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Guard Alaska® Bear Spray

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Guard Alaska® Bear spray Guard Alaska ultra hot pepper spray has proven so effective repelling bears, it is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for all species of bear!

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Detailed Description

Guard Alaska® Bear Pepper Spray Counter Assault Repellent

If you are going camping this weekend, hiking through trails, or mountain biking, do not just go out there without preparing for danger. You could get hurt by nasty falls, but you could get far more serious injuries if you ever get attacked by a bear – assuming, of course, that you do not get killed already. That is why you should always be armed and ready to execute a bear pepper spray counter assault out there in the woods.

Bear Spray versus Attacking Bears

Bear spray has the same powerful effect on a charging bear as pepper spray has on an attacking criminal. And just like human pepper spray, bear repellent is non-lethal and will not injure permanently. It helps both bears and people survive by letting people defend themselves safely against bears so they can escape, but without hurting the bears. However, although bear pepper spray and pepper spray for humans are very similar, they are not the same. So, never use bear spray on people, and never use human pepper spray on bears, either.

There are many available bear defense sprays, but none of them is like the Guard Alaska® Bear Spray. This super-hot pepper spray is so effective that it is the only bear spray the EPA recognizes as able to repel all bear species. Get the spray that bear and pepper spray specialists recommend.

Although powerful and effective, this bear defense spray will not damage the environment because no flammable or ozone-depleting ingredients are in it. If you are wondering if there is any bear pepper spray better than others that you have already seen, then this is probably it.

This one works even on wet bears because its carrier has a specific gravity that is heavier than water. Because of its scientifically superior formula, this spray is endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation, too.

Large pepper sprays make sure you have plenty of non-lethal stopping power at hand for effective self-defense. This 9 oz. Guard Alaska® Bear Pepper Spray is one of them, and with its range of about 15 to 20 feet, you do not have to worry about a charging bear getting anywhere near you.

The spray measures 8 ¾ x 2 inches and has a loop handle for a sure grip.

Defending Yourself against Bears

While bear spray is a very effective deterrent against attacking bears, this does not mean you can be overconfident in dealing with bears. Bear pepper spray is no substitute for good sense and judgement and following established safety rules that exist precisely to help you avoid coming in contact with bears in the first place. Prevention always beats the cure.

If a bear is nearby but just minding its own business, do not try to make it leave by going up to it and pepper-spraying it with your Guard Alaska® Ultra Hot Pepper Spray Bear Repellent. Leave the area instead.

Bear pepper spray is meant to be used only if a bear charges at you, and only if you can’t get away safely from the area first. Use bear repellent only as a last resort.

Many people think bears are fierce and naturally attack and kill people. The opposite is true. Bears are wary of people and avoid them. When bears attack, it often means they have been startled by a person and naturally react aggressively, or else they feel cornered and threatened by a human’s presence. Mother bears are naturally protective of their cubs, and bears with their young can attack you because they feel you are a threat to their offspring.

Bears often act aggressively when they have been surprised but are really just bluffing. They snort, paw the ground in front of them, and sometimes even charge at you and stop. Usually, this means they are just trying to get you to leave and do not want to fight, either.

If a bear does attack, there is not just one way to defend yourself. The method of defense depends on the kind of bear. With black bears, the best thing to do is fight back. Use whatever you’ve got, your backpack, pots, and pans if you are camping, sticks and rocks, or even your feet and fists. And yell as loudly as you can. Many black bears get discouraged by this and leave. Black bear attacks usually result in minor injuries.

Brown and grizzly bears are a very different matter. These bears are more violent and usually injure their victims severely. Defend yourself against them by lying face down to protect your face and vital areas, and play dead. This often makes brown and grizzly bears leave. If the attack continues, you will have to try and fight back. Be ready with your Guard Alaska® Bear Spray.

If you spot a bear from about 300 feet off, leave the area. But if you must go forward, then detour, give the bear a lot of room, and do not alert it to your presence if it has not seen you. After you have detoured, make noises to make sure the bear does not come your way.

How Pepper Spray Protects You

What do you see cops using to take down and subdue a dangerous criminal who has gone berserk and is threatening the safety of officers? Very often, it is pepper spray. The power of pepper spray can’t be resisted by anyone, no matter how big and strong or tough. Because it inflicts a severe burning pain in the eyes and on the skin, it will drop a giant of a mugger armed with a knife as fast as it could take down a scrawny teenage kid.

No matter how serious the pain it causes is, pepper spray is not permanently damaging. After some time, the pain wears off and recovery is complete.

What all this means is much safer self-defense. If you have to fight off an attacker, you not only can get seriously injured, you can get killed easily. Pepper spray lets you get away and seek help from bystanders or police officers while your assailant is disabled temporarily.

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