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Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver

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Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver uses Advanced Delivery System utilizing Bag-in-a-Can Technology.

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Detailed Description

Silver Mace® Pepper Spray Gun with LED Light

The Mace® Pepper Gun is extremely useful for self-defense in that it lets out a continuous stream of pepper spray, not broken second-long bursts as pepper sprays commonly do. Because it can be fired continuously in this way, it can be used to great effect to put distance between you and your attacker. As if that were not enough, this silver Mace pepper spray gun with LED light can also be shot from just about every angle, even upside down.

The Edge of the Mace® Pepper Gun

Unlike a large number of self-defense sprays on the market, the Mace® Pepper Gun does not rely on discreetness to become effective. Rather, it is overt in color and appearance, and it relies mainly on its ability to act as a deterrent to criminals. It looks more like a squirt gun or water gun instead of either a lethal gun or a pepper spray can, yet there is no denying that it is very menacing.

Today’s pepper sprays are quite stylish and come in a wide selection of colors, many of which make them the best pepper sprays for women. There are also stylish holsters in which you can place your defense spray weapon and carry it around easily.

Indeed, Mace® put an unorthodox design to good use in its gun pepper spray, and it shows in the Mace® Pepper Gun Silver Model as well as the product’s other variants (matte black, pink, and camo). Whichever one you choose, this device has a wide variety of features that make it much better than the other pepper sprays.

Conventional pepper sprays provide a quantity of broken one-second bursts. However, this may not always be the most effective manner in which the pepper formula is dished out. In comparison, the Pepper Gun can fire out a single, continuous burst of spray, just like aerosol does, for as long as you hold down the trigger. This ability is very useful if you are faced with a lot of attackers or if it is a situation wherein one-second-long bursts in singles just will not do the job.

The Mace® pepper spray gun is doubly useful during times of struggle against miscreants because it can be shot at odd angles to stop them, thus giving you more opportunities to escape and retreat to safety. It sure can be used when the gun-like device is upside down, which is not an uncommon position during a melee. A Pepper Gun holster can also be purchased here separately.

It is equipped with a unique piece of technology, Bag-in-a-Can, which allows it to do the above two things. And because it is shaped much like a water pistol, you will have an easy time with aiming and firing it accurately at perpetrators of crime. Furthermore, it can be reloaded just as quickly using readily available cartridges that we also have available. There are plenty of Mace Pepper Gun demonstration videos online to show you how easy it is to fire the weapon or load a cartridge into it.

Mace® Pepper Gun in Silver with LED Light  The Mace® Pepper Gun has a noticeably long range. Whereas most portable pepper sprays that are available today cover distances of only 8 to 10 feet, its reach of 25 feet is more than twice that. This means that you can fire at the attacker before they get even remotely close. You can also take advantage of this long distance to stop a group of criminals before they can gang up on you.

The Silver Model Mace® Pepper Gun in particular comes with a built-in LED light, which is meant for a number of uses. This super-bright LED light goes off whenever the pepper spray is fired. Once you let go of the trigger, the light shuts off automatically, saving precious battery life.

Giving you the most of the silver Mace Pepper Gun price compared to other variants, its first use is to increase accuracy. A lot of attacks happen pretty fast or in dark settings. With this built-in light, you can see where you are firing and get a better view of the attacker for a more precise shot, even when you are in a rush or in the dark.

Another use for this LED light is distraction. You can use the bright light on your flashlight pepper spray to leave the person trying to harm you staggered. This allows you to catch them off guard, making the effects of your 10% OC spray far more prominent.

The purchase of the Silver Mace® Pepper Gun comes with a number of add-ons. Apart from a built-in LED light, you get batteries for this LED light as well as a test cartridge filled with water. The H2O test cartridge can be used to practice aiming and firing the weapon properly and learn how to make pepper spray gun shots count the most.

What the Mace® Pepper Gun Contains

Mace® Pepper Sprays, including the Pepper Gun, have a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum (OC), the key ingredient in pepper spray. This concentration is more than strong enough to bring aggressive attackers to their knees. 10% pepper sprays can stop even assailants who are under the influence of substances such as drugs or alcohol.

OC is known to cause extreme burning pains and more. It also leads to eye and skin irritation and inflammation in the affected areas. When sprayed into the eyes, it makes the eyes to puff up and close off almost immediately.

Moreover, getting pepper-sprayed has untoward effects on the lungs. This causes uncontrollable coughing, choking, and difficulty with breathing once pepper spray is inhaled. All of these effects are non-lethal and temporary. They last for about 45 minutes on average but are known to last for over an hour in a number of cases.

The Silver Mace® Pepper Gun is definitely a worthwhile buy because it can be sprayed nonstop and from upside down, and unlike some other Pepper Guns, it has a built-in LED light. Furthermore, its 10% concentration of OC is prepared with the distinct Mace® formulation that produces powerful results.

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