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Compact & Pocketable

Mace® Compact, Purse, Baton, Pocket Size Pepper Spray

At some point in your life, a criminal is going to try to violently take advantage of you. There is no telling when or if this is even going to happen. But in a world as chaotic as this, where criminals, rapists, and thieves walk among us, it just makes sense to be armed with pocket size pepper spray. The formula in these small sprays is the same as in medium to large pepper sprays. They just come in a size that you can bring with you, every day.

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Personal Pocket Pepper Sprays

Pocket pepper sprays can literally fit inside your pocket. At just 17 grams, the Mace® Personal Model is a good size for anyone to carry, even for those whose lives and careers put them in situations where they need to be mobile, sometimes even in the wee hours, like single parents, nurses, delivery people, or working students. There is also its Pocket Model version, which is just 15 grams. Both of them can work for 12 feet, but the latter fits a little better in your pocket.

Holstered key chain pepper sprays are even smaller and easier to fit inside your pocket. These sprays are nearly 100% safe from accidental firing because they are protected by holsters made of leatherette (in the colors red, green, and black), real leather (black or red), or nylon (pink camouflage).

Besides the obvious fashionable benefits, holsters also offer better portability, these ones particularly because of the attached key ring. You can keep your actual house or car keys on that ring, ensuring that every time you are accessing your private property, you are also automatically armed with pepper spray. You can also use the key ring to attach the spray to yourself for quicker drawing action.

Stylish Pepper Sprays in Your Pocket

Some pocketable sprays are at home in beauty kits as they are in armories, like the Mace® PepperGard® Purse Model. This self-defense weapon looks like a tube of lipstick or mascara. It even comes in the fashionably classic colors of either black or gold.

Just be careful if you share makeup with your friends. If you are going to keep it in the same small purse where you keep your beauty essentials, make sure to warn any friends who might mistake the weapon for something that you spray on your hair or face. Accidentally pepper-spraying friends and family is a situation that can't ever go well.

Fashion pepper sprays are great at putting a little creativity in your self-defense tactics. Just a bit of imaginative thinking can allow you to surprise your would-be attackers, making it easier for you to incapacitate them before they can even try anything. For instance, the exquisite-looking Rhinestone model, which comes in dazzling silver, pink, or black, looks like a piece of actual jewelry.

You can use a long leather string or a chain to keep it around your neck and in front of your hands at all times. Not only is this a good way to hide your weapon in plain sight, it is also a really convenient place from which you can retrieve your weapon in less than a second. The necklace that accentuates a formal outfit can be the same thing that will allow you to fend off any criminals who may see you as prey.

Mace Pepper Spray for Close Combat

Out of all the Mace® pocketable pepper sprays, perhaps the most versatile are the Pepper Batons. They can shoot up to only 5 feet, but they are more than just pepper sprays. If you are looking for a portable hot pink Mace pocket pepper spray, but at the same time, want the option to engage your attacker in close combat, this is the model that you are looking for.

The Mace® Pepper Baton is pepper spray that is encased in a solid metal baton or kubotan, which is a short weapon used mainly for melee pain compliance. When you are holding it in a closed fist, the weapon provides you with only a very short extension from either side of your hand, yet this is enough for applying martial techniques that involve targeting weak areas, joints, and other vulnerable spots of the body for pain compliance.

This presents a more hand-on way of dealing with your attacker. While this may, in some ways, be more dangerous than simply spraying your opponents from a safe range, it is also an unexpected response to a criminal. The combination of being hit with pepper spray and then having your weak spots be struck and targeted by a metal weapon is going to be very disorienting and harrowing. If you are comfortable with engaging in close range, consider the Pepper Baton and its bolder, less predictable self-defense tactics.

Speaking of tactics, the term 'pocket pepper spray' can be misleading when it comes to the tactical use of pepper spray. When you feel that you are not in any danger, this is the only time when you should be keeping your spray in your regular pocket. The reason for this is that it takes an extra second to get it out of such a pocket and get ready for spraying.

Even for the best pepper spray pocket carry is advisable only with an appropriate pocket, which can be a holstered pocket. If you are unsure and already in a situation where you might get attacked by criminals, it is better to have it clipped or attached somewhere you can grab it in less than a second.

Pocket carry is also best done with some prior training. If you sense danger, be immediately ready to aim and spray. It is possible to accomplish this quick draw motion in 1 to 2 seconds. You just need to put some practice into it. With a little training, you might even be able to retrieve, open, and aim a spray straight from your pocket.

If you want to be armed at all times and are still comparing the benefits of using pepper spray vs pocket knife tactics, consider that the former is the non-lethal option.