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Mace® Home Model

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Mace® Home Model combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye. OC Pepper causes eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable coughing and choking.

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Mace® Triple Action Home Defense Barrier Spray Fogger

Contrary to the ways of the mostly fictional cat burglar, did you know that burglary is rarely a solo operation? Between casing a targeted house and looking out for potential witnesses during the act, it just can’t be done by one person alone. What this means for the residents is that they are looking at two or three criminals who could barge into their rooms or whom they could walk in on. A long-range weapon is the ordinary person’s only hope of deterring multiple attackers in a short time. To this end, a home defense barrier spray can stop those felons as effectively as a deadly firearm, but with zero risk of killing anyone, guilty or innocent, including the defender.

Home pepper spray is reliable yet non-lethal defense against home attackers. Its non-lethal nature is crucial because someone’s family, spouse, and children are always the potential victims in these crimes. Not just any pepper spray will do, though. As the name suggests, the Mace® Home Model Pepper Spray is designed specifically for home protection, and by extension, for family protection. Everything about this product, from its canister construction to its chemical makeup, makes it an excellent home security weapon.

A Mace® Triple Action Defense Spray for the Home

The Mace® Pepper Spray Home Model contains not one but three chemical weapons for defense in one neat package. The first two, OC and CN, are tear gasses, while the third is UV dye for marking a target. This product is a triple threat against housebreakers, from junkies who are desperate for drug money to professional thieves who victimize entire neighborhoods.

Tear gas, literally meaning gas that produces tears, refers broadly to lachrymatory chemical agents that are used as weapons, such as for self-defense or riot control. As they induce tears by causing eye irritation in the lacrimal glands, they are often also inflammatory agents that irritate the skin and the respiratory system. Two of the most common lachrymatory and inflammatory agents are present in this Mace® triple-action home defense spray.

Pepper sprays are known to generate the above effects because they all contain oleoresin capsicum (OC) as their active ingredient. First and foremost, OC brings about an acute burning sensation, as it derives from capsaicin, a chemical extraction from capsicum plants. Chilies such as cayenne are in super-hot, concentrated forms in an OC pepper spray solution. This constricts breathing as well, and in consequence, leads to choking and relentless coughing. As a lachrymator, OC also swells the eyes to the point of forcing them to shut.

Phenacyl chloride (CN) is one of three gasses that have each been the active ingredient of what are known as tear gas sprays. (CS and CR gasses are the other two.) Like OC pepper, CN tear gas is the cause of a harrowing burning pain on the skin and face. More than that, it drives the body into overproducing tears and mucus. Also, it causes disorientation and a loss of bearings.

Not many pepper sprays infuse OC with CN. However, even the best pepper spray for home safety that uses only OC can’t beat a great combination tear gas pepper spray. Now, is a potent combo like that in a home defense spray safe to use around loved ones? Mace® makes it so. Like any pepper spray, its triple-action sprays are non-lethal weapons.

This combination defense spray is not only a double-action but a triple-action spray because of the addition of UV marking dye for the purpose of suspect identification. Even if your pepper-sprayed assailants make a run for it, they can be pursued, apprehended, and identified by the police. Since this dye is invisible to the naked eye yet visible under UV light, they will have no idea they have been marked already until after they are arrested.

Thick and Large Pepper Spray

The Mace® Home Model tear gas pepper spray with UV dye is effective because it is very potent, and also because it holds this potent formulation in a large canister that can then release this in a thick, fog-like form. The only other defense spray known to have all those qualities is bear pepper spray.

Bear spray is not made small or in a thin liquid stream because it needs to be able to cover a lot of ground very fast to keep a bear from mauling you fatally. In this case, the home defense spray ingredients, size, and form are all intended for debilitating several human attackers within a short span of time. Still, this home pepper spray can, in fact, incapacitate a bear.

The largest variant of the Mace® Home Model fogger spray is a 120-gram size sporting a flip-top safety cap. It can empty 38 one-second bursts of a full cone fogger from 8 feet away, a safe enough distance separating you from the attackers while you fire at them. Fire away for 38 times, if you must.

Fogger pepper sprays release their contents in a cloud or fog. This dense, concentrated solution can envelop numerous attackers (or a big bear) and disable them all at once from advancing toward you. This large pepper spray fogger is perfect for family residences as well as shared apartments, dormitories, RVs, and the office.

Home Intruders and Attackers

The attack of not one but multiple assailants is the first thing you should know about home threats, and there is more. You ought to know as well that housebreakers do not only come when they think no one is around. Some literally want you home.

Hot prowl burglars and home invaders strike when a home is occupied to instigate violence or seek revenge. They may take your money or possessions, but ultimately, these dangerous criminals have come to harm you. They will not stop unless you stop them first.

As for thieves who aim to get in and out of a house without being noticed, they could still make the mistake of trespassing into an occupied residence. If you appeared suddenly and got them agitated, they could hurt you just the same even if they had not set out to do so.

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