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Voice Alert Systems

Voice Alert Wireless Monitoring System, Transmitters, Waterproof Enclosure

Regular alarm systems have a few major faults. For one, a ring might mean anything. There could be a burglar breaking in, or it might be a fire in the basement. For another, you will often be alarmed only when the threat is already in your home. Having a voice alert wireless monitoring system that lets you use your own recorded messages is the better solution.

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Just think about it for a minute: most alarms go off only when the intruder is already in your house, giving you no time to respond properly. If you are using alarms for a fire or to monitor wild animals on your lawn, they are often a little too late, and you will be running out like a madman to get them out.

With something as simple as the Voice Alert with 1 Transmitter system, you will not have to worry about all these problems. You will be alerted early and even hear custom messages so you know what exactly is going on. And the system tells you which area of your home triggered the alarm.

How the Voice Alert System Works

The Voice Alert System-6 wireless annunciator or Voice Alert with 1 Transmitter is a unique system of wireless alarm devices. There are the main unit, the receiver, and several transmitters. The transmitters are alarm sensors to be placed around your home.

You can have one in your garden, another in your driveway, one inside just by the door, and another by the backdoor. The package comes with one 1 free transmitter, but you can have up to six Voice Alert System 6 extra sensor transmitters turned on and running all at once.

These are all infrared transmitters. Intruders will not be able to see their lights and range of scope. You can even have these adjusted on the receiver so that they pick up only things taller than 3 feet. This ensures your alarms do not go off when your pet crosses one of the sensors.

When any of the sensors go off, a light will be set off on the receiver. A voice message will also play, and you can record your own messages. For the transmitter in the garden, you could record, “There’s someone sneaking in the garden,” and for the driveway, you could record, “Someone’s at the driveway.”

To make it even more useful, you can connect the sensors and the receiver to your other alarms. You could connect the sensor at the backdoor to the house lights, turning them on the minute they are set off, or a sensor to your fire alarm to make it go off at the same time.

As for the transmitters, you can avail of the VA-6000T and its waterproof enclosures. There is also a waterproof enclosure with a vibration switch. It will signal an alarm immediately to System-6 if someone touches or bumps it, preventing any form of tampering.

The waterproof enclosures are to keep the VA-6000T transmitters safe when placed outdoors. They will also ensure that intruders do not notice immediately what they are. The enclosures look like regular electrical boxes and are most likely to be ignored even if seen.

The transmitters are wireless. You will not need to worry about long cable lines, a power unit, or explicit installation procedures. Just sync these transmitters to the receiver, assign their zone, and then place them where you want them.

What the Voice Alert System Is For

The most obvious benefit is that there are multiple ways the alarms can signal you about something wrong. You get the light switches and the pre-recorded or customized voice messages. And if you connected the transmitters to other alarms, then the house’s lights or sound alarms might have gone off as well.

Compare that to regular burglary alarms. These often go off only once the intruder has stepped into the house. You will not have time to get a gun or call the cops. The other issue is that the alarm might have signaled only a flashing light. With no sound, how would you wake up during a break-in?

The Voice Alert System has one big benefit: because you know in what zone each transmitter is placed, you know exactly where the intruder is the moment the alarm goes off. If zone 1 is the driveway and zone 2 is the backyard, and one night, the lights for zone 1 go off, then you know someone is at the driveway without even having to think about it.

This is a big deal because you should always know where the intruder is. It will prevent you from stumbling suddenly right into them.

However, the alarm system is not just for intruders. You can assign one zone for the pool and use it to sound off a message in case your kids are playing near the water. You can assign another zone for your garden, and it will sound off in case the neighbor’s dog is digging holes there.

All the alarms can work simultaneously, and you can shut them off and on individually as well. If you have one in your garage, you can turn it on only at night to ensure your teenage son or daughter is not sneaking out to use the car.

Last but not least is the fact that this alarm system is wireless. You will not need to worry about difficult installation processes. Simply keep the batteries in check and sync them with the main receiver once before placing them anywhere around your property. It is that quick and simple.

You Can Never Be Too Safe

In today’s world, you can never be too sure, and you can never be too safe. Break-ins occur all the time. Animals might be in your garden at this very moment. Even if you are watching your child at all times, it takes only a few seconds’ lapse for them to run off and fall into a swimming pool.

With this elaborate and customizable voice alert system, you will always be aware of when – and where – things are going on in your home.