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Pool Alarms

Pool Alarms with Remote Receiver and Poolside Alert

Why do residential swimming pools need pool alarms with remote receivers? According to recent research conducted by the US Product Safety Commission as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 to 4 is drowning.

Between 2011 and 2013, 390 had been the annual average number of children ages 0 to 14 who died of drowning in pools and spas. 67% of those deaths were of children ages 1 to 3, while 76% were of children below 5 years old. Your swimming pool may be a good place for bonding with friends and family, but it is also an easy way for kids to drown accidentally. Thus, a pool motion alarm like the Pool Protector is absolutely essential to creating a safe home environment, especially for children and small pets.

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Are Pool Alarms Effective Safety Devices?

When set up and used right, a pool alarm can be very effective at preventing drowning in residential pools. If you have set up the Safe Family Life Pool Protector in a pool that nobody is using, and a child, pet, or anything heavy enough to stir the waters falls into that pool, the device sounds a loud alarm automatically.

In a scenario where you are busy inside the house and might not notice that one of the kids have gone outside, you would hear it automatically if that child has fallen in the pool. The ideal situation is that this will give you ample time to react and save the child, not just from drowning but possibly from the psychological trauma and actual physical damage from near drowning.

This makes a pool alarm ideal not just for every day or most times when the pool is idle but also during parties where pets and children may wander accidentally to their deaths. You never want to be the host of a social event that leads to the death of either pets or children. Installing a swimming pool alarm is a big step towards preventing such a tragic incident.

The Pool Protector is not alone in doing its job. The main unit comes with a remote receiver that sounds an alarm plus flashes a light when the alarm is triggered. Even if you somehow do not hear the alarm, you can rely on the lights to still cue you in on the fact that someone or something is in your pool.

You can place the receiver and the alarming unit up to 300 feet apart, and both will still work properly. While the alarm is on the side of the house where the pool is, the receiver can be placed on the opposite side, allowing you to listen for their alarm sounds from almost anywhere on your property.

If you are worried about the alarms getting softer as the 6 required batteries lose power, do not be, as a very audible low-battery indicator is going to be heard from both alarm and receiver. Replacing these batteries immediately after this happens will ensure you will be warned properly with loud alarms when your pool is disturbed.

Compared to some childproofing devices for swimming pools, such as a fence that goes around the pool, this alarm is quite easy to install. It just sits at the side of the pool with its sensors in the water. Along with devices like the pool fence and a bracelet/wristband alarm for children, the Pool Protector Pool Alarm is an essential part of childproofing any space with a swimming pool. It is compatible with most pool designs.

Do not think you are safe just because your pool is above ground. Remember the annual number of children below 15 who died from drowning in pools and spas? It was 390, and 58% of those deaths occurred in in-ground pools, 17% occurred in above-ground pools, and 9% in small portable pools. Whether in the ground or above it, the pool is a drowning risk for anybody.

Now, those numbers are not valid reasons to forsake using pools altogether. Especially thanks to global warming, residential swimming pools are getting more and more important to social gatherings. They keep us cool and let us bond with each other in a relaxing setting. You do not have to stop using them. Just use them more safely. That is what the pool alarm is all about.

Pool Alarms for Use against Home Invaders

A pool alarm can also be used against home invasion. It is basically a home alarm for your swimming pool, and as much as it can detect small pets and children, so can it detect adults who invade your pool.

If you live in a neighborhood where it is likely that teenagers or other folks will sneak into your backyard to take a midnight dip in your pool without your consent, imagine how surprised these people would be if they triggered a pool alarm. The experience would teach them a valuable lesson to never sneak into your property ever again.

In some neighborhoods, it is not just humans who sneak into pools without permission. If you are lucky, dogs or ducks will be triggering your alarm. If you live in crocodile country, and these prehistoric lizards somehow find their way into your home, you might be in need of a pool alarm much more urgently than others are.

Pool Alarms against Both Drowning and Near Drowning

Research by the CDC also reveals that for each child under 15 years of age who dies of drowning, 10 children suffer from near drowning. While this does not cause death, it can result in permanent brain damage and other injuries that may cause learning disabilities and memory problems. No one wants their child to grow up with mental problems just because they did not have a pool alarm for toddlers who might fall into the pool.

If you have a pool in your property and want to have a household wherein small pets and children can roam around and be safe, it would be in your best interest to get a pool alarm as soon as possible.