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Home Security

Alarms, Padlocks, Home Security Systems for Apartments & Houses

Criminals can be very clever and resourceful. Whether they want to attack you, kidnap anyone in the house, or just steal from you, these people are going to use everything they can to bypass whatever existing security you have. That is why home security systems for apartments, houses, dormitories, and other residences need to always be one step ahead of the criminal mind.

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Strong locks and surveillance cameras are not enough. You are going to need more home security system equipment if you are going to outsmart these criminals. This is even truer if someone or something in your home is especially valuable and possibly being targeted by career thieves or kidnappers. You can't rely on the police 24/7. You need to take the security of your home into your own hands.

Secure Your Entryways with Motion Detector Alarms

Alarms activated by motion detection are your next line of defense once your property is breached. Silent alarms are for notifying you that people are attempting to invade your home. Loud alarms are for that, too, but are also for discouraging these criminals immediately from progressing with their invasion plan. The latter is what the Safe Family Life Barking Dog Alarm is all about.

Once this device detects motion in the area where its sensors are pointed, it barks immediately like a big, angry dog. If you can't see where the sound is coming from, this effectively creates the illusion that you have been detected by a dog who is not very welcoming. And besides probably wanting to bite your head off, the dog is currently in the process of waking up anyone who is within earshot of its loud and angry barks.

Criminals know that loud alarms can alert the homeowner, the neighbors, or worse yet, the police to their illicit activities. Sometimes, this is enough to put a stop to the home invasion.

Some home security alarms for doors and other access points can be either loud or silent. This can give you different tactical options for dealing with the criminal invasion. For instance, with the Wireless Home Security System, you can set up an alarm that calls up to 5 numbers automatically that you can program into the base unit.

Upon motion detection, the device then dials the first of the five numbers you put on the list. If there is no answer, it simply dials the next number. If the call is answered, the person on the other line is going to hear a recorded alert message. They can then decide to listen in on what is going on in the area, broadcast their voice via the base unit, or simply disarm the system if there is no threat.

With this technology, you can decide to call the police without alerting the criminals via a loud alarm. By being able to listen to their activities, you can possibly predict their next move and anticipate how much time you have until the authorities can get there and arrest the home invaders.

A simpler version of this type of alarm system is the TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm, which is a regular working telephone combined with an alarm monitoring system. Instead of five numbers, you can enter only one number. You can also use it to listen in or broadcast your voice to the area where the device is. For this particular home security alarm no monthly fee in the form of a monitoring fee will be charged to your account.

When criminals trigger alarms, it does not mean necessarily that your security has already been fully compromised. It is just another layer of home security that the criminals have to work with before they can get to you, your family, or your valuables. The more cleverly applied these layers of security are, the less likely it is that the criminals will succeed.

Other Uses for Motion-Activated Alarm Systems

Besides getting the drop on home invaders, motion-detection-activated technology can also be appropriated for non-emergency use. For instance, both the Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm and the Safe Family Life Barking Dog Alarm can be used to monitor whether kids or pets are entering areas that might be dangerous. If you are having a family event at your house and do not want the children to venture to your tool den where they can injure themselves seriously, you can set your den up with one of these alarms.

Outside of security, these features can be useful in commercial establishments. Because these devices can be set up to also produce chime sounds upon motion detection, they can be used as a gentle but alerting way to inform employees that customers have entered the store.

There is even an alarm that is especially designed for detecting things that fall into your pool, the Pool Protector by Safe Family Life. This prevents small children and pets from drowning in deep waters because, once they fall in, the device sends a signal immediately to activate the remote receiver in your hands.

Complete Your Home Security System

Alarms are just part of a complete security system for the home. They can be even more effective when used in conjunction with other security devices like surveillance cameras and unbreakable locks.

But what happens when these layers of security are breached? When the home invaders are dangerously close to getting near you or the valuable things that you keep in your home, and the police are still far from responding to your call for help, you will need other measures to keep the criminals at bay.

The Dual-Function Door Brace is one such measure. With it, you will be able to physically bar most types of doors from getting broken into. The SafeFamilyLife Home Survival Kit takes it a step further, arming you not just with alarms but also with pepper spray, in case you need to confront your invaders personally.

When you use these alarms and other devices properly and cleverly, you will have a much better chance of shutting down whatever these invaders have planned for you and your home.