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Home Defense

Mace® Home Security Pepper Spray Gun, Foam, Gel

Even in the comfort of your own home, the chances of being attacked by burglars and thieves are high anytime. What is more alarming is the possibility of being assaulted by the very same people whom you trust, such as nannies and helpers, right inside the place where you thought you were safe. In times like these, self-defense is the best offense. Non-lethal protection products like home security pepper spray provide you with the perfect weapons to defend yourself and your loved ones against home attackers.

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Pepper Spray as a Weapon

Pepper spray is an aerosol spray containing a chemical agent called oleoresin capsicum (OC). Capsicum refers to a family of hot peppers that include jalapeño and cayenne, while oleoresin is the product of a process of extracting the oily residue from these hot pepper varieties. This oily residue is integrated into the aerosol spray to create pepper spray.

The OC ingredient in pepper spray causes irritation in the eyes and the mucous membranes, and constriction in the nasal passages, which result in excessive tears, an acute burning pain, irregular breathing, eyelid swelling, and even temporary blindness. Once sprayed at, the attacker will experience persistent coughing and choking until they feel difficulty in breathing and seeing clearly.

While it is powerful, pepper spray is non-lethal and aims only to debilitate an attacker without causing fatal effects. With its inflammatory and lachrymatory effects, however, pepper spray gives you the protection you need against any attacker, giving you an opportunity to escape and ask for help.

Pepper spray is among today’s top self-defense weapons used by law enforcement agencies and consumers throughout the world. Police officers use it to apply incapacitating force against a subject that can’t be restrained or subdued. Ordinary citizens rely on pepper sprays, particularly those in handy forms, to get easy access to protection when on the go.

Women in particular find compact pepper sprays in purse sizes to be the perfect disguised weapons to carry when walking in the streets or to keep handy when they are in a dorm or hotel room. Purse pepper sprays give them convenient access to self-defense when they are faced with either human or animal attackers.

Pepper Spray for Home Protection

Today, families are becoming more and more at risk of being assaulted in their own homes. Including pepper spray in home survival kits is a good way to protect you and your family against attackers.

Home pepper spray generally comes in a large canister with a wall bracket that allows it to be mounted on the wall. There are a variety of brands on the market offering pepper sprays built specifically for home use. The selection of Mace® home defense sprays, for example, provides homeowners with effective protection against house invaders. The home defense spray active ingredient of OC is prepared into a variety of special formulations that can be used safely indoors and with family members around.

Home Pepper Sprays from Mace®

Mace® has long been producing home pepper sprays that ensure top-notch security for individual or family use. Its line of home defense pepper sprays is carefully formulated to cater to different home security needs.

Mace® Pepper Foam produces a thick foam that covers your attacker’s face in an instant. Even if your assailant attempts to wipe away this specially formulated foam, its sting is left firmly on their eyes and face, making it more difficult for them to see. The foam has UV (ultraviolet) dye that helps in identifying your assailant quickly when they are apprehended by the police.

This pepper spray foam comes with a flip-top safety cap, making it safe to use inside your home or to protect your kids against accidental spraying. It comes in 115-gram magnum and 67-gram large models that both spray from 8 up to 10 feet.

When you want pepper spray protection that really sticks, Mace® Pepper Gel offers a formulation that gives out a stronger sting effect and longer distance coverage. It is protection that sticks like glue, immobilizing your attacker longer to give you ample time to run away and get help.  It is also safe to use indoors, as it is non-flammable and sports a flip-top safety cap. This pepper gel spray is available in 45-gram large and 79-gram magnum models that both spray for 18 feet.

If you are facing two or more attackers, you need some quick-firing pepper spray to incapacitate your assailants all at the same time. Do not go without the Mace® Pepper Gun, which utilizes Bag-in-a-Can Technology to spray in a continuous manner and in any angle, even if you hold it upside down. It is equipped with a LED light so you can aim at your housebreakers with accuracy. It comes in silver, pink, and matte black, and it sprays within 25 feet.
Another good option for use against multiple assailants are the Mace® Fogger Model and Mace® Home Model, which are both formulated with OC plus CN tear gas to cause uncontrollable tearing and a debilitating burning effect. These home pepper spray models also contain UV dye that leaves an identification mark on your intruders, and a flip-top cap that offers optimum safety against accidental spraying. The 60-gram fogger and 120-gram home models can both hit a distance of up to 8 feet.

Whether you want simple home pepper spray or a highly advanced one with distinct features, Mace® offers home defense sprays that are designed to bring you increased protection.

Boost Home Security with Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is your best bet when it comes to defending your home from any attacker. It offers an effective yet affordable way to protect you and your family against a thieving housekeeper or kids breaking into your house to steal for drug money. When buying pepper sprays, remember to choose only reputable brands to ensure your safety. Also, know how to use home defense spray products by purchasing inert practice sprays to be used for practice firing. Whichever type you buy, pepper spray will give you and your family the peace of mind you need when you are in your home.