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MACE KeyGuard Pepper Spray Soft Case Pink Camo Model

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This pepper sprays contain oleoresin capsicum – a naturally occurring substance derived from cayenne peppers that creates an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes and throat, and causes an attacker’s eyes to slam shut upon direct contact.

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Detailed Description

Mace® KeyGuard® Pink Camo Glow in the Dark Pepper Spray

Every weapon deserves to be carried using the proper equipment that can protect it, secure it, and allow you to keep it in a place where your hand can grab it easily. That is why this Mace® glow in the dark pepper spray comes in a camouflaged soft holster tailored fit to its exact size. With one purchase, you will be getting a defensive non-lethal weapon along with a convenient and secure means to carry it.

Compact and Holstered Double Action Pepper Spray

Besides pepper spray, every burst that comes out of the MACE® KeyGuard® Pepper Spray Soft Case Pink Camo Model is loaded with a second chemical: UV or ultraviolet dye. This dye is going to be invisible, so if you hit a criminal successfully with a burst of the spray, they will have no clue that their skin and clothes are also stained with it.

Besides that, this UV dye glows when near UV light. How is that helpful? In the event that the sprayed criminal manages to escape, even after you have notified the nearest police authorities of the attack immediately, there will be a chance to still get them behind bars, all thanks to UV dye. If and when the authorities manage to arrest your attacker as a suspect, the use of UV light can allow them to confirm the suspect’s identity. By using this pink camouflage pepper spray, you are potentially making it easy for the cops to do their job.

Think of it as Plan B for rounding up criminals who are not fully incapacitated by oleoresin capsicum or OC spray. It is a small but direct way to help the police keep these dangerous criminals off the streets.

Plan A is a lot bolder. Its main objective is total incapacitation by way of OC pepper spray. Formulated with an OC concentration of 10%, pepper sprays induce burning pain upon contact. The sprayed person's face will feel like it has been set on fire. As a protective measure, the eyelids force themselves shut. Mucus is produced at an alarming rate as the body attempts to control the foreign substance, causing choking and coughing.

Most people who get a dose of the stuff in the face become unable to defend, attack, or move properly. So, do not be fooled by the looks of this pink zebra pepper spray because it packs the power to put a quick stop to any criminal activity.

Mace® KeyGuard® Pink Camo Pepper Spray Features

At just 11 grams, this 4-½-inch-long canister of Mace® contains enough pepper spray for up to 5 quick one-second bursts. If you know how to aim and use it properly, you could incapacitate even a small gang of criminals all by yourself. Even if not all of them are fully incapacitated, the exposure to pepper spray can be enough to slow them down and allow you to make a quick getaway.

You do not even have to wait for these criminals to get close before you make your move, as the Mace® KeyGuard® Camo Pink Pepper Spray with UV Dye has a maximum range of 10 feet. In case some of your criminal attackers are armed with guns, you can shoot from cover and still maintain a safe distance that can lessen the chances of you getting hurt.

Besides these product specs, another interesting feature of these mini pepper sprays is a glow-in-the-dark safety cap, which has two purposes. The first is to protect you from accidental weapon discharge. Wherever or however you choose to secure your weapon, this safety cap covers the trigger button and prevents it from being pressed accidentally. You can also flip it off with a single movement of your thumb for instant trigger access.

Its second purpose is to keep the trigger button visible even in the dark. The glow-in-the-dark feature is not just a gimmick. It serves the very practical purpose of allowing you to find and operate the weapon's trigger immediately, even if criminals manage to ambush you in an area with very little to zero light.

Additionally, these key chain pepper sprays are called KeyGuard® for a reason. The key ring allows each to be used as the ultimate key chain. By attaching your house or car keys to it, you are guaranteeing that you will be armed for defense any time you need to take your keys out and use them. This means you will not have to worry about being a sitting duck as you are getting into your car alone on the streets of a bad neighborhood, or while you are opening the front door to your house in the early morning.

Alternatively, this key ring allows you to attach the weapon to anywhere on you where your hand can access it easily. Should you prefer to carry the Mace® KeyGuard® Camo Pink Pepper Spray with UV Dye without the key ring, you can just remove it from the holster.

Functional Fashionable Pepper Sprays

Designed for use by a girl pepper spray keychain weapons like this can allow you to use a deceptive tactic that can give you an advantage over any street criminal. It is a tactic available to anyone who keeps their weapons in fashionable pepper spray holsters. And considering the cute, pink camouflage print on this soft holster, it is going to be extra-effective at applying this particular tactic.

By arming yourself with these pink pepper sprays for women, you are carrying self-defense weapons that look nothing like actual weapons. While this may not be useful for outright intimidation, it can be utilized for deception. Let your criminal stalkers think you are not armed. The more harmless they think you are, the less they will be prepared when you finally shoot them in the eyes with OC spray. You can turn the tables on these criminals and give them a fearful surprise for a change.

If you are on the lookout for stylish compact pepper sprays that are easy to carry, hide, and deploy, you should know that the Mace® KeyGuard® is also available as a Mini Pepper Spray Baton.

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