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Mace® Pepper Gun Nylon Holster

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Mace® Nylon Holster for the Pepper Guns.

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Detailed Description

Defensive Carry Pepper Spray Gun Mace Nylon Holsters

In any fight, the quicker and more decisive person is always the victor. The ability to draw your weapon at the very instant that you need to can allow you to take on any large aggressive criminal confidently during a street encounter. And if you are armed with a holstered pepper spray gun Mace designed for easy use, you can decide to end that encounter just seconds after it began.

Carry Your Pepper Gun in a Holster

It is simply easier to defend yourself if you carry your pepper spray gun in a Mace® Pepper Gun Nylon Holster. Just by using a Mace Pepper Gun leather holster, you will be able to maximize the fact you are carrying perhaps the most ergonomic pepper spray weapon on the market.

One of the main advantages of this product is weapon safety. If you want to keep your pepper spray gun safe from wear and tear, or from being taken from you without you being the wiser, holster it up. Holsters provide an extra layer of material between your weapon and the outside world. Should anything happen to hit it, spill on it, or damage it in any way, the holster will serve as the first layer of protection.

Not many realize this, but that does wonders for the weapon's longevity. In general, less dirt and moisture will be able to touch the weapon's moving parts. Any physical force or impact that it takes is cushioned. All of these tiny amounts of damage add up over the years, and they are considerably lessened by a holster.

Another benefit of keeping your weapon in a Mace® pepper spray gun nylon holster is that it will not be easy to take from you. Holstering a weapon allows you to keep it in a secure place on your person. This correlates directly with being able to draw the weapon at a moment's notice.

When you are picking a place to put your holster, it should not just be somewhere secure. It should mainly be a place your dominant hand can reach easily. Besides weapon safety and protection, one of the main purposes of holsters is to give you the ability to be a quick draw.

With regards to this particular type of holster for the pepper spray gun, the best place to secure it would be on your belt or hip. For right-handed folks, this means the 3 or 4 o'clock position of their belts. When it comes to lefties, it is either the 9 or 8 o'clock position. Why these positions in particular? They are the most ergonomic place to secure your Pepper Gun. Also, keeping your weapon at any of these particular positions on your belt, waist, or hip will allow you to protect it from anyone who tries to grab it.

Mace® Pepper Gun Holsters in Nylon

Nylon is a material that is perfect for this purpose. It is pretty cheap and also very durable and very light while still providing significant cushioning for the weapon.

This particular model will be very easy to secure to your belt, thanks to its built-in belt loop. Just pick the position where you want to secure it, and as you put your belt on, put the holster into position by running your belt through the loop. If the initial position that you picked feels weird, pick another until you find the one you are most comfortable with.

This holster is especially shaped to hold any of the different models of the Mace® Pepper Gun. It features a snap closure that allows you to secure the weapon fully and keep it from moving, even if you yourself are moving frantically. Besides being secure, this closure also opens in a snap, making the retrieval of your weapon fast, easy, and doable with a single hand.

Combined with the handgun shape and operation of the Pepper Gun, the convenience of a holster allows for quick-draw action. With a bit of practice, you will be able to pull off using a single hand to unsnap the closure, draw the weapon, aim it at your target, and fire. With a lot of practice, you will be able to do all that quickly and efficiently. Demonstrating your quick-draw skill during a criminal encounter might even be enough to dissuade criminals who prefer victims who can't fight back.

The Mace® Pepper Gun

If your quick-draw skills fail to scare anyone off, do not worry because you are already armed with the Mace® Pepper Gun. If there is a pepper gun make that you can rely on, this is it. Besides coming in an ergonomic shape, this weapon can shoot pepper spray continuously up to 25 feet of range. Not only will you be able to react first, you will also have the option to do it from 25 feet away, better ensuring that you are not harmed while defending yourself.

You can do all that while holding the Pepper Gun from literally any angle, even upside down. Should the need arise, the weapon will work perfectly when shot from weird and unusual angles, so you need not worry about keeping it upright during frantic encounters.

A single OC cartridge loaded into a Pepper Gun is enough to shoot up to 25 feet for up to 7 times. You can reload your weapon with a fresh cartridge when it is emptied.

Inside these cartridges is the chemical OC, or oleoresin capsicum, a liquid non-lethal weapon. It is what causes the burning sensation (as well as the ensuing terribly painful effects) in every target that you hit in the face.

While the concentration of OC in these cartridges is what makes Pepper Guns 10% pepper sprays, the color choices for the guns and holsters alike are what make them stylish pepper sprays.

Besides basic black nylon, these Mace® Pepper Gun holsters also come in black leather, and pink nylon with a camouflage pattern. You can decide for yourself which holster goes with the available colors for the Mace® Pepper Gun: silver, black, pink, and camouflage.

Inert water cartridges are also available for safe target practice.

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