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4oz Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster

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4oz Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster

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Detailed Description

4 oz. Small Pepper Spray Leather Case Holster

Quick and easy access to your weapon is a vital part of being effective in self-defense. If you can't reach your weapon and deploy it in an instant, whatever your weapon can do will not matter. Criminals move fast, and if you want to be able to defend yourself against them effectively, without getting hurt yourself, you have to move faster. It will be easier to do this if you keep your weapon inside a holster, like this pepper spray leather case holster.

Pepper Spray Holsters for Instant Weapon Access

If you are keen on keeping a small canister of pepper spray on your person at all times, this 4 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster is the easiest way to do it. Pepper spray holsters provide you with something that your pockets cannot: instant access to your weapon. It is for the same reason that cops carry them on their duty belts. If you are going to arm yourself with a variety of crime-fighting tools such as a nightstick, handcuffs and pepper spray holster carry is the most tactical way to do it.

It saves on space by not forcing you to carry your weapon in any of your available pockets. Between your wallet and your phone, keys, or whatever else you carry inside your pockets, there is probably no space left in there for a tactical weapon. Additionally, you do not want to confuse any of these other things for your weapon, especially when you are in the middle of a confrontation with a criminal. Keeping your weapon alongside plenty of random objects is just going to slow you down, much to the benefit of whoever is attacking you.

This will not happen if you keep your weapon in a pepper spray keychain holder. Having a place to keep your weapon exclusively will eliminate any confusion when you need to draw and use it in an instant. It is also the most ergonomic way to keep yourself armed 24/7.

All About the 4 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster

Pepper spray with pouch protection is an effective self-defense weapon that is convenient to carry and easy to draw. It is protected from most elements that may damage it and potentially hamper its ability to perform in optimum condition. Any damage from whatever physical impact to the weapon is reduced automatically if not eliminated completely.

The same goes for any liquid that might spill accidentally on your holster. This is especially true for holsters that are made in tough, water-resistant materials, such as leatherette, which is the material of this 4 oz. Pepper Shot or WildFire Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster.

What secures the weapon to the holster is a simple snap-on and snap-off device. With a little practice, you will be able to take your weapon out quickly and aim it in the direction of your attacker. You can make this easier for yourself by using the holster's attached belt clip to find a position on your waist where your dominant hand will be able to access it. This can be to your sides, which is either the 3:00 or 9:00 position on your belt, because both are ergonomic positions for your hands to work with.

Once you have this holster in your hands, you should practice using it immediately. Try different positions on your belt to see which one you are most comfortable with. What you need to practice are the motions your hand needs to perform in order to unclip your weapon, draw it, and aim it in the direction of your attacker with your finger on the trigger button. You should be able to do these with one hand. The more you practice these motions, the faster you will be able to do them, and the readier you will be when a criminal decides to attack suddenly.

You can also use this holster to provide some concealment for your small pepper sprays. Besides allowing your weapon to be extremely portable, the 4 oz. Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster can also allow it to be unnoticeable. The 4:00 and 8:00 positions of your belt are ergonomic for quick draw motions, too, and better if you do not want your weapon to be easily visible.

Why would you need to hide your weapon? Criminals can't defend themselves from something they can't see. If you are being stalked by a criminal, and they do not know you are armed with a small pepper spray that can cause instant incapacitation, then they will not be ready instantly to jump out of the way when you spray them in the face. While it is true that looking harmless can allow you to be targeted by certain criminals, it is also true that if you are armed with a concealed chemical pepper spray weapon, those criminals do not stand a chance.

This holster is designed to carry 4 oz. Pepper Shot and Wildfire pepper sprays. Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays are 10% OC pepper sprays using a very fine grain that permeates the skin easily, inducing instantly the trademark burning pain of OC chemical sprays. Each Pepper Shot also features a locking safety cap to prevent the accidental discharge of the potent chemical. Besides unforgettable pain, this chemical non-lethal weapon can cause temporary blindness, choking, coughing, and an overproduction of mucus and tears.

WildFire Pepper Sprays can also do all that, but with much more aggression because of its higher concentration of OC or oleoresin capsicum. With 18% OC, WildFire acts a lot faster in inducing the abovementioned effects on anyone who receives a dose of it on the face. In fact, WildFire clocks in at around 3 to 4 million SHU or Scoville heat units (a scientific graph for measuring the potential hotness of both natural and manmade pepper-based products).

Whether you want to equip yourself with a 4 oz. canister of Pepper Shot or a 4 oz. canister of WildFire, this 4 oz. Pepper Shot or WildFire Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster is what you are looking for. You can also get our pepper spray holsters in two other sizes: 2 oz. and 1 lb.

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