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LED Light for Steel Baton

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Screw-on LED Light attachment for Telescopic Steel Baton.

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Detailed Description

Screw-On LED Steel Baton Flashlight Impact Weapon Attachment

If you are someone who is very security-conscious and never goes out without a defense weapon, that is great. Since there are all sorts of weapons that you can use against anyone who might attack you on the street, you might wonder if you have chosen one that will really be effective if you ever have to use it. A steel baton is an impact weapon with the reach that you need to keep a dangerous criminal at bay, but if it is a steel baton flashlight, then it is more.

This LED Light for Steel Baton adds a flashlight to a baton. Your device is now both a baton and a flashlight, so it is effectively two weapons in one.

Why Get a Baton for Defense

A self-defense baton is one of the best defense weapons you can get. It is a police baton for civilian use, meaning that it is essentially the same weapon as those nightsticks the cops use to take down combative suspects. Officers have long used these stick weapons when they need to take the application of force to a higher level but not to the point where they have to fire their guns.

Batons are less lethal weapons than firearms, knives, or swords. They are impact weapons that give the advantage of extended reach. And they are great for applications where the use of non-lethal weapons may not be enough to stop a very dangerous criminal resisting arrest or otherwise fighting back, especially one who is high on some prohibited substance.

When police officers must take down suspects without using their firearms, fighting with just their bare hands will leave them vulnerable to counterattack. A law enforcement baton is a weapon that can strike as well as block and so help an officer gain the upper hand in a violent confrontation.

With an LED Light for Steel Baton Devices attached to the baton, it would be two weapons rolled into one. It could be the best self-defense baton around.

For civilian defensive use, a baton is what you should be holding if you are defending yourself against an attack and believe your assailant likely to either kill or seriously injure you if you do not stop them. From the condition they are in, if it looks like any non-lethal alternatives such as pepper spray or a stun gun that you may also be carrying will not have any effect on them, then you should have a baton.

Tactical Light Advantages

If a baton makes a great self-defense weapon, then a steel baton with light is even better. That is what your baton will be if you put this screw-on LED light attachment for our telescopic steel baton. Its powerful LED light provides up to 6,000 hours of illumination, and it has a high-density aluminum body and a high-impact resistant lens for toughness. The light fits any telescopic baton.

You see tactical lights attached to the assault rifles of SWAT cops and soldiers in Iraq. Now, you can have one on your self-defense baton. You will have the same edge over an assailant on the street that law enforcers and military operators have over their opponents in combat.

Tactical lights are not just weapon-mounted accessories. They are weapons in themselves, too. With a powerful light, you will see anyone coming at you in the dark and be able to take aim at them and blind them temporarily with the glare.

Choose Your Steel Baton

We offer SafeFamilyLife Steel Batons in different lengths. You can get a 16, 21, or 26 inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton. The 16-inch model is a great choice if you are a small and light person or simply want a light and fast baton, and one that is also easy to carry.

If you want a little more reach, you might prefer the 21-inch model.

If you want the SafeFamilyLife Rubber Handle Steel Baton that will give you both maximum reach and the leverage that will let you hit with as much force as possible, then the 26-inch variant is what you are looking for.

Telescopic, Expandable Batons

Our extendable batons offer you a higher level of convenience than conventional, fixed-length batons do. When stored at home or carried in a bag outside, these batons collapse to a very short length and take up very little space. But if you encounter a threat, one flick of the wrist will shoot your baton out to full length.

Batons are not just for striking at attackers. They can also be used to apply arm locks on suspects. And unlike other kinds of weapons, your baton is not just for defense purposes. During emergencies, it can also be used to smash open windows or pry open doors.

While it is true that your baton can also be used to apply all sorts of control holds on attackers, just bear in mind that these are always more difficult to execute than simple striking techniques that most people are capable of carrying out. You will need to get training in how to subdue a subject using your baton, but it is highly recommended and worth the time.

The most effective defense weapon is not the one that ends a fight with an aggressor the fastest. It is the one that prevents it from happening in the first place. Just drawing your baton and holding it can be enough to end a confrontation before it even starts because that alone can scare your assailant off. Most street thugs may seem tough, but the threat of receiving a painful blow with a metal club is enough to discourage them from targeting you.

You do not want to end up carrying an illegal weapon, or you risk going to jail along with the criminal against whom you used your weapon in self-defense. That is why you should make sure batons are allowed where you live before buying one. Check your state, city, and county laws. If you are planning to bring your baton with you on a flight somewhere, don’t. You will never make it past the TSA.

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