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Mace® Pepper Gel - Magnum Model

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Mace® Pepper Gel - Magnum Model is a (Patent Pending) formulation of pepper spray which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Magnum Pepper Spray Gel vs Stream Defense Sprays

When comparing pepper spray gel vs stream, the former will come on top every time. This is because, unlike stream pepper sprays, it experiences no blowback from strong winds. And it does not splash or create any overspray, ensuring other people do not get sprayed accidentally by the pepper gel formula.

That is why the Mace® Pepper Gel Magnum Model is now becoming the number one choice when it comes to self-defense weapons. It is perfect for indoor use since you do not need to worry about splashes. It is also perfect for outdoor use because it is not affected by wind and it can reach a good distance.

Blowback and overspray are both issues with most pepper sprays, but they simply vanish when you use the Mace® Magnum Pepper Gel. The unique gel formula keeps the content thick, sticky, and heavy to ensure only one person gets sprayed: the assailant trying to do you harm.

A Closer Look at the Magnum Model Mace® Pepper Gel

Streams are the most common types of pepper sprays out there, but there are also foam, fogger, gel, and other types. Foam is also one of the newer types, but if you had to choose either pepper spray foam or gel, gel would clearly be the better option.

The reason for this is that pepper gel pretty much comprises all the benefits of other types of pepper sprays. It delivers a hot and very powerful OC formula guaranteed to take down any attacker but without most of the complications that pepper sprays are typically known for.

The gel-based substance of this pepper spray means it sticks like glue to the attacker’s skin. This ensures that the attacker will not be able to just wipe it off after they get sprayed in the face. As a matter of fact, the glue base will make the formula spread across their skin, causing even more damage!

Another reason the best pepper gel reviews cite the Mace® Magnum Pepper Gel as the best in the market is that it is non-contaminating, meaning the glue base ensures a person will not be affected unless they are sprayed upon directly. This is a very important safety bonus.

However, the biggest benefit is that the Mace® Magnum pepper spray gel is also ideal for indoor use. Pepper spray streams are not advisable indoors because they could cause overspray and splashing, potentially affecting you and other people besides the attackers. You never want to spray yourself accidentally!

This is prevented since pepper gel experiences no blowback from strong winds or drafts and it has no overspray splashes. Now, you can spray away inside your car or home without having to worry that someone else might get harmed.

Being able to use it indoors is why many experts, including the police, consider this Mace Pepper Gel home defense spray the best weapon against home invaders and car thieves. Most reviews prefer the Mace® Pepper Gel over any other type of pepper spray and even over other weapons, like knives.

After all, you do not just have to worry about thieves and rapists when on the way home at night. There are evildoers who attempt to break into homes and cars even when there is someone inside. Just because you have parked the car does not mean you are entirely safe from criminals.

That does not mean it is just for indoor use, though. It leads to no blowback, so even if you are attacked in a windy area, you do not need to worry about the pepper gel blowing back towards you. The Mace® Magnum gel pepper spray also reaches a distance of 18 feet, which allows you to fight back without the need of being too close to your attacker.

Understanding How Pepper Gel Works

What makes this pepper spray work? Like all pepper sprays, it contains a high level of OC or oleoresin capsicum. This is an ingredient taken from regular, natural peppers like habanero peppers. This is why pepper sprays are called as such and why their effects include intense heat.

Getting sprayed causes the mucous membranes to swell. This means a person’s eyes swell to the point of shutting tight; the throat muscles swell, which causes choking and coughing; and the eyes start to tear up, which also causes a runny nose.

On the skin, a person feels a very painful burning sensation. The difference with Mace® Pepper Sprays is that they contain up to 10% OC, making them even hotter and the effects felt even faster. How can an attacker do you harm if they can’t breathe, can’t see, and is experiencing burning pains on their face?

The best part is that pepper spray, including this Mace® Magnum Pepper Gel, is a non-lethal weapon. You can protect yourself effectively without causing permanent damage or death. This is why most states and counties allow civilians to own and carry one without the need for a permit or license, making it the ideal choice.

With this particular Mace® Magnum model, you get up to 79 grams of content, which means you have 13 one-second bursts, each burst capable of reaching a distance of 18 feet. Having 13 shots is great because it ensures you can still fight back in case your first burst misses or if there are multiple attackers.

There are other Mace® Pepper Gel models available, each one designed for specific needs. You can avail yourself of the Mace® Pepper Gel Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model, which is best for outdoor use since it has a farther reach. The Mace® Pepper Gel Large Model is a handier option for those times you are walking home. And the Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender comes with a bright LED flashlight.

Staying Safe at Home or on the Road

Whether you are just taking a moment to rest in your car after a long day of driving or you are at home getting ready to go to sleep, always have this Mace® Magnum Pepper Gel with you. It will keep you safe while also ensuring that no one else gets hurt.

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