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Accessories & Refills

Gun Pepper Spray and Baton Training or OC Refills, Holsters

Self-defense pepper spray and baton training is crucial, as just having a weapon does not automatically mean you know how to use it. You also need to have a holster so that the pepper spray is always within reach, and you will need refills to ensure you never run out of ammo in case you are attacked by a group.

You never know when someone is going to break into your home or when you might get attacked by muggers or rapists on your way home. Simply having pepper spray will not be enough. You need to be 100 percent prepared.

Pepper sprays contain a high amount of OC or oleoresin capsicum. This makes it hard to breathe and hard to see, as the eyes shut and tear up. The skin feels a burning sensation that is excruciatingly painful. Pepper batons are small versions, which look like pens but can still carry up to 3 one-second bursts.

Training manuals, refills, and holsters might all sound like accessories, but these accessories will ensure you survive a real-life emergency situation. Most of the time, attackers come in groups so you will need to have all the advantages possible. You need to have enough ammo plus enough training, and the pepper spray should be within reach within moments.

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Keep Gun and Baton Pepper Sprays within Reach

Never drop your gun or baton pepper spray in your bag. Once inside, it will take an eternity to get out in time. Imagine if a mugger is standing six feet away from you – you will not have the time to open your bag, dig through its contents, take out your pepper spray, and finally use it.

With a holster, such as the Mace® Pepper Gun Nylon Holster and the Nylon Pink Camo Holster, your pepper gun will always be by your waist. You will be able to take out your weapon instantly. There is logic behind this: even police officers place their guns by their side since it makes the job so much easier.

When you find a pepper spray holsters sale, make it a point that the holster you get is appropriate for the size and shape of your pepper gun. Some pepper sprays are larger than others so always be sure to get one that will hold your pepper spray nice and snug so it will not fall out.

Remember that the pepper baton is a mini pepper spray combined with a kubotan. It is so small and sleek you will not really need a holster. However, it comes with a key ring so try to keep it connected to a lanyard or to your belt to ensure it is always within reach as well.

Prepare Yourself with Enough Ammo

Personal pepper sprays do not carry a lot of formula in them. Even medium-sized sprays give you just up to 6 to 8 one-second bursts. Pepper batons give you only 3 bursts but are very undetectable. What would happen if you were surrounded by 10 people or if you were fighting in the dark and likely to miss a few shots?

To ensure you are always prepared for the worst, always have at least one Mace Pepper Gun refill pack with you. You can get these in convenient 2-packs or in a bundle where you get one OC refill pack and one water-filled training pack.

Having enough ammo might be the one factor separating you from death. You never know how many bursts you will need while trying to get away from a rapist or when fighting off people breaking into your house or car.

Spray refills are not just to ensure you have enough bursts to compensate for missed fires or to defend against multiple enemies. Sometimes you might want to use at least one refill pack to test how your pepper gun works and how it behaves against different wind strengths, directions, and angles.

Proper Training for Optimal Efficiency

Having a good pepper baton or pepper spray gun will not do much if you do not know how to use it properly. Training is always a must. Even police officers and security guards take some time to train themselves on how to use pepper sprays efficiently, not to mention how to survive pepper spray training itself.

The first step is to have a manual such as the Tactical Defense Spray Book. This book gives you all the knowledge you will need such as how to handle pepper gun sprays without accidentally harming yourself.

You will learn how to fire at different angles and directions without the spray blowing back towards you. You will be taught how to spray in order to hit multiple targets, and you will get some tips on how to aim, how to holster and un-holster, and how to make sure your pepper gun spray does not break.

The second step is to actually practice. You will need a Mace® Pepper Gun Refill - Water Training Spray for this. These are refills for your pepper gun, but instead of containing the OC formula, they contain plain water pressurized by nitrogen.

Using water training sprays ensures you can practice freely without harming yourself or anyone near you. Even if you get hit with the spray, it is just water so there will not be any damage done. These water training refills behave just like the real deal so the experience you get with these work with real refills.

If you have taken your time with the training manual and with the water training refills, then you will have become quite efficient in defending yourself, even against multiple targets. You can even use these tools to help train others, especially those in your family who have never held a pepper gun spray in their life.

With efficient training, added with a holster to keep it within reach and an extra refill just to be sure, you will always be prepared for the worst. In case you do get into a dangerous situation, put all these together and you will be able to stay safe long enough to call for the police.