Deal with Canine Violence

Other than leaving an attack victim with drawn blood and torn flesh, rabid biting dogs can spread diseases and cause panic in neighborhoods. Children are especially at risk. Rather than using old-fashioned methods such as wooden sticks and even firearms to ‘handle’ these canines, you can now opt for less harmful electronic dog repellent devices.

They are more humane because they do not cause permanent damage to the dogs, but at the same time, they are highly effective at dissuading them from violence. Using these repellent devices protects not only you but the dogs as well, ensuring that no harm will come to either party. Just because wild and rabid dogs pose a danger to people does not mean that they have to be maimed or killed. As these ultrasonic repellent devices prove, there are better ways of dealing with these animals.

From animal defense sprays to electronic devices, humane and non-lethal dog repellents are giving us better ways to coexist with our canine companions. Use yours wisely.

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