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Night Defense

Mace® Nighttime Tactical Flashlight Pepper Spray, Pepper Gun, Pepper Gel

Criminals who attack at night know how to use the dark to their advantage. For instance, because the criminal can choose where the attack is going to happen, the place of attack is more or less going to be familiar to them already, while you, their target, will be hampered and threatened by the surrounding unfamiliarity and darkness. There is also a lesser chance of anyone else, particularly law enforcement, interfering with their activities. This is why a tactical flashlight pepper spray is a must for anyone who has no choice but to be out and about after midnight.

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Pepper Spray for Nighttime Defense

There is no longer any need for comparing a tactical flashlight vs pepper spray, as the two are reconciled in the Mace® Night Defender. When you open this weapon's safety cap and put your thumb on the actuator, a bright (33-lux) LED light is automatically engaged. Besides allowing you to see where you are aiming your weapon, this light can also disorient criminals at close range, possibly giving you openings for spraying your attacker's face.

If you are about to enter a dark and dangerous area, you can use this weapon to apply a simple and deceptive tactic against criminals who hunt at night. You can just keep the safety cap open and use it as you would any normal flashlight. If you can hold the Night Defender in a way that lets your hand mask the canister, you can appear as though you are just holding a standard flashlight, not a chemical self-defense weapon. When your attacker is not aware that you are just one press away from firing, it is way easier to spray them directly in the face and get away unscathed.

Another great thing about this particular product is that it is in gel form, probably the most resourceful type of modern pepper spray. How so? Because of its weight and consistency, pepper gel is the most accurate pepper spray on the market. More impressive than that is the fact that it can remain true to its trajectory even in the presence of meddlesome winds. Unlike liquid spray with which it is rather easy to spray yourself when it is windy, pepper gel is a lot easier to aim and control, making it better for outdoor use, especially at night when things are more unpredictable.

Besides busy moms, nurses, or students who often have to commute alone in the wee hours, the Night Defender is useful for those in the business of security. With this pepper spray nightclub bouncers can easily deal with troublemakers who may be armed and dangerous, even if the encounter happens in the dark rooms and alleys inside or around the establishment.

Long-Distance Defense at Night

There is a unique pepper spray dispenser also be ideal for nighttime defense, the Mace® Pepper Gun. The black model comes with a LED light that activates once you put some pressure on the trigger. In order to engage the spray itself, you just need to pull harder. The harder you pull on the trigger, the farther the pepper spray is going to shoot. If you can already see your target coming at you from afar, there is no reason to wait for them to get closer. With this gun pepper spray, you can shoot accurately from 25 feet away, aided by the light at the front of your weapon.

The Pepper Gun also comes in hot pink, or in a camouflage pattern that comes with a free custom-fit matching holster. The holster is great for keeping the weapon at a place where either of your hands can grab it easily.

Mace® developed the Bag-in-Can technology, which allows the pepper spray gun to be reloadable with currently two types of ammunition. You can load the weapon with either OC cartridges (for when you are on the streets) or inert water cartridges (for training purposes).

Pepper Spray Training for Safety at Night

The world becomes a different place at night. It is not just the criminals themselves and the obvious lack of visibility in unlit areas. Attitudes change. The rhythm of a city or a town shifts at night. Some areas get livelier, while other areas get more relaxed. Part of what this changes is our reaction to danger. When you are exposed to danger at night, the unpredictability of the situation can bring out different instincts as well as weaknesses in you, like greater awareness, confidence, nervousness, and hesitation. Through training, you can learn to heighten your instincts and control your weaknesses.

Training specifically for defending yourself at night is essential to the proper use of pepper spray. You will not have to be alone in this training. You can get help from a manual called “The Facts about Defense Sprays and How to Use Them to Bring Criminals to Their Knees”. One of the things that this manual written by Doug Lamb  emphasizes is that reaction time is a key deciding factor on whether or not you are going to be a victim.

In an actual attack, your pepper spray needs to be in a convenient location as much as your mind needs to be in a place of confidence and awareness. Combined, those can be translated into great reaction time. These are just some of the ideas that you need to familiarize yourself with if you are serious about self-defense. With a bit of time and dedication, you can be ready to face the criminal dangers that come with nighttime. Through training, you can develop instincts that can be very useful when you are forced to defend yourself in poorly lit areas.

If you are thinking that training is not all that important in the use of such simple weapons, remember that while they are simple, they are also very effective at inducing pain and incapacitation. While non-lethal, these sprays can be much better than guns at stopping criminals, as long as used properly. Devote a bit of time to learning how to use pepper spray. You will be grateful that you did once you encounter a criminal.