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Flower Print Leatherette Holster for Li'L Guy Stun Gun

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Deluxe flower print leatherette holster for Li'L Guy stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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Detailed Description

Li’l Guy Flower & Other Stun Gun Holster Patterns

Muggers or rapists are not going to stand there and watch you draw your stun gun, are they? Countless other things will be happening while you try to save yourself from harm. They could be pulling your hair or your clothes, or you could be blocking their blows to your head or stomach. Stun gun holster designs take all those into account, down to your having to be able to get to your weapon with just one hand. Stun gun holster patterns even ensure that your self-defense can blend into your overall appearance rather than give itself away to predators in your midst. Women can try the Flower Print Leatherette Holster for the Li'l Guy Stun Gun and believe it.

The Fastest Way to Get to Your Stun Gun

The average person must be able to grab their stun gun with their dominant hand while they are in any of the common positions of the body, like standing up, sitting down, kneeling, and lying down. It essentially means placing the weapon at a midpoint on the body that is within arm’s reach, and there are a few ways to do this. The easiest for a quick draw, however, is on the side of the waist or hip, at one’s 4:00 behind the hipbone.

For that reason, OWB (outside the waistband) or belt holsters are the most instinctive type. These are the most frequently used duty holsters by the police, the military, and security officers. These are also the most common holsters for civilian use, where a stun gun holster belt buckle, belt loop, or belt clip usually holds the device for open carry.

The Stun Master® Li'l Guy Flower Print Stun Gun Holster sports a heavy-duty belt clip that mainly does two things. Firstly, it keeps your weapon in the correct place at your waist or hip. Secondly, it keeps the weapon in the correct position inside. That way, the stun gun’s metal prongs are sure to be pointing away from you when you move about and especially in the split second you try to draw and activate it if being attacked.

A magnetic clasp aids the belt clip in ensuring high retention. That is, not only will your stun gun be kept in place but your assailant will also be kept off your stun gun. Thus, you will retain your weapon even while under attack.

Moreover, the clip and clasp both allow you to grab your weapon with just one hand. Grabbing, in this case, will involve reaching for the stun gun and then grasping and retrieving it. Usually, you will have to do that while your other hand is already doing other things for the purpose of defense and escape. That is why your dominant hand must not be obstructed in any way from getting your weapon just by itself.

There is further a ring that you can use to hook the holster either onto a belt loop or someplace else. For instance, there are other good mid-body locations for a gun. There are small of back holsters that are great for larger guns, and belly band holsters built into their own elastic belt. Cross draw belt holsters, which are worn opposite the dominant hand, work best with seated positions and contoured for women’s bodies.

Concealed weapons can be placed in IWB (inside the waistband) holsters, or they can be kept at the 4:00 position through pocket carry, with or without a pocket holster. If it is a stun gun holster inside waistband carry can be aided by either a clip or a ring.

Is the Stun Gun Holster as Good as the Stun Gun?

The Flower Print Li'l Guy Stun Gun Holster provides trifecta protection with its belt clip, ring, and magnetic clasp, but it can do more. This is because it is tailored fit effectively to a stun gun that is designed effectively.

The Stun Master® Li'l Guy is a small stun gun that, being 3 ¾ inches long, is shorter than the average hand size of 4 inches. It is merely 1 ½ inches wide and ¾ inch deep, too. Its size, and that of its small stun gun holster, keeps it undetectable in the hand and hardly noticeable anywhere else. This also keeps its lightweight and portable.

Add to this that these fashion stun guns come in purple, pink, blue, green, red, and black, as well as snake skin, animal, and flower print. Mix or match those with their stylish stun gun holsters in this flower print or also in purple, pink, blue, green, red, and black, and you’ve got stun guns that do not look it.

A small, floral-printed holster would look like it is holding a cell phone, except that inside this stun gun holster cell phone case is a thing that shoots out 12 million volts through 4.4 milliamps of pure stopping power. The 120-lumen extra-bright LED flashlight built into the Li’l Guy cranks up the stealth some more, making it appear like the typical flashlight. Flashlight stun guns do work like typical flashlights, but the same light can blind and disorient an aggressor briefly for your defense.

Even the deluxe leatherette make of this flower-designed holster is not just for aesthetics. Because the material is hard enough yet flexible enough, it can protect its contents from mishandling and rough conditions while keeping the wearer safe and comfortable.

How to Choose a Stun Gun Holster

Stun gun holsters are designed to ensure protection for your stun gun and for you. For a weapon’s benefit, the holster shelters it from damage and wear, keeps it in a correct and ready position, and if worn strategically, makes it barely visible.

For your benefit, the holster keeps a weapon from going off without warning, whether because you did not know any better or during the thick of a dangerous situation. It provides ease in removing the weapon from its case and then returning it there again. A custom-fit holster, like the Flower Print Leatherette Holster is to the Li'l Guy Stun Gun, is best for preventing anyone from snatching your weapon away from you.

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