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Mace® Pepper Gun Leather Holster

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Mace® Pepper Gun Leather Holster for Mace® Pepper Guns

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Detailed Description

Leather Holster for Pepper Spray Gun from Mace®

A gun holster makes a gun easily accessible whenever the gun is needed, and the non-lethal Mace® Pepper Gun is no exception. In particular, this leather holster for pepper spray gun devices of any variant will keep the weapon close to you, which will then allow you to grab it easily at a moment’s notice. In many instances, your being a fast draw is sure to catch an attacker off guard. This is also very useful when multiple attackers are ganging up on you or after the assailant is able to sneak up on you.

The Benefits of Pepper Spray Holsters

Holsters are used generally to secure weapons onto their users. This is done to make sure that the weapon is on your person at all times and that it can’t be taken away from you easily. A holster will let you carry your pepper spray for extended periods of time. Most holsters have a strap to prevent the weapon they contain from falling out of there.

The Mace® Pepper Gun Leather Holster is intended for placement on a belt or a waistband, at the waist or hip area. This waist placement is ideal for the weapon since it is a water gun or squirt gun type of pepper spray instead of the usual spray canister. In this position, the holster will allow you to draw your weapon quickly at the sight of an attacker.

The most recommended location for a Pepper Gun holster is on the hip or on the waist. By placing this leather holster there, you can access and make use of your pepper spray gun faster than from somewhere else. This increased reaction time to incoming danger could save your life.

Pepper spray holsters should be kept in locations where they can be accessed the most easily. This is so their contained defense spray can be drawn swiftly and deposited back in just as rapidly. The fast action can make the weapon very useful during struggles against criminals.

For accessibility, weapon holsters are attached commonly to a person’s belt. They can also be found on waistbands. Such holsters can be classified as either “outside the waistband” (OWB) when worn openly or “inside the waistband (IWB) when worn covertly. Make sure to consult the Mace Pepper Gun laws for open carry as well as concealed carry in your state, city, and county. In any case, this Leather Holster for the Mace® Pepper Gun is an OWB belt holster that can be concealed, such as with clothing.

Other people put their holsters in other locations, such as their ankle or on their arm. Some more uncommon locations for holsters are on the small of the back or on the chest. This all depends on where the user is comfortable placing their holster, whether at a given time or all the time.

Weapon holsters are made traditionally from either natural or synthetic leather. This is because leather is a sturdy yet malleable material that can be formed easily into the required shape for a particular weapon. Other manufacturers use synthetic materials such as nylon, and a Mace Pepper Gun nylon holster is available here as well.

Holstering the Mace® Pepper Gun

The Mace® Pepper Gun has a design reminiscent of a squirt gun. This makes it ideal for holstering, as holsters for guns are not only common but also proven to be effective. This is why many buyers of the Mace® Pepper Gun shop for a corresponding holster at the same time.

The design is different compared to that of the conventional pepper sprays on the market. Due to its gun-like shape, the pepper spray gun can be stored in and grabbed from this leather holster easily.

Since the Pepper Gun design resembles a water gun, the sight of its gun-shaped holster alone can deter criminals from afar. If you choose to carry the Pepper Gun holster overtly, it can scare away miscreants who do not look at it closely and could mistake it for a deadly firearm.

The retrieval of the gun pepper spray is certainly made easy with the use of a holster. You have better access to your weapon if you have it in a holster. Since leather holsters are sturdy and lightweight, they add portability to the weapons they hold. You can therefore carry your Pepper Gun around for long periods of time without experiencing fatigue and strain.

These Mace® Pepper Gun holsters in leather can be attached quickly to any belt or waistband using a belt loop. They come equipped with a snap closure strap to secure the weapon. This strap can be buttoned down to the side of the holster, which prevents it from moving around too much or falling out from inside.

The Mace® Pepper Gun in the Holster

Typical pepper sprays dispense an amount of half- or one-second bursts in singles from the bottle. While effective, this does not work in all types of situations. For example, short bursts of pepper spray might be ineffective when you are faced up against a mob of attackers.

Luckily, the Mace® Pepper Gun can deal a continuous spray just like an aerosol. You need only to hold the trigger down for as long as you need to pepper-spray your targeted assailant. The design of this pepper spray gun also means that it can be used while upside down.

Mace® Pepper Guns contain 10% pepper spray, which measures about 2 million Scoville heat units (SHU) in pungency, according to the Scoville scale. They can be fired within a long range compared to other pepper sprays, as they can reach distances of up to 25 feet. When the device is fired from that long distance, you have more than enough time to retreat to safety.

This pepper spray gun is available in matte black, silver, pink, and camo color schemes. There are also different variations to the Pepper Gun holsters, such as all-black or pink camouflage options. The gun is easily refillable with either cartridges filled with oleoresin capsicum (OC), which is the main ingredient in pepper sprays, or test cartridges that are filled with water.

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