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Door and Window Alarms

Portable Door and Window Alarms, Braces, Sensors, Padlocks

Installing alarms to your windows and doors will protect you and your family from intruders. They will aid as well in determining security weaknesses in your house. When tripped, they will ward off burglars so the burglars will be forced to abandon their evil intentions. They will also prevent intruders from victimizing you, knowing you have security measures in place. Home security begins with portable door and window alarms.

Home alarms for security uses come in many forms. For starters, there are door and window vibration alarms, which can be triggered when a doorknob is touched or a glass window pane is opened forcibly. And then there are alarms that are set off when a heavy, precious item is lifted. These are ideal for priceless statues, antique jars, and related valuables. There are also those that use light beams or motion detectors to ensure nobody enters a restricted area.

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What makes door and window alarms very important is that they are your first line of defense against a forced entry. Your home should be the safest place for you and your family. It is just practical to ensure that every area where intruders can potentially enter is monitored with security cameras and secured with the right alarms.

So how do door and window alarms work? Well, these devices differ in the way they respond to intruders. There are bell-only devices that give out a high-pitched emergency sound to scare a trespasser away and to alert anyone in the house or in the neighborhood. There are those with the capability to call or send a text message to a predetermined phone number when the alarm goes off. There is also the monitored home system wherein you contract a security company to act as the receiving center whenever the alarm is triggered. They will then contact your nominated key holders or the police to check your place immediately.

One situation wherein window and door alarms are essential is when there is no one home and an intrusion is in progress. The sirens can surely disturb the neighbors and warn them of the ongoing crime. The burglars will be scared off just by the thought that they will be caught by the neighbors.

Being at home when a burglar is in the house can be dangerous, definitely to your lives, as the suspect could do something violent to you or your family if you caught them in the act. An alarm system, especially at the door and windows, will alert you to their presence and scare off the intruder even before the intrusion begins.

Door and window alarms are even more important if you are living in an apartment complex. Especially in small units, you are vulnerable once a bad person is able to enter the place you call home. You have to make sure you are safe and secure in the living space you occupy within a building of strangers. The same scenario can be said for college students staying in dormitories or for travelers staying in hotels.

Your home alarms can be either wired or wireless. While these types do not compete in terms of functionality and product options, your choice will depend on the property where these alarms will be installed. Wireless alarms do not need cable or wiring installations, and thus, they are ideal when retrofitting an existing home. They are also valuable when monitoring inaccessible locations, plus they offer great flexibility because you can move them farther at any time.

On the other hand, wired alarms are best when you are still constructing or renovating your house because you can still plan for cable ducts along walls and drill holes in between floors if necessary. You will also have many options on the devices to integrate into your security system, including those that enable the use of wireless components.

A Variety of Options for Door and Window Alarms

Door and window alarms come in various types. One example is the 2 in 1 Personal/Door Alarm that we have, which you can carry in your bag and activate when you are in danger. You can also hang it on your hotel room's doorknob for safety. The 130dB Alarm and Door Alarm combo works in the same way. To further boost your safety and security, you can have our Dual Function Door Brace that can be used for either hinged or sliding doors.

There are devices you can hang on doorknobs to trigger an alarm when someone attempts to open the door. These devices, such as the Door Guard Alarm, have high sensitivity to vibrations. They are valuable for hotel, apartment, and office doors. Similarly, some door and window alarms are equipped with shock sensors to detect any shaking on the doors and windows, which usually happens when someone opens them forcibly.

If your doors or windows are made of glass, then they can be smashed by intruders to gain entry to your home. To ensure your safety, have the Glass Breakage Alarm in order to be alerted when someone is entering your home illegally. This is also useful in protecting valuables stored in glass display cabinets.

Doorstops are used generally to prevent doors from opening, discouraging housebreakers from continuing with their plans. These criminals could be successful, though, if they pushed harder. But if you use the Safe Family Life Super Door Stop Alarm, which combines a doorstop and an alarm, the felons would abandon their harmful intentions completely.

There are alarms with a door window magnetic sensor. One part of our magnetic alarm is attached to the frame, while the other is installed on the door or window itself. Once the window or door is opened, the alarm is tripped. The SafeFamilyLife Magnetic Door Alarm uses a disarm key instead of an on-off switch to avoid being manipulated by invaders.

Moreover, there are alarmed padlocks that you can use for your fences and gates. When the locks are tampered with, the alarms will go off. Large and small alarmed padlocks are available for you to choose from. They can also be used for bicycles, jewelry drawers, and cabinets, among others.