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Mace® Fogger Model

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Mace® Fogger Model combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye. OC Pepper causes eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable coughing and choking.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Cone Fogger Pepper Spray with CS Tear Gas

There is probably no criminal in the world who can still be dangerous after receiving a dose of pepper spray with CS tear gas. And when the formulation of the weapon includes UV dye, any criminal who can scamper off after getting sprayed will still be easily identifiable by the authorities. Do you want to know more about how these chemicals work? Read on.

This Is a Triple-Action Defense Spray

The Mace® Fogger Model Pepper Spray is not an ordinary canister of fogger pepper spray. Each burst of this OC pepper spray comes with CS tear gas as well as UV or ultraviolet dye. You will find out more about UV dye later. What is more important are the ingredients that give this non-lethal weapon its intensity.

What makes pepper spray plus tear gas special? Is tear gas pepper spray that is just called by another name? Certainly not. Just because they have similar effects does not mean they are the same chemical. Despite the two chemicals being both lachrymatory agents, they are still clearly two different formulae.

Why does this matter? Certain situations can make pepper spray alone less effective. If a criminal attacker is hopped up on narcotics, alcohol, or whatever other substance that can numb pain, they might be able to keep attacking despite getting sprayed. But not when they are dealing with both chemicals combined into one. With the addition of CS gas pepper spray becomes much more intense and effective.

Consider these effects: Both CS gas and pepper spray can cause a profuse burning sensation. Both can also induce temporary blindness by prompting the eyelids to shut and attempt to defend the eyes from the chemicals. Both will cause choking and coughing as the mucous membranes react by producing a lot of mucus for the nose and mouth. Both can make tears run down the target's face. There have also been some cases in which tear gas alone was responsible for causing vomiting.

In short, the Mace® Triple Action Fogger Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye can induce all the painful effects of pepper spray, but with a lot more intensity, and with the possibility of also inducing vomiting. All in all, this makes it a much more effective chemical for incapacitating even the largest, hardest, and most aggressive criminals.

This combination pepper and tear gas spray can also be called a double-action pepper spray with UV dye. That is because of the inclusion of the invisible ultraviolet dye that comes with each burst of the weapon. What is this dye for? It is a way to help the police do their jobs better.

Upon spraying a target, you will not just be affecting them with both pepper spray and tear gas. You will also be staining them with a dye that they will not notice or see. When the authorities catch up with them later on, all the cops will need is UV light to see the ‘invisible’ UV dye and confirm their identity as the criminal that you have sprayed.

The Mace® Fogger Pepper Spray Tear Gas with UV Dye

It is a 60-gram unit that contains enough for 18 one-second bursts of the three combined chemicals. This means that if you know how to use the weapon properly or have trained in its use, you alone could face an entire gang of street criminals or home invaders and emerge unscathed. Besides the sheer amount of pepper spray, tear gas, and UV dye that the canister holds, it can also shoot up to a maximum range of 8 feet.

That may not sound like you will have plenty of space, but it really is a lot of space for an encounter with any criminal. It is certainly enough of a distance for you to remain safe as you take out criminals by shooting them from afar. If some of your attackers have ranged weapons themselves, you can even take cover and then return fire from the safety of your ample cover. You will be able to shoot any criminal who wanders (or insists on coming) within 8 feet of you and your weapon.

All of this makes the weapon ideal for defense tool for either your vehicle or your home. Just make sure wherever you decide to keep it will also be a safe, dry, and secure place. This can be under your car seat, in the glove compartment, or in a cabinet in a common room in your house. Of course, accessibility to the weapon should be a consideration when you are picking a place to stash it.

Because they are fogger pepper sprays, these weapons are designed for taking on multiple attackers. The cone fogger mechanism is best against criminals who are bunched together, or lone criminals who move fast. This is because of the spraying pattern of the weapon: a literal cone of pepper spray fog. The farther you spray it, the wider the burst gets. That is why it can be used accurately only up to 8 feet.

If you are encountering trouble with an attacker moving too fast for you, then you can anticipate their movements and spray the pepper fog in the area where they are going to be next. This will affect them with the chemicals and cause confusion, which you can then take advantage of by spraying them with a more direct dose to the eyes and face.

Remember these are not just 10% pepper sprays. This particular canister of Mace® comes with tear gas, and because of that, it is a lot more intense and powerful. You should be extra-careful when about to unleash it, as you never want to spray yourself accidentally, especially when you are trapped in an encounter with aggressive criminals.

If possible, you should find a safe secluded area wherein you can practice spraying this weapon however much you need to. Practice is key to effective self-defense. Doing this will boost your confidence, make your aim better, and give you a better idea of how to handle the weapon when the time comes to defend your life and property.

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