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Concealable Defense

Mace® Concealable Pepper Spray & OC Tear Gas Spray

Pepper sprays are very effective tools for self-defense, but only if you have the chance to use them. One key factor in using pepper spray properly is to maintain an element of surprise over the people trying to harm you. With that in mind, concealable pepper spray is one of the best choices you can make.

Pepper Sprays and How They Work

Pepper sprays contain a high concentration of oleoresin capsicum or OC, a chemical derived from natural peppers like jalapeño and habanero. They are designed to incapacitate an attacker no matter the person’s tolerance to pain because they focus more on disabling the person’s senses.

Exposure to the OC formulation will first cause the eyes to shut tight due to swelling and may even cause excessive tearing. The throat and lungs are also affected, and people experience difficulty breathing due to unmanageable coughing and choking fits. On the skin, pepper sprays cause a painful burning sensation.

The hotness of peppers is measured in the Scoville scale. Jalapeño peppers generally rate up to 5,000 Scoville heat units or SHU, for example. 10% pepper sprays, specifically Mace® Pepper Sprays, can rate up to 2 million SHU. Just imagine that you bit down on over 400 jalapeño peppers all at the same time!

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Why Conceal Your Pepper Spray

Now, all pepper sprays are great, but there is a unique benefit when you use concealed pepper spray devices. The Mace® Rhinestone purse pepper sprays, which are small and disguised as ordinary women’s makeup accessories, are good examples.

First of all, you never want an attacker to know you have pepper spray. They may get agitated and hurt you even more than planned, and they will know they need to protect their face. You want to maintain the surprise factor so your pepper spray should be easy to always keep out of sight.

Small pepper sprays are concealable so you will not have to find a large backpack where to put them. You will be able to keep these compact pepper sprays in your purse or your pocket, or if you own a concealed pepper spray holster, you can strap them to your waist.

This ensures that you can reach for your self-defense spray during an emergency. Do not waste time by putting your weapon in a bag. A discreet pepper spray in your purse or pocket will not be noticed by attackers, and you can take it out easily in just a few seconds.

Some of the best concealed pepper spray products feature a nicely colored or fashionable holster, just like the Mace® Leather Plus models do. The designs blend in with what you wear and will not stand out even if they are exposed and attached to your waist.

Concealable pepper sprays can also be taken where regular ones can’t. Some bars and clubs do not allow pepper sprays, but how will the bouncer know if your weapon is in your purse and it looks like lipstick? For your personal protection, it is worth sneaking it in.

Picking a Concealable Pepper Spray

Generally speaking, disguised pepper sprays, holstered pepper sprays, and mini pepper sprays are easy to hide. All of them are concealable but in different ways, giving you several options to choose from.

Mini pepper sprays like the Mace® Personal Model Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye are small enough to hook to your belt or keep in your pocket. They are not disguised, but they are designed so you can carry them with you without having to use a large bag.

You can hide these easily. They can go underneath your shirt or jacket. Just holster them to your waist and cover the canister with a shirt. Some people attach theirs to ID straps and then just keep them in the shirt, making it easier to pull them out when needed.

If you want something you can hide in plain sight, then disguised pepper spray is what you need, which are those that are made to look like ordinary objects, like lipstick products. Among them, the Mace® Exquisite purse models look like real lipstick until you take the cap off and spray.

The best thing about disguised pepper sprays is that you can hold them out in the open and no one would suspect they are pepper sprays. If a man is stalking you, then you can take the defense spray out of your purse, and all he would see is a woman applying lipstick. If he gets close, then turn around and spray him.

The holstered pepper sprays are small pepper sprays concealed in either leather or fabric holsters, allowing you to keep them on your waist at all times. The holsters are not just plain black. They are designed with fashionable patterns so that they blend in with your clothes.

Take the Mace® Keyguard Pepper Spray Soft Case Camo model, for example. With this key chain pepper spray at your waist, most attackers would think you are just carrying a cell phone. Because it is already holstered, you do not have to worry about how to hide it when it is out in the open.

Concealable versus Visible Pepper Sprays

Visible regular pepper sprays, such as the ones used by police officers, are very powerful, but they are also very large and heavy. This is what gives them more than 75 one-second bursts. After all, those police pepper sprays are meant to take down an entire mob of people.

Civilians have to deal with only a small group of targets since they are not responsible for stopping a riot. Civilian pepper sprays are meant to save a person from rapists, gangs, and thieves. Most groups attacking women on the streets number up to three people, so having a small pepper spray is all you will need.

Pepper sprays in a concealable size can give you up to 8 one-second bursts or 16 half-second bursts. That will be more than enough to incapacitate the attackers and run off to call for help. They are meant to protect you and keep you safe. These are for self-defense, not for offense.