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Mace® Pepper Gun Refill - OC/Water

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Mace Pepper Gun Refill - 1 OC Refill 1 Water Training Refill

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Detailed Description

Mace® New Pepper Gun Refill OC & Water Dual Pack

If you have the Mace® Pepper Gun, then you need to learn how to use it properly for the defense weapon to be at its most effective. With adequate training, you can stop potential attackers easily. That is where this refill dual-pack containing one OC live cartridge and one water training cartridge comes in handy. The OC refill cartridge is filled with the active spray, so it is as though you are using a new Pepper Gun once you reload your old one. The water cartridge can be used for practice purposes, as it will not cause any harm.

All You Need to Know About Mace® Pepper Guns

The Mace® Pepper Gun is easily distinguished by its unique squirt-gun-like design. However, it does not look like a firearm, and it is not only aesthetically different from the competition. Mace® manufactures this high powered pepper spray gun that can compete quite effectively with the potency of most other pepper sprays on the market.

A practical option for those looking for either live or training refills for their gun pepper spray is this Mace® Pepper Gun Refill OC/Water Dual Pack. Not only does the pack include an OC refill cartridge for use on a live target, it also has a water refill cartridge that you can use to practice handling and firing your weapon.

You will benefit greatly from training with this pepper spray gun since its gun-like design allows it to be fired from unorthodox angles. For sure, it is capable of working if fired while upside down. Because of this, you will be able to use the self-defense device effectively at a moment’s notice in the midst of combat.

Another advantage of the Pepper Gun is that you can shoot it without stopping, as you would an aerosol spray. You need not stop spraying until the enemy is down and you can escape and call the cops.

Adding further to that capability is the gun’s reach. Mace® Pepper Guns generally have a range of 25 feet. This is excellent in that most other pepper sprays have a maximum range of only 15 feet. You can use your pepper gun spray while you are still far away from the assailant. This lets you get easily away to safety.

Not only functional, Mace® Pepper Guns are also stylish pepper sprays available in pink, silver, black, and camouflage color schemes. These are 10% pepper sprays, or those with a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum (OC), the active ingredient in pepper sprays.

Mace® Pepper Gun Refill OC/Water Dual Pack

Unlike conventional pepper spray canisters, Mace® Pepper Guns are refillable. They may be refilled with a water cartridge for training or a live cartridge containing a 10% solution of OC, which is as hot as some of the world’s spiciest chili peppers.

Pepper Gun prices are completely worth it, as the purchase of the spray gun device gets you one OC cartridge and one water cartridge automatically. Once the original cartridges have been used up, the refill cartridges can be purchased separately as needed. This two-pack of Mace® Pepper Gun OC & H2O Refill Cartridges comes with one of each type of cartridge. You are able to save more if you purchase the two-pack refills.

The OC cartridge is used to stop criminals before they are able to do you and those around you any harm. The 10% OC solution contained in this cartridge causes severe burning pains. Aside from that, getting sprayed with this concentration of OC results in skin irritation, eye inflammation, nausea, vomiting, and uncontrollable breathing and crying, among others.

On the other hand, the water cartridge is completely harmless. It is used for practice purposes only.

Either type of cartridge can be loaded easily into the Mace® Pepper Gun. The replacement OC cartridge is just as effective as the original one it replaces. The range is also exactly the same.

The water refill cartridge and OC refill cartridge come in distinctive colors so you will be able to tell easily which one you are using currently. The OC cartridge comes in a bright red color, while the water training cartridge comes in a blue color.

The water cartridge should be used just for training so as not to waste the contents of the actual OC cartridge. It will be bad if you try accidentally to use water to stop an attacker. You should use OC to prevent yourself from getting harmed. In reverse, the OC cartridge should not be used for practice, as a misfiring can occur.

Training with the Mace® Pepper Gun

Pepper spray is the non-lethal weapon of choice these days. Civilians and law enforcement officers alike make use of them. They cause burning pains and respiratory problems.

It requires a bit of training to learn how to aim and fire a pepper spray gun properly. In the event that you experience problems in using this device, you can consult a variety of instructional materials.

The instructional materials consist of videos, manuals, and the like. Classes teaching the proper use of the Mace® Pepper Gun are also available in select areas. Practice targets are available as well, so users can work properly on how to use one.

The water cartridge included in the Mace® Pepper Gun OC and Water Refill 2-Pack makes Pepper Gun training a breeze. If you have a misfire of your device as a novice user, it will cause no harm. Even if you spray yourself or those near you accidentally, no burning pains or other incapacitating effects will be experienced.

You should clean your pepper gun spray regularly. This is to make sure that nothing is obstructing the barrel of the spray gun, preventing the OC content from coming out. However, you should do this only while your weapon is unloaded to prevent injuries from occurring. Cleaning also prevents rust from forming on your unit.

The Mace® Pepper Gun should not be dropped, nor should it be used for melee combat. These may cause damage to the mechanisms that make the weapon work. It may cause the weapon to fire accidentally as well.

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