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Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun

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The Knuckle Blaster is a 950,000 volt stun gun designed to give you a punch with power. Just touch your attacker to instantly repel them and give you time to get away. Longer contact will cause further disorientation and after some seconds may drop them to their knees.

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Detailed Description

Patented ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun for Sale

A regular stun gun is perfect if your plan is to knock down an attacker, run, and call for the police. Sometimes, though, you might be forced to fight back. That is when it is time to pick up a Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun for sale. Not only will you be able to give a good punch but you will also be able to shock them at the same time.

Having a stun gun that you can wear on your knuckles is hitting two birds with one stone and then some. You have the benefit of being able to strike back since the knuckles give your punch more power, and the stun gun itself will ensure that your attackers will stay down.

The Knuckle Blaster is designed for your palm and fingers to wrap around easily. And the knuckles are so solid that a single, well-placed punch could knock someone out cold. Add in an electric shock, and this is the high voltage stun gun you will want when it is time for a confrontation.

What You Get Out of the Knuckle Blaster

A single Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun test can prove just how powerful this weapon is: it is powered by 950,000 volts and 4.3 milliamps worth of an electric jolt. This is enough force to go through half an inch of clothing, causing an attacker to be disoriented and confused, and to lose muscle control.

Knuckle stun guns look like regular knuckle busters but are in fact embedded with a stun gun plate in front. When you punch someone, they will not only feel the impact of the hit but will also feel a powerful electrical shock that will send them to their knees.

This Blast Knuckles Stun Gun goes a few steps further by ensuring that you get as much power as possible without sacrificing convenience. The safety switch is located close to the thumb rest, allowing you to switch it on and off without having to use your other hand. Since it is a one-hand operation, this leaves your other hand free to execute other defensive moves.

It also utilizes a patented rubber soft skin and a unique shape that makes it perfect for all hand sizes. Whether you have large hands or small hands, you will be able to grip the device with no issue. This also ensures that you will not lose your grip and let go of the weapon accidentally during a confrontation.

A big advantage of the knuckles stun gun is that it can still be effective even when the batteries die out, unlike regular stun guns. You will not be able to shock an attacker, but the knuckles are there to make sure that your every punch is rock-solid. A single hit could knock a person out.

You can strike once to make the attacker wary. If they do not know your weapon is also a stun gun, then they will focus too much on protecting their face. Right when they have raised their arms to block your strikes, you can shock them suddenly at their groin, abdomen, neck, or armpit.

The ZAP Knuckle Stun Gun Package

Powering this weapon are 2 lithium batteries, which are included when you buy the stun gun. When it is fully powered, you are guaranteed to shock an attacker with 4.3 milliamps and 950,000 volts. Even when the batteries are starting to drain, you can still get enough shock to add power to your punch.

One of the best things about a knuckle stun gun sale is that the Blast Knuckles Stun Gun price is very low. You are really getting a very good deal because you do not only get the stun gun but also a free holster.

A holster is a must-have when it comes to owning a stun gun. You never want to just keep a stun gun inside a large bag because then you would be wasting time trying to get it out when someone is trying to mug you or attack you. With a stun gun holster, you will always have the weapon within reach.

The holster included with the stun gun knuckles is designed so you can lock and unlock it with a single hand. It is designed so you can pull out the stun gun in an instant. This ensures that even when someone was able to surprise you in a dark alley, you would still be able to arm yourself in time to fight back.

What Stun Guns Do

Stun guns produce their voltage with a low amount of amperage, which is essential for them to deliver safe but powerful self-defense. The ZAP Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun voltage will ensure that the electrical current passes through skin and about half an inch of clothing. Because the stun gun utilizes minimal milliamps, this guarantees that the current will inflict damage but not kill anyone.

The electrical current that enters the body will disrupt the nervous system and the delivery of messages between the synapses and the brain. This brings about convulsion and loss of muscle control, plus temporary full-body paralysis for as long as the activated stun gun’s electrified prongs are firing into the body.

A quick application alone instigates pain, and another dose will cause muscle spasms and confusion. If you continue to apply the electric current for 3 to 5 seconds, the attacker will lose all muscle control and balance while feeling disorientation and pain. You should escape once you can.

In the US, stun guns are legal in most states and counties. This makes them ideal weapons since you will not need a permit to own and carry them. They are not lethal, either, unless misused, which makes them far better weapons for self-defense than a gun, which could kill with a single shot.

Whether you are just trying to stay safe outside the home or you want a good weapon in case there is a break-in while you are inside your home, the Knuckle Blaster is an ideal choice. It is affordable and convenient, and it is built with efficiency and power in mind.

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