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Mace® Pepper Gel Maritime Personal Defense Spray

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Mace® Pepper Gel Maritime Personal Defense Spray is an ideal product for personal defense on boats whether on the water or docked at a marina because the thick formula limits the chance of it blowing back, or away from the assailant in windy conditions.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Maritime Defense Thick Stream Pepper Spray Gel

Hijackings are not uncommon in boats and on ships. Criminals may attempt to board the vessel, whether moving or docked, and steal its cargo. There have also been cases of kidnapping at sea, and certainly theft and assault. People need to have protection when in a water transport, but the strong winds in their environment can be a huge hindrance. This is where a Mace® thick stream pepper spray comes in handy. Its viscous formulation is not blown back easily.

The Effectiveness of Pepper Gel

Mace®, a well-known producer of self-defense sprays, manufactures a wide range of 10% OC spray variations, including gel pepper sprays. These viscous pepper sprays are perfect for self-defense in watercraft, specifically the Mace® Pepper Gel Maritime Personal Defense Spray.

Just about any pepper gel spray review that you encounter would be positive largely because the gel type has a number of benefits that are not found in conventional pepper sprays. Gel based pepper spray is safe to use when it is windy. Its formulation is much thicker than that of most other available pepper sprays. Absolutely no blowback to you is involved when you make use of the maritime pepper gel from Mace® on a boat.

A pepper spray gel foam comparison is often made because both are thicker than the typical liquid stream pepper spray. However, pepper foam is thinner than pepper gel and relatively more prone to blowback in very windy conditions. Not only can blowback decrease the product’s effects to the target, it can also harm the user. On the other hand, pepper spray gel is denser than foam.

Thin stream pepper sprays can be dispersed the most easily by even small gusts of wind. Thus, not only blowback but also overspray can prove to be a problem with these types, especially when you need to deal with only a handful of attackers in a large crowd of people. Pepper spray gels are not dispersed as easily. This allows you to spray your targets more precisely even if they are near other people.

This Mace® Pepper Gel is also ideal for confined spaces, such as in a boat cabin. The gel substance that it releases is focused compared to any easily dispersed pepper spray. Since you can spray the target with increased accuracy even in closed spaces, this heightens the effects of the pepper gel greatly. That is extra-useful when there are a lot of people in the confined space.

Mace® Pepper Gel for Maritime Defense

Probably the most noticeable physical feature of the Mace® Maritime Defense Pepper Spray Gel is its pistol grip. This design is reminiscent of a gun, and you can pull the trigger easily when you are being attacked. The gun-like grip is easy to become comfortable with and learn to operate. There is a safety pin on this pistol grip, which prevents misfires of the weapon.

The pepper gel formula inside the canister is safe to shoot out because it is dense and will not lead to any blowback or also overspray. Even those with little to zero experience with defense sprays can use the product effectively.

The Mace® Pepper Gel Maritime Personal Defense Spray can reach up to 25 feet, whereas regular pepper sprays have a much shorter range. It is as effective up close as it is from a secure distance. The great distance that it can reach is one of its most beneficial capabilities.

Because of its long range of 25 feet, you can stop potential assailants without having to get close to them. You can prevent an attack before the attacker can get near enough to do any actual harm. In case you are on a boat, you can use this pepper spray gel to stop criminals before they get a chance to board the boat. Once the criminals have been immobilized, the boat can get away safely.

Each canister of this Mace® Pepper Gel is filled with 330 grams of a 10% OC spray solution that can be emptied in about 6 seconds. The pepper-sprayed target will experience a severe burning pain, harshly inflamed skin and eyes, trouble breathing, nonstop coughing, and choking, among others. Vomiting and nausea also occur.

The large pepper spray measures 2.5 by 9 inches (width by height). Since large pepper sprays can be used many more times than regular half-ounce cans of small pepper sprays, they are ideal against multiple attackers. They are used popularly as pepper sprays for homes and vehicles.

Other than the Maritime model, the Mace® Pepper Gel is available in Large, Magnum, Magnum-9 Distance Defense, and Night Defender models.

Personal Maritime Defense Sprays

There are many situations in boats, on ships, at the docks, and the like, wherein personal maritime defense pepper sprays can prove to be useful. For example, a cargo ship can be hijacked for what it is carrying. A ship’s cargo can range from electronics such as cell phones to high-end cars. Once the products are stolen, they can be fenced easily for a high price.

Yachts, being often defined as a symbol of wealth, can attract many criminals. It is not uncommon for kidnappings and hostage situations to occur in private yachts and on cruise ships as well. The large number of people on cruises can attract many lawbreakers.

In most instances, especially in cruise ships, it can get crowded in a water vessel. Liquid pepper sprays can spread out when released and affect more people than just the target. This is why the Mace® Maritime Defense Pepper Spray Gel is preferable to those. It prevents unwanted spreading to the people near the target or where the wind is blowing, which can cause massive amounts of panic that will make the situation even worse and more dangerous.

Mace® Pepper Sprays come with a solution of 10% oleoresin capsicum (OC) concentration. OC is the active ingredient in pepper sprays. These 10% pepper sprays measure 2 million Scoville heat units (SHU) in the Scoville scale for spicy heat, which is not far from how hot the hottest known chili pepper in the world is, the Carolina Reaper, at 2.2 million SHU.

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