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Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit

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Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit includes two (2) environmentally friendly Cadmium-free Ni-MH batteries and charger.

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Detailed Description

Garett's Rechargeable Metal Detector Battery Pack for Security Scanners

In any event, public location, commercial establishment, or place or situation with a large volume of people, there is always a chance that violence or trouble will erupt. This is why, in order to make sure that these places are fully secure, a number of protocols and measures need to be put into place. A big part of this is the use of security scanners for detecting weapons and contraband, a preventive measure that can save your security personnel a lot of trouble later on. And if your security uses modern Garrett metal detectors, then they are all compatible with this metal detector battery pack.

Metal Detectors: Preventive Security for Any Venue/Situation

First things first, do metal detectors require batteries? Yes, and in the case of Garrett security metal detectors, the batteries are fully rechargeable and also fully compatible with any of these Garrett devices. Garett’s Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit can power any one of the professional metal detector security devices from Garrett.

A metal detector with rechargeable battery has plenty of practical applications, particularly in the field of security. Whatever location you are tasked with securing, be it a mall, concert, office building, school, prison, rehabilitation facility, or public building, security scanners and metal detectors allow you to prevent violence and drug-related incidents.

As long as your security personnel are armed with Garrett scanners, all guns, knives, ‘shivs’, metallic drug paraphernalia, foil-wrapped drugs – anything that is metal will not be able to stay hidden, wherever it is hidden on a person. These security scanners are your personnel’s first line of defense against these potentially troublesome items and the people who bring them. Make sure that your guys are armed with only the best devices by purchasing Garrett detectors.

Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit for Garrett Security Scanners

At 3 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 2 ½ inches tall, this rechargeable battery kit will be very easy to transport and carry around for anyone who needs to use it. Garett’s metal detector battery kit comes with 2 Ni-MH 9-volt batteries that are surely environmentally friendly because they are Cadmium-free.

These rechargeable batteries will work fine with whichever Garrett metal detector scanner you are using. For instance, there is Garrett’s CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster, the cheapest among Garrett’s line of scanners, which is not at all an indication of its quality. This highly sensitive, water-resistant pinpointer even comes with a scraping blade so you can sift through soil in search of metals. It comes with built-in microprocessor circuitry that calibrates the device automatically, so you do not have to tune it in order to attain maximum sensitivity.

Next in line is the THD or Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector from Garrett. This device of rugged construction features silent detection, meaning it has a mode where its alarm indicator features no sound, just vibration. This allows whoever is using it to be more discreet when handling a person who might be lying about being armed. The potentially dangerous individual will have no idea that security personnel have already identified them as possibly armed and dangerous, allowing you to handle the situation with discretion.

There is also Garrett’s SuperScanner V, one of the most common handheld security scanners in the world. If you have been anywhere near a mall anytime in your life, you have probably already been scanned with a SuperScanner. Besides coming with a self-calibrating microprocessor that allows it to tune itself for maximum sensitivity, the device is also wrapped in a high-impact ABS plastic case that protects all of its working parts. You can probably already see why this device is the first choice of a lot of security agencies everywhere.

Last but most definitely not the least is Garrett’s SuperWand. This device is the most expensive because it combines all the great things about all the other Garrett security metal detectors. It has built-in microprocessors for self-calibration and tuning, a rugged construction designed for impact absorption (making it useful in any type of security situation), and a dual alarm mode that allows either audible or silent indicators. It is even shaped in a very ergonomic fashion, making it really easy to grip and hard to drop.

When it comes to metal detector battery life, it varies with each unit, but with all of them, you can expect more than a couple of hours of working time. This is especially true if you use the rechargeable batteries that are especially made for these devices. A Garrett metal detector with these specifically made rechargeable batteries from Garett is bound to always operate at optimum condition. It is also more economical since the need to buy batteries elsewhere is eliminated.

50 Years of Service from Garrett

Are you wondering why the brand name Garrett sounds familiar? They have been in the security and metal detection industry for over 50 years. Garrett has been manufacturing security devices since 1964, which explains why their products are trustworthy. After half a century of improving on their original designs and research, it is no wonder Garrett metal detectors are highly reliable.

If you have never used one of these devices before, do not worry. It is pretty easy. First, find out the scanning capacity of your Garrett metal detector. Does it scan in a 360-degree angle? Does its tip scan differently from its sides? At what distance can it detect heavy pieces of metal, and what about lighter pieces of metal? These questions can be answered by the product specifications, and you need these answers because they will dictate how to best use the device.

Do make sure that you use fresh batteries for your device. This ensures that the Garrett detector performs at its very best.

Whether you are securing large venues with large volumes of people, treasure-hunting, or just looking for where the metal pipes are exactly in your walls, you can rely on Garrett’s detectors. And these detectors can definitely rely on Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit for Garrett Security Scanners.

All of these devices, including Garett’s rechargeable battery kit and batteries, are proudly made in the USA.

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