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Jogging & Fitness

Mace® Dog Repellent, Pepper Spray for Jogging & Cyclists

Why would you need pepper spray for jogging, cycling, making deliveries, or just moving around outdoors? It is because wherever you live or work, having an active or sporty lifestyle means being exposed to certain dangers that can threaten your health, life, and property. It is not just the danger of possibly being targeted by criminals but also being attacked by aggressive and territorial dogs. Being armed with pepper spray can allow you to confront these dangers openly if, despite active efforts at avoiding them, they still find you.

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Mace Pepper Spray for Running Armed and Ready

The Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger Model was designed for mobility. Besides coming in a small, convenient, and highly portable package of just 18 grams, this small pepper spray also comes attached to a comfortable Velcro strap that can secure it to your hand while you are running, making it possibly the best pepper spray for joggers to carry. Using this strap allows you to run while also being armed and ready, ensuring that no criminal can get the drop on you while you are jogging along your regular route.

If you're a cyclist, or a delivery person who needs to keep their hands free, there are alternative ways to carry the Jogger Model. You can do it via the attached belt clip, which can fit onto some other articles of clothing besides belts. It can also be carried like a key chain. You can even be creative with the strap and just wrap it around your forearm. You can get this jogger pepper spray in either black or pink, depending on your personal preferences.

If you would rather carry the spray without the strap, there is the Mace® Personal Model Hot Pink 10% Pepper Spray. It also weighs 18 grams and can also shoot up to 12 feet, just like the Jogger Model, with the key difference of not having the Velcro strap. This makes it less bulky if you are not planning to use the strap at all, and if you are willing to carry it with the belt clip, with the key chain, or in your pocket or small purse. Not having a strap also lets the hot pink color really pop.

Mace Pepper Spray for Aggressive Dogs

Pepper spray self defense for runners and cyclists does not stop with self-defense sprays for use against human assailants. When it comes to the list of viable targets for jogger pepper spray dogs that are too aggressive are number two, right after career criminals. Of course, it would be better if you could avoid having to spray any dogs altogether. However, if your exercise routine or your very career prevents you from avoiding the presence of aggressive, unruly, and highly territorial dogs, then you are going to need Mace® Canine Repellent, also known as the Mace Muzzle. This 17-gram dog spray can take effect within 10 feet, and it is especially formulated for making dogs flee due to extreme discomfort.

As much as possible, try not to ever use canine pepper spray on humans and regular pepper spray on canines. Animal paper spray is differently formulated from pepper spray that is designed for use against humans. This Mace® dog pepper spray, for instance, is approved by the EPA for use against dogs, which is more than what you can say for just any regular pepper spray. It is just much smarter to use the defense sprays for their intended purpose and targets. That way, you can prevent any permanent harm from being inflicted on either human or canine.

Mace Portable Pepper Sprays Are Small but Terrible

The best part about portable pepper sprays is that they are very easy to carry around with you all day, every day. Why would you need to do that? Well, no one knows when danger is going to strike, and if your lifestyle and work keep you almost perpetually busy, you could be oblivious to the criminals who may already be eyeing you as prey. If you are a busy mom, a lawyer, a full-time teacher, a Fortune 500 executive, a nurse, a doctor, or anyone else who is busy keeping up with massive amounts of work most of the time, you could seriously benefit from always being ready to face these dangers.

If you like the idea of always being armed with pepper spray, make sure you also apply all safety measures that come with owning a chemical weapon. There is a reason pepper spray should be used only for self-defense. It's the same reason you never want to accidentally spray yourself or your loved ones. Getting dosed with OC pepper spray is a painful, harrowing experience best reserved for criminals and rabid dogs.

This is because of oleoresin capsicum, the active ingredient in pepper sprays. It is a chemical taken from chili peppers, processed into a self-defense weapon that you can hold and fire with one hand. Once it hits you, the first, most noticeable effect is the profuse burning pain that can overcome the entire face.

This burning is followed immediately by swelling in the tissues that the pepper spray has spread to. Because of this, the eyes will be forced shut, followed by uncontrollable choking and coughing, which is due to the airways trying to get rid of the foreign chemical. Tears and mucus will flow unstoppably. This can all happen under a minute of getting sprayed, and it results in incapacitation. Criminals will usually try to flee, but depending on the amount of OC they have received in the face, may be pinned to the spot where they got sprayed.

Dogs will usually flee the moment they are sprayed in the face. It is easier to handle dogs because they are easily discouraged with a bit of pain and discomfort. On the other hand, human criminals have other motives that may, in rare cases, persuade their bodies to somehow fight through the pepper spray. When this unusual resistance is exhibited by a criminal who is attacking you, simply spray them again. No one can resist repeated doses of OC spray.