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Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams

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Great news for true outdoor enthusiasts! Now you can protect yourself against possible bear attacks, with safe, humane Pepper Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Magnum Fogger Pepper Spray for Bear Attacks

If you are planning on hiking, fishing, or camping anytime soon, and you are eyeing wild areas that are possible bear habitats, it would be in your best interests to be armed with pepper spray for bear attacks. It is not just for your sake. It is for the sake of anyone else who will be in the woods with you, including any bears whom you might encounter.

Bear Sprays Minimize Our Impact on Wildlife

How can the Mace® Bear Spray 260 Gram Model be beneficial to bears? If you are worried about getting attacked by bears, it eliminates the necessity of being armed with a gun, bow, or crossbow when you are in or near bear territory. Whether you are a park ranger, conservationist, geologist, or just someone who likes getting a bit lost in the American wild, having bear spray gives you the option of fighting off bears without harming them permanently.

Can bear pepper spray be used on humans? Yes and no. It is a ‘yes’ because bear defense spray is, in some ways, similar to human defense spray. In fact, there have been quite recent news reports regarding the effectiveness of bear spray against certain criminals. However, the use of bear spray against human targets (and vice versa) should be considered only a last resort: do it if and only if you have no other choice and your life depends on it.

Otherwise, it would be best to use both bear pepper spray and pepper spray for humans only against the targets that they were designed for specifically: criminal deterrent pepper spray is 10% OC or oleoresin capsicum; bear defense spray, on the other hand, is just 2% capsaicinoids, a weaker derivative of OC. Why is bear spray weaker? There is no need for the chemical to be incapacitating when it is designed for bears. This is probably the most important bear spray pepper spray difference.

Pepper sprays designed for humans are supposed to be strong enough to incapacitate targets on the spot, within seconds of getting sprayed. It is for thieves, harassers, rapists, and murderers who are attacking you for specific reasons. This makes it necessary to put a complete stop to their immediate activities.

For bears, however, deterrence is enough. Contrary to popular belief, it is much easier to scare off bears than human criminals. The formulation of 2% capsaicinoids is enough to repel a bear and discourage it from further attack. While it can also affect humans, it might not be enough to discourage and/or incapacitate the most aggressive criminals thoroughly.

The 260-gram Mace® Bear Spray

Another crucial difference of bear repellent sprays is their ability to shoot great distances and great amounts of the chemical. These particular sprays can be sprayed accurately for 30 feet. Because they are fogger pepper sprays, the spraying angle will be wide. You can catch a grizzly bear pepper spray video online for an idea of what this looks like.

The maximum range of 30 feet will allow you to maintain a safe distance when dealing with a bear confrontation. That, combined with the wide firing angle of the fogger mechanism and the fact that this 260-gram variant empties at approximately 5.4 seconds, will enable you to survive against different possible bear attack scenarios.

Never think there is only one way for bears to attack. Not all of them will be slow, alone, and predictable. Some bears will retreat, circle around you, and then charge again. If you are not alone in the woods, a sprayed bear might not even retreat and just attempt to charge one of your companions. There is also a chance you will encounter multiple bears instead of a single one, forcing you to choose your targets and time your bursts wisely.

If you happen upon a mother bear protecting her cubs, or any hungry adult bear who thinks you are after its fresh kill, you will need every inch of the 30-foot range and every bit of chemical in the canister to stay alive. Self-defense from bears can be tricky. Whether it is against black bears, grizzly bears, or brown bears, there are plenty of factors that can come into play.

Your own competence with bear spray is going to be a factor. The 5.4 seconds of spraying time this Mace® Bear Pepper Spray gives you is not supposed to all go directly into the face of a single bear. In fact, spraying a cloud in front of a bear's path, and the bear running into that cloud, can be enough to induce enough burning pain to repel the bear. That is how effective these non-lethal weapons are.

Those 5.4 seconds take into account possible human error, bear behavior and movement, and current weather conditions. If it is your first time using bear spray, you might not hit your target at the first or second attempt. If it is raining or you are in an extremely damp forest, there is a possibility a single spray to the face of a wild bear does not cut it.

Only for Survival and Self-Defense

These large pepper sprays are meant solely for survival and self-defense. Under no circumstances should you use bear repellent against non-threatening bears, especially cubs who might be more sensitive to the spray than their adult counterparts. No good can come from using bear spray to attack otherwise docile bears. You can't just spray a bear who will not leave a particular area of the woods that you want to pass through or camp in. It is just going to get angry enough to charge you.

The best way to survive against bear attacks is to avoid bears altogether. With a bit of research, you will find plenty of ways to avoid bears. This includes simply always being on the lookout for bears as well as signs of bear territory. If you are into bear watching and photography, use binoculars or a telephoto lens to maintain your distance.

While bear sprays are a humane way of dealing with aggressive wild bears, bear avoidance is still the first and best option.

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