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Motion Activated Alarms

PIR, Voice, Motion Activated Burglar Alarm, Outdoor System

Outsmarting criminals means getting inside their heads and taking advantage of the weaknesses that you find. This self-defense mindset will allow you to realize certain facts that are useful for building a home security system. For instance, it is a fact that even clever criminals will have trouble getting past a reliable motion activated burglar alarm.

It is not just a matter of spotting where the alarms are. Even if you do see where each device is deployed, you can only approximate how much space is covered by sensors. There is no exact way to tell if your movement is going to be detected in certain areas. It is even harder to tell what is going to happen when you trigger an alarm.

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Straightforward and Loud Motion Detector Alarms

In the case of some motion detector alarms, the reaction is instant and loud. Examples of this type of alarm are the Motion Alert Alarm and Mini Alert Alarm. Simple and effective, the alarm noises from these devices are released not just to notify you that your security perimeter has been breached. They are also there to make criminals panic.

Home invaders know that 105dB and 120dB noises can easily get the attention of bystanders and neighbors who may just take it upon themselves to notify the authorities. That is why sometimes loud alarms can be enough to derail even the most persistent criminals from pushing through with their plans. For this type of motion sensor alarm driveway and garage areas seem to be ideal areas for deployment.

You can also set these motion alarms up to release chime sounds instead of alarms. In commercial establishments, the chimes can be used to notify employees that a customer just walked in.

The Safe Family Life Barking Dog Alarm is a unique alarming device with similar features. More interestingly, besides alarm and chime sounds, it can also produce the loud bark of an angry dog. It is a great way to startle professional criminals. This illusion is especially powerful if you take placement into consideration. With some planning and a bunch of these alarms, you can maintain the illusion of having a bunch of dogs ready to protect their master.

All three devices are powered by batteries. This means they do not need any wiring and will be very easy to hide from home invaders.

Slightly different tactics can be applied with the Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm. Rather than a single unit that both detects motion and releases alarm sounds, this makes use of a sensor and a receiver. The sensor detects movement and triggers the receiver. The two can be separated for up to 400 feet and still be able to reach each other.

That means you can separate the alarm noise from the area being monitored by the sensor. This gives you the option of fooling criminals into thinking they have not triggered any alarm, when in reality, you are already very aware of their presence.

Employ Subtler Tactics Using Motion Activated Warning Alarms

You can be even more subtle with the Wireless Home Security System. Besides the option of installing alarms that will not notify the criminals who triggered them, it also comes with a base unit that can be programmed to call you upon motion detection. You can program up to 5 numbers for it to call.

Once you answer its call, you will hear a recorded message. You will get 3 options. You can listen in on any audio the base unit picks up, allowing you to determine if whoever triggered the alarm are criminals. If they are, then you might also be able to tell what their next move is going to be.

There is also the option of broadcasting your own voice through the base unit. This can be useful if the alarm was just triggered by a non-threatening presence. You can just tell them not to panic via the base unit. And if they are actual home invaders, this can be a great way to get inside their heads.

Separately available are the extra motion sensors, vibration sensors, and outdoor motion sensors that you can hook up to this system's base unit. This means you can expand your security perimeter as you see fit, depending on your home's specific needs. Ideally, each viable entryway to your property is guarded by a sensor. Besides the sensors, you can also get a replacement remote for the base unit.

The TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm has similar functions but is much simpler. You can program it to dial a single number, and once you answer its call, you can listen in for 30 seconds before it restarts to the motion detection mode again. It is a plug and play device that requires no installation nor monitoring fees in order to work properly. It also functions as an ordinary phone.

Clever Alarms against Clever Criminals

The key to making good use of alarms is planning and placement. You will be able to apply a lot of both with the Voice Alert with 1 Transmitter. More than just a receiver and speaker, its base unit will allow you to record your own voice to correspond to the placement of your transmitters (this package comes with a single transmitter, but the base unit can support up to 6). If, for instance, your transmitter in the garage detects motion, you can program the base unit to say, “Intruder, garage,” instead of playing an alarm sound.

Up to 4 of those transmitters can be hooked up to C relays, which simply means that in up to 4 areas, you can also activate other electronic devices when the alarms are triggered. This is how you can create a motion activated light alarm that is bound to spook a bunch of criminals who thought they were being stealthy. It would be the ideal motion sensor alarm for garden and outdoor areas that can provide criminals with cover during nighttime.

Clever criminals need to be dealt with using clever tactics. Use these alarms wisely, and you will be able to handle almost any home invasion.