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Pepper Guns

Mace Pepper Gun for Self Defense

Crimes can happen everywhere at any time, and being in dangerous situations can have serious consequences to our lives no matter how rare the scenario would be. Risks can be reduced if you are wary of your situation, and most of all, if you are prepared, such as by having pepper spray with you. It does not matter if your path is blocked by an aggressive dog or a persistent man harassing you. Pepper sprays are effective deterrents to crime, ensuring your safety. These self-defense products come in different shapes, and the Mace Pepper Gun for self defense is one of the most interesting because it is designed like a water pistol.

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The pepper gun is an interesting design that you can use without the legal restrictions of a real firearm, so you can carry it around safely. It can be used conveniently against your attackers at a distance so that they can't go near you, allowing you to run away. Just like a water gun, the pepper gun can spray out its contents continuously to the perpetrator of crime as long as you are pulling the trigger.

Pepper sprays are perhaps the best self-defense tools you can buy because they can effectively keep your attackers away from you. They have oleoresin capsicum (the reason pepper sprays are also called OC sprays), a chemical agent with inflammatory effects that irritate the eyes and cause pain and tears. This component is derived from chili and other fruits from the capsicum species. It can also cause temporary blindness for around 20 minutes, allowing you to run away from your attacker.

A pepper spray gun test will prove that OC is effective against anyone regardless of their body size. Even if a giant thug is blocking your way and threatening your life, they would still be vulnerable to the power of pepper sprays. These devices are also effective against dogs and bears.

The Power of a Gun without the Lethal Effects

Pepper guns are among the latest designs available for pepper sprays, and Mace® makes these gun-shaped self-defense devices. The Mace® Pepper Gun is simple to operate, just like a water gun toy. All you have to do is point it to your attacker's face and pull the trigger, which makes it an excellent self-defense tool in maintaining your distance from the assailant.

Pepper guns are useful to bring along when you are walking home at night from work or passing through empty alleyways and pathways alone. It is also a good idea to keep one in an easily accessible place at home, ready for use should a burglar or intruder get in.

What is interesting about Mace® gun pepper sprays is that buyers have a variety of options. If you are bored with the traditional neutral colors of black or silver, a pink pepper spray gun is available, especially for women who adore the hue. The gun designs can come with many practical features not available to the usual pepper spray, such as a built-in LED light and refillable cartridges.

An important and practical feature of pepper guns that sets them apart from the usual pepper spray products is their innovative delivery system of their OC component. The user can use the gun spray to continuously spray the inflammatory chemical compound to the attacker, just like how water pistols are operated. As long as the trigger is pulled, the device ejects a stream of the chemical to prevent your attacker successfully from getting near you.

The spray gun can also be aimed from any angle, including from below, when your attacker is already on you, such as in the case of a sexual assault. If you are able to get hold of your Mace® Pepper Gun in this situation, spray it to your assailant's face. Just make sure you do not get dripped on by the chemical compound.

Aren't these features good reason enough to buy a pepper spray gun? If you have to determine the self-defense device to buy in bulk for your large family or groups, purchase a pepper gun wholesale instead.

Features of the Mace Gun Pepper Spray

Mace® is the only company offering the gun-shaped pepper spray widely in the market. With the capability to deliver the OC compound in a continuous stream, these Mace guns can provide effective distance defense with the simplicity of a handgun design. A variety of models and colors are available to suit your preferences and situation.

The pink and silver pepper gun models are equipped with an LED light that gets activated when the trigger is pulled. This makes these models effective in the dark, as the user can see the aggressor and aim at them. The light is also a good distraction for the attacker. These models can spray a stream of OC up to 25 feet.

The matte black gun model also has a trigger-activated LED light, but this comes with two modes. The usual, steady LED flashlight helps the user to see in the dark and aim at their assailant. A pulsating LED strobe light can also be activated, and this is more effective in disorienting the perpetrator. This black pepper gun with strobe can also spray for 25 feet.

The camo version has an exterior pattern of the typical outdoor camouflage and comes with a matching, customized holster. Due to its appearance, it is more suitable for security professionals such as park rangers, who may have to prepare for troublemakers and wild animals. These self-defense tools can eject a powerful stream of OC from 20 feet away. The included holster makes the gun more convenient to carry and draw.

Pepper guns are non-lethal, and those on the other end of the gun can recover from the distress in 20 minutes or so. All models come with a pre-filled 28-gram OC cartridge. A water test cartridge is also provided as part of the set. To ensure that you have enough supplies in times of trouble, you can pre-purchase additional OC and water Mace® Pepper Gun refill cartridges separately. Batteries are included for the models with LED lights.