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Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model

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Pink just got Hotter! Mace Hot Pink Pepper Sprays come in a wide variety of models for those who prefer to carry their choice of personal defense in stylish pink.

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Detailed Description

Hot Pink Mace Pocket Pepper Spray for Women's Defense

Having a weapon in your pocket is one of the best means of protecting yourself from muggers, rapists, and the like. A pocket-sized weapon, such as this hot pink Mace pocket pepper spray, guarantees you can carry and conceal it easily no matter where you go. You will always be ready.

Because the Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model is always in your pocket, you will not have to think twice when confronted with danger. All you will need to do is reach into your pocket and pull out your pepper spray. The ease of draw and the aforementioned concealability and portability make this a weapon like no other.

A pocket clip pepper spray such as this one ensures that you can arm yourself even when you are out with your girlfriends. You might be out partying, coming home late from work, or just hanging out at the club with nothing but a hang purse, but this pepper spray is small enough so you can still carry it around.

Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray in Your Pocket

The first main feature of the Mace® Hot Pink Pocket Pepper Spray is its small size. It is a personal pepper spray, meant for use by one person, and is small enough that you can fit it in your pocket or hand purse.

This is important because it optimizes its portability. Whether you are walking home or doing a touch-up with your makeup in the bathroom, you will be armed and ready for any assault. You will not need to carry a holster with you or a large bag since it is small enough to hide even under your bra or front pocket. In fact, it is small enough that you can carry more than one at the same time.

You will also notice it is designed to resemble a lipstick product. Whereas some pepper sprays, like a pepper spray pocket knife, look like a weapon even at first glance, this design disguises the spray and lets you carry it around without anyone getting suspicious about it.

If an attacker sees you carrying an obvious weapon, they might be tempted to hurt you even more. They know they need to strike fast because you might fight back. They might even take your weapon and use it against you. This is the danger of carrying a weapon in plain sight.

However, if they see only a lipstick in your hand or pocket, then they will not be alarmed. They will keep their guard down, never thinking to protect their faces, giving you the element of surprise you need to blast pepper spray right there.

Because it is small and disguised like regular lipstick, it will not stand out when you keep it in your pocket or place it inside your hand purse. No one would question why a woman would carry lipstick since it is assumed that most women carry at least one additional makeup item with them at all times.

If hot pink is not your favorite color to go to for disguise, then you can opt for the black, gold, or red model. There are also polka dot Mace® pepper sprays that come in either pink or purple and there are rhinestone lipstick models that come in silver, black, or pink.

Always pick a color that goes well with your sense of fashion so it blends in more. This will ensure no attacker will notice that your lipstick is, in fact, powerful pepper spray. Stylish pepper sprays complete the disguise and are perfect for women who do not want to carry a big, ugly canister of pepper spray.

The Stopping Power of Mace® Pepper Sprays

Of course, being portable and well-disguised will not make this hot pink model the best pocket-sized pepper spray if it can’t take down an attacker. Luckily, this is a Mace® Pepper Spray, which guarantees top-of-the line efficiency.

All Mace® Pepper Sprays, including this one, contain 10% OC (oleoresin capsicum), which means they have the needed stopping power to take down even the largest and strongest attackers. One burst to the face is all you will need to take one person down.

OC, which comes from natural peppers, causes the eyes and throat to swell. This causes temporary blindness, coughing, excessive tearing in the eyes, and difficulty breathing. Exposure also causes a painful burning sensation on the skin.

The heat is measured by a Scoville scale. Most peppers rate up to only 250,000 SHU (Scoville heat units), but 10% OC pepper spray is so potent that it rates up to 2 million SHU, which is why the effects are so strong. Even someone very resilient to pain will not be able to harm you due to the effects to their eyes and throat.

The effects are not lethal, although they last for up to 45 minutes, meaning that you can simply spray and run away to call for help. Pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons, but how they can stop a person for nearly an hour is what makes them efficient yet incredibly practical tools for self-defense.

This Mace® Pepper Spray has enough content to give you 5 short bursts, each burst reaching a total distance of 10 feet. This is important because it lets you fire away without forcing you to be too close to your assailant. You can be at a safe distance when spraying instead of having to wait for the attacker to get dangerously close to you.

Having 5 short bursts is also a big benefit because you never know when you might miss or if you are facing more than one assailant. The additional bursts guarantee that you can still fend off two or three attackers without running out of options.

If you want to have a self-defense weapon that is easy to carry, easy to hide, fashionable and stylish so it will not stand out, and yet still as powerful as any respected pepper spray, then you can’t go wrong with this Mace® Hot Pink Pocket Pepper Spray. It combines all of these advantages into one small and handy weapon.

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